Month: March 2012

Constructive Drawing

Constructive drawing a picture of outer contours of objects, both visible and invisible, made using construction lines. You create a "skeleton" of the object that you want to draw. And in order to create such a framework, you need to analyze the depicted subject. Constructive design begins with analysis. Look closely, think of what constitutes…

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In Russian

An amazing coincidence – that the torch on the ground (24.4 – 13.5) fall basic biological and agricultural processes and work in the north of the planet: germination, flowering, seeding, tillage and soil etc. Follow-up lights – "Luben" and "Sveten" correspond to the names of regular planets – Venus (the goddess of love) and Mercury…

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Fact Material

You can analytically distinguish one pole from another, but now there is no material between the poles, which negatively affect you. The difficulty in the elaboration of the fact that most of the dualities interconnected with each other. As a result of processing a specific duality will lead to the activation of "nearby" dualities. That's…

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