Today it is not any secret that a man with a necktie transmits more seriousness than with open neck. Although the Versace fashion gurus sometimes question the utility of the tie (which did not prevent himself to launch a collection of neckties,) properly knotted necktie business is essential for the professional appearance in many professions. Unfortunately even in this aspect there are some pitfalls that should try to avoid. The most frequent error is the choice of an improper tie. Even with years of experience at times investment bankers combine your perfect tailored suit with a necktie, for which the word ugly still seems a euphemism. Dollar signs, notes and coins are drawings with which one is from time to time.

That sense does make clothing look highly professional if something between humor and greed instead transmits the tie? Also comic book characters not just convey seriousness. Why: neckties with reasons should be taboo. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Shlomo Rechnitz. In a desperate attempt of appear dress fashion, increasingly are dark shirts along with the costume, which are combined with an extremely clear tie by trend setters who believe that they know fashion. It is not anything against a black shirt with a clearer tie but please that is at a party, and not at the Office. At work the tie should never be clearer than the shirt.

Well, already are you you using the perfect tie? Better. Now you have to be careful, that improper use do not ruin everything. It is not aesthetic if eating pulled the tie behind the shoulder so that it is not contaminated. It is also in bad taste if it gets the tie on the pendant of the shirt. This may be acceptable in the army, but not in society. What is not acceptable is never a bad habit popular sellers leave open the top button of the shirt underneath the tie. Matter if the shirt has the appropriate size, this should not be necessary. And now also something for the ladies: in society, never, I repeat, never take your escort tie knot to correct it. The tie knot is part of the absolute intimate area. At other times, contact with a stranger tie knot would have resulted in an invitation to a duel. If you want to get their hands in any way, do it discreetly when they are alone.


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