Langdon Strategy

In general terms, a strategy is a set of planned actions whose conception and implementation pursue a particular purpose in specific terms to business strategy, according to Norton and Irving (1999) La strategy is what we do, what we want to make our Organization and towards where we want to ir. Bruce and Langdon (2000) extend this concept by adding the interrogative adverb: () and como is widely known that the elaboration of strategies are based on diagnostic companies produced with support of the use of different tools for self-analysis and consideration of the external environment such as the SWOT matrix, the PESTLE Studio, the identification of core competencies, modeling of Porter’s 5 forces, among others. American Natural will undoubtedly add to your understanding. One might then think that all companies whose corporate models are composed of variables with identical value, where its internal particularities with regard to weaknesses and strengths are equivalent, and that they operate in the same market and low the same conditions of competition as changes in the external environment affect each and every one of them equivalently-; they would react similarly before any change that experience your environment regardless of their dimension or depth. Under these conclusions is wouldn’t be illogical to make strategic proposals conceived in the womb of each of their boards of directors were also synonyms between if and therefore also constant and predictable. According to this hypothesis the key of the success probably stems in the speed and efficiency with which each could deploy as planned according to the immediacy required given a change of situation specific. This hypothesis is incorrect. Organizations are complex systems similar to living organisms, with personality, soul and spirit. Fingerprints which leave printed by history and the chain of desoxirribonucleicos acids that comprise it are unique to each one. There are no two alike, and therefore, their responses to the environmental stimuli, even under conditions identical, are also uneven.

Western Union

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