Each lesson – a serious matter, and loss of time on it is unacceptable. >. This idea can be expressed using the Japanese term "ichi ichi th e" of the tea ceremony, which means what you think of the person sitting across from you, as a man whom you see in the first and last time in my life. Similarly, when engaged with a partner, you have to do it as though it may also go with a first and last. Before I met O-Sensei, I had the opportunity to try some martial arts, I enjoyed them, but did not feel a deep interest to any. Despite the fact that in these arts for spirituality (Seyshin), emphasis, I had a strong feeling that everything was as far away from art in general. When I met O-Sensei, I was very surprised and thought: "It is strange that such a venerable age, he was such a man." Before I was doing martial arts with the idea that a victory over an opponent – their only goal, but O-Sensei introduced me to a whole new world. Now I would like to give some simple explanations of basic techniques that we study. You have to remember the most important thing in Aikido: Aiki is kokyu and irimi-tenkan.

This is – the fundamental principle of Aikido. As for the kokyu, among the Japanese the most common meaning of the word – an ordinary "breath", "breath and exhale. " This is – biological respiration. But kokyu – not only that, in the martial arts is a very simple word expresses the essence of things such as relationship with a partner or the relationship of mind and body. In this sense, the true aiki prevents separation of mind and body and may extend beyond the techniques – the relationships between people. In the case of irimi-tenkan can think of two of its values.


To the beginning of every year, we make a list of our goals and when finishing to write as the affection recommends keeps in a drawer How many lists already we write? How many goals we long for? How many dreams we think about one day who to know to dream? A dumb decision everything, a simple word modifies all this list What we really make with our life? What of material already it obtained? Not very to costruir a patrimony and to leave for the heirs! We run in such a way behind the false happiness that we forget the small things Because the happiness is a spirit state, that only can be felt and not be bought! That the good choices are made and that the next list does not need to be written, is enough to join all that already had been made and also not necessary to wait the beginning of the next year pra reooganiza-ls. Yesterday already it was, tomorrow who knows! It makes the alive difference today! It says what it will have that to be said, it feels what has that to be felt because the time does not stop.


Each cycle starts with light sleep, progresses for sleep deepest, comes back to light sleep and finishes in one sonho' '. From the works of Kleitman, it was transferred to identify two very distinct periods of training to it of sleep: the sleep of slow waves or NREM and paradoxical sleep REM or. These periods of training get excited during the night, forming cycles with approach duration of 90 minutes. To the end of a night, we complete the four six cycles of sleep, being that in the last cycles it increases the duration of paradoxical sleep (LOUZADA and MENNA-BARRETO, 2007, P. 58). As Becker (1993), each cliclo of hard sleep around 60 the 100 minutes, in way that evolves in four the six cycles.

Period of training NREM is divided in four periods of training and remembers the vigil, thus the individual can easily be despertvel, moreover, normally, is predominant in the first part of sleep. In accordance with Becker (1993, p.16), ' ' sleep NREM is to the times called sleep? calm. During sleep NREM, the breath it is slow and regular; the arterial pressure is low and has little movement muscular' '. Its periods of training are called 1, 2, 3 and 4: in period of training 1 it has the sleepiness, that it lasts, on average, five minutes, being still easily despertvel, in this phase the dreams directly are related the recent events. Period of training 2 it lasts about ten minutes and the individual already sleeps, but not deeply, in way that is not waked up with easiness and sleep already it can occur effectively. No longer period of training 3, that it is very similar to the 4, is necessary huge stimulatons to wake up the citizen, with duration of fifteen the twenty minutes. Whereas 4 and last period of training of hard sleep NREM, at least, forty minutes of very deep sleep.

Initiation Professor

The previous author speaks despite to enter itself in the cold water can generate one I stimulate of great corporeal desiquilbrio, come to have the same consequncias in the excessively hot water, therefore the necessary organism of certain time to adapt the definitive temperatures, in case that I oppose it enters in estresse.JUNIOR and DUNDER, (2002) he also standes out that the physical effort also generates disequilibrium of the body, in sight of this fact also will need a little of time so that the balance comes back again. Consequentemente, to swim can generate reactions in the corporal structure and this necessary structure of time to adapt itself to the way where this, in accordance with the thought it author can be inserted diverse tricks in the phase of adaptation of the child to the way I eliminate. One of the first tricks that we can insert soon in the first lesson of the child he is ' ' Mgica&#039 rain; ' , where the professor uses of a simple watering can of garden, and he makes rain in proper itself ahead and demonstrating to the pupil naturalness the water falling in its head and not transmitting fear some it, then later the professor he makes rain on of the pupil and observes the reaction that it goes to have the water ahead. If in case that it rejects the water and he does not like the trick, it will be a signal that it still has a little of fear of the water, and will fit to the professor to make a diversified work, talking with the parents so that at the moment of the bath of the child it can have a bigger contact with the water falling in its head, in this way goes to facilitate the work of the professor.6.2Adaptao and Initiation of the AprendizagemNa age of two the three years the form that more it is used in the adaptation of swimming is by means of the individual tricks and in group, that is, in playful way where the child does not perceive that the majority of the corporal movements that this making is of swimming and with this if he becomes more easy learning of the same one.

Health Team

To the health team, the perception in the identification of the violence forms is important; e, in all in case that, suspected or confirmed, to notify according to routine established in each city and it directs them it the agencies and institutions, as BRAZIL (2008), Practical Guide of the Cuidador: ) Specialized police station of the Woman; b) Centers of Reference of the Woman; c) Police police stations; d) City council of the Rights of the aged people; e) Center of Reference of Assistncia Social (CRAS); f) Public prosecution service; g) Specialized centers of Reference of Assistncia Social (CREAS); h) IML. One knows that unhappyly, few are the cases notified in the services of health of aggression against the aged ones. The ministry public is one of the main agencies of protection, that stops in such a way, will be able to use measured administrative and judicial with the purpose to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of the people violence victims. Therefore, it must the civil society, state and municipal advice and too much agencies of defense of the rights, to look the Public prosecution service, therefore this will only use measured administrative. It is standed out despite, in case of the professional of the health not to grant this endorsement the aged one, that is, not to carry through the denunciation, the same, must answer for such crime, where it starts to be the author of the misdemeanor, as explicit Article 19 of the Statute of the Aged one. (BRAZIL, 2003) Consideraes final consulted literature discloses that the practical one of attention to the health of the aged one must provide to its inclusion and maintenance in the family, of worthy, comfortable form, respectful and ethical.

University Comedy

The love to the use. THE VOICE OF A REMARKABLE ARTIST Soli’s has a great importance like historian, but very she was also celebrated like comedigrafo. Its theater is distinguished by its predominant satirical tone, particularly about of the love, whose moving bodies examine of a realistic way, positive and, sometimes, cynical, well different from the chivalrous attitudes that seem consubstantial with the Spanish golden comedy. Perhaps by this elegant cynicism the loving comedies of Soli’s were liked and celebrated during century XVIII, with preference to masterpieces of other dramatists. They deserve to stand out gitanilla of Madrid, a clown does one hundred, doctor Carlino, equal title to the one of a comedy of Gngora, and mainly the love to the use, its better work, than was translated by Scarron with the title of L” amour mode.

Soli’s wrote sagradas lyrical poetries and you profane of gongorino taste, and Letters. Antonio de Soli’s and Rivadeneyra was born in Alcala de Henares the 18 from July from 1610. It attended his studies in the University of his native city to conclude them in the salmantina University, where one graduated both in right. It composed his first comedy, Love and obligation, to the seventeen years, in 1627, and was to the service of Count de Oropesa, like secretary. In the middle of its difficulties that, as he himself says, him left forced ” to undo to me of the car and to eat the mules to me, to fuer of sitiado” , Sheep was protected by gift Alonso. (1667) received the sacerdotal orders to the 57 years, and, to the death of Antonio of Leon de Pinedo (1661), Soli’s was designated fill vacancies with Cronista of Indians.