Unusual Recipes

We will not hide, many women want their husbands to always listen to their advice, gifts to not only "over", but without it, bring home flowers that had nowhere to put. Be sure to kiss you, leaving to work, promising to return early. And besides, what would her husband was a well paid job and not one where he works now. But desire often do not coincide with reality. The reality is that "throws" not only pleasant surprises, but trouble, from which you do not know where to go. And the more you try to ignore them, the more often they visit you.

Let's try to talk about how to strengthen the family unit and how to understand her man. Looking for recipes, but where to find them? And, of course. You can refer to my mother, she would surely, something will tell. And then counseled and returned to her, my mother used a recipe. But instead of the promised my mother received the result family scandal.

Well do not despair. We are looking forward. Best friend about to whom you can discuss it. But instead of the desired recipe, you probably know that all is well. You just need to be patient and everything will be solved itself. But then the head falls off box with the shoes, the nerves can not stand, and you exclaim, "That would not have happened if you had not shoved on the mezzanine their instruments. You promised me to assign them to the balcony …

Personal Utopia

This utopia, Well, let utopia, but art can not live without ideals expressed in the form of a utopian, it's important, what is a utopia, what it is and what is directed, though it may be, and it does not matter, would be dream. For example, a social utopia gives social order and orientation. Personal Utopia gives creative impulse. She may go into a social utopia that was good one, it becomes necessary to others, the majority, but to Unfortunately, with the author blurs the beginning, especially noticeable now. That's the tragedy of art, but, strangely enough, and its viability.

Born new tale. "New songs come up life." There is a cyclical process, one for all and from all to one. "O people, you're wrong." Of course, this is a struggle and not without loss, but we, the people, in other words still do not know how. Russian art in general has a romantic trend is a reflection our Russian mentality, mindset and the messianic character of our people. Living in a dream is good and bad at the same time, but that's because people are always in the beginning, at the threshold of a new discovery. In our history, something like that already was, especially to the church are ancient paintings. This is where the romantic pap worked in full force, creating an image of an ideal, a utopian human, the spiritual leader. Tale so with such force worked on the reality that in many respects are translated into real life.


The sky was covered with foreboding clouds that made the landscape almost a short scenario. A persistent wind blew strongly from the west, contrary to what is believed due to popular legend, it was hot that day. Much better than that: at noon the temperature was 22 degrees Celsius. At the beginning people crowded around the fortress of the Bastille, was armed with a few rifles, swords and kitchen knives, remained fairly calm until the arrival of people better armed and more aggressive. The wagon was built liftgate since morning, but the footbridge had been down for a while. The first attack was directed against these two bridges by advance elements.

The reinforcements to the advance team arrived from the Invalides, the "Faubourg Saint-Antoine", some with guns and others, like the case of the small group led by the shopkeeper Pannetier, with axes, spades, rakes, shovels rods and taken to force the team early in the regiment of Nassau. They were ecstatic and were inflamed. You could hear cries of "come down the troops" and "we want the Bastille, but their cries could not be clearly understood by individuals who remained on the towers to twenty-five feet high. Very soon, within the "Cour des casernes" an offensive movement is brewing. The group led by Pannetier notes that could easily reach over the wall of the "Contrescarpe" the road of turning round the moat, through the "Cour du gouvernement." Pannetier makes short staircase to Tournay, who, with another seven or eight men climb over the wall, follow the road round and down to the "Cour du gouvernement", without being stopped or arrested.

Million Euros

It's no secret that the Italians – terrible players. Here are 2 of the disease: football and the lottery. As in the regional centers, and in most towns on a daily basis tiddly bought an insane amount of lottery tickets in hopes of to win the cherished amount. And it is that talking about Bole poorest regions in Italy – such as Sicily, where they play everything: from children to seniors, hoping to win the cherished thousands And then quite suddenly on 23 October in Catania won the lotto The jackpot in excess of the amount ever won in all of Italy – 100 million euros! That survived the owner of the promised a ticket to hear about the winners, send complicated: screams, squeals, hugging and kissing everybody: friends and strangers and vigorous celebration for the entire quarter. However, the owner of the kiosk, where he bought a golden ticket, too, was lucky: written about him in almost all editions, referring to his shop as "winning." Needless to say that the clientele owner grew up in an instant:)

Vertical Steam

rowenta manufactures at its the soles of special grooves in contact there is formed a pair of air bags, through which the iron is easier to glide over the fabric (sole INOX). Other firms are trying to achieve overstrength soles. braun, for example, handling stainless steel, sapphire powder (soles 'Sapfir'), that the soles are not afraid of metal buttons and zippers on clothing. moulinex applies the chrome coating, which improves the anticorrosion quality soles. Aluminium 'Steam' characteristics of irons steam boost (turbopar) lump enhanced steam (about twice). Very handy feature when ironing over-dried or things made of thick fabric (denim, linen). Vertical Steam – steam iron in an upright position. This lets you iron a coat, jacket, etc.

without removing the hanger. Spraying (spray) – by pressing the button during ironing, iron sprays water in front of him – useful for smoothing wrinkles around cuffs, etc. braun irons not only squirt water, but also give out a jet of steam from the spout – very handy when ironing the same folds. Tank. The larger water tank, the longer the iron can operate in 'standalone' mode. Drip (dripstop) system. In the process of ironing at low temperature in the iron does not have time to form pairs, and the water can just flow out of holes, dripstop-system allows this avoided.

Fire protection. Modern irons, if you forget to turn it off or simply not use it 8-15 minutes (do not move), is automatically disconnected from the network, which completely eliminates the possibility of a fire. Ease of use iron largely depends on the length and softness of the cord is also important to maneuver his mount. In most cases, the cord can move 'forward-backward' and 'right-left'. But it's much better when it can be rotate through 360 – it is much less likely wipe winding. In a good iron provides a groove for the buttons, ie, edge of the sole is so thin that, even on the most elegant blouses, you can easily bring the iron under button, and iron the fabric underneath. Number of holes on the soleplate affects the quality and comfort of the ironing. In good irons to 50-110. Protection from scale formed in the iron scale significantly hinders the formation of steam. Modern irons are equipped with removable anti-scale (anticalc) rods (sometimes to provide the best protection against scale manufacture ceramic models), and also have self-cleaning function of scale, which allows fill in iron tap water. However, the best recognized built-in protection against scale, which provide pre-cleaning water. So what is the iron you choose? First, you need to decide what features you needed. If you do not like to walk in the crumpled coat, then you need an iron with vertical steam. If you like, often wearing jeans and erase, and other things made of cotton, flax, it would be useful to have a function in iron 'turbopar' and etc. Also note the power of iron. Channel iron