Santa Cruz Plant

Finally, the verbal source was used as form to catch information that the document nor always discloses. To 8 (eight) interviews with former-employees and former-heads of section had been all carried through. The choice of the interviewed ones obeyed the criterion of the availability to have inside lived deeply this period of the plants Santa Cruz and Bomfim.Para Gil (1999), the interview consists par excellence of one technique of inquiry that does not only have collection purpose, but also the objective to diagnosis and to guide. The open interviews of the type according to are cited author, the ones that leave the interviewed one with freedom of answers, therefore do not suggest no option of choice. It standes out despite these are important because they make possible to the excellent researchers given on facts run in determined times and still it prevents that it has a loss of time with field survey.

systematization of the information if gave in two chapters. The first one come back toward the Santa Cruz Plant, relating moments lived at this time, how much to the interpersonal relationship inside of the company and the paper of the woman in the estanciana economy. As was to also approach the pertinent questions the Plant Gentleman of the Bomfim relating the same problematizao cited in the first chapter. Finally, to contribute so that educators can work with its pupils showing the importance of the feminine work in the textile industry, an example of determination, overcoming and courage in facing the machista universe, where the preconceptions were arisen visibly in the faces of that they composed the Brazilian society of poca.2 – TEORICABuscaremos RECITAL to focus the transformation process occured mechanics in the world and its influences. Therefore according to Spider, the installation of the plants happened from the capitalism, where the women whom they needed to complete the domestic budget had entered the life professional, starting there the double hours of working.

Federal Constitution

Each public office will have proper denomination, as well as described its attributions, its duties and the responsibilities, inherent to each one, in the form that to make use the Federal Constitution the sort of the indicative names of the public offices must obey what it makes use the Law n 2,749, of 02/04/56? D.O.U of 05/04/56, here transcribing. ‘ ‘ Art. 1? Invariably the following norm in the official job of indicative name of public office will be observed. The grammatical sort of this name, in its natural shelter to the sex of the employee to who if relates, has to obey the traditional pertinent to the subject and consecrated rules in the lexiologia of the language. They must, therefore, to follow it in this particular one, they will be generically changeable, assuming, as the case, masculine or feminine feio, any adjectives or pronominal expressions syntactically related with said name (). The rule above displayed it is destined by its very nature to the distributions of the Federal Union, being extensive to the autarchies and the all service whose maintenance depends, total, or in part, of the National Treasure.? The expression ‘ ‘ service whose maintenance depends on the Nacional’ Treasure; ‘ , of 1956, it has that to today correspond the entities bred and kept by the National Treasure, such as public foundations. As example, we cite the denomination of the position of President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, if the occupant will be of the masculine sex will be of President of the Republic, and, if of the feminine sex, will be of President of the Republic. 4,3 Elective office: The President and of the Vice-president of the Republic will be elect for absolute majority, this 50% percent plus a vote of the valid votes, in elections that will be become fullfilled simultaneously, in the first sunday of October, in first turn, and in the last sunday of October, according to turn, she will be had, of the previous year to the one of the ending of the effective presidential mandate.

Employee Training

A contradiction of the analyzed company is perceived, although to be the one of the companies most famous in what if it refers to area of the continued superior education it does not possess an internal project for development and implementation of training for its employees. As Boog (2001) the training starts as a reply to a necessity or to a chance in a organizacional environment. To establish the value makes with that the complete circle of the process is fulfilled, therefore focuses the necessities, the problems and the chances that it originally aims at to take care of. The project of Training and Development aims at to identify imperfections and to create alternatives that provide improvements in the processes. Such project demonstrates to be an important link enters the dimension of the knowledge, valuation and performance of the people, beyond the excessively practical ones of Human resources. For the success of the project it is important to count on able and open teams for some changes. The training could be a tool accomplishes and efficient that will significantly contribute in the improvement and quality of the given services thus satisfying the internal and external expectations of the current and future customers.

Administration of human resources Although to be a considerably new area, she is possible to find of Human resources in averages and great companies professional. They work with focus in the people since the development until the result. Its main objective is the organization, the coordination and the control of the techniques that favor one better performance of the collaborators in the organizacional environment. The area of human resources has as function to keep and to characterize people, to make with that they give the maximum of itself developing a work of quality in the company for a long period of time. Administration of Human resources is a relatively new area of studies.

Selecting Professionals

Today the companies, at the time of engaging personnel, are not satisfied only to selecting professionals who know to do or a certain work or who have specific academic or technical knowledge. Many companies worry in engaging professionals who reunite a certain type of abilities or qualities. And each job demands a series of competitions. Each company has its own listing of competitions and the evaluation of the behaviors that are associated to each one of the competitions. Of the same form the competitions vary if the company looks for called candidates to occupy a first use (learning capacity, flexibility to adapt to the changes, work in equipment, empathy) or if it tries to cover positions that require experience (initiative, capacity of decision and management of creativity, work parties, leadership, control of the emotions). Many and varied methodologies exist to analyze and to measure the competitions of the candidates to occupy a job or internamente to promote the employees of a company. These systems of measurement and evaluation look for precise information on the competitions required for the position.

It exists, nevertheless, the possibility that the companies know the competitions and natural abilities of their candidates or employees through the interaction of these with horses. Using to horse, which, through a series of exercises and specific tests that they do not require to mount to the animal, facilitate immediate and direct answers, sincere and the true ones it exceeds how we are and how we were related, we communicated and we generated confidence in the others. The horses do not judge, simply react, of natural and honest form, and put on approval our competitions of leadership, coherence, empathy, security and clarity of intention. With this methodology the company, the answers of the horses, it can detect and open, among his employees, to leaders who until the moment were occupying put without no type of responsibility and that, with the due formation and preparation, is called to exert a leadership effective. In the same way, the danger is run to put in evidence to controls of the company that do not secure an answer (of leadership) adapted on the part of the horses, but that, following an action plan so that it works those competitions that need improvement, can exert a true and effective leadership. We can conclude that this tool can be a complement to the traditional systems of evaluation that allow more accurately to accelerate and to define the competitions of used futures or those in process of internal promotion.

Madrid Forum Tax

The chain of centers of fotodepilacin Bye Bye Hairs will be present more a year in Expofranquicia, than it will take place in IFEMA (Madrid) from the 5 to the 7 of May of 2011 (pavilion 6, stand 6E08). In this edition, Bye Bye Hairs will present/display new alternatives for future franchise-holders interested in the mark. The two company/signature sends new business model: one oriented to localities of less than 30,000 inhabitants; and other oriented to beauty centers and gymnasiums. On the other hand, the company/signature has begun to offer to its franchise-holders the possibility of acquiring the 100% of the tax exemption by renting (75,000 Euros + IVA), an interesting formula that not only allows to finance machinery or furniture, but everything a business model. All this added to his product stars, tax exemption assured (product by means of which the company gives the option to the franchise-holder of being able to recover the realised investment in case the marked parameters of contract yield are not fulfilled), have turned to Bye Bye Hairs into one of the standards of the market. Participation in the Madrid Forum Tax exemption 2011 Carlos Grove, director of Expansion of Bye Bye Hairs, will participate in the round table ” Thus it will be the Aesthetic sector of and Well-taken care of Personal” along with different representatives from the sector, that will take place the next Friday 6 of May of 2011 to the 11 hours. For the first time, Bye Bye Hairs will participate in the day technical of the Madrid Forum Tax exemption 2011 that under the title ” How to franquiciar my business? Forum for futures franquiciados” it will analyze the opportunities that offer the system of franchise, the sectors with greater development and the aspects to consider for a suitable enterprise management.