Month: January 2013

Faces UC Consultant

It must stimulate, give opportunity that arises, knowing the opportunity where she can emerge and discover that everyone bring a potential than from know you stimulate generate great results. In the current case of the Venezuelan reality, there are many opportunities that invite management once and for all turn their creative potential, step to ideas,…

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Behaviour Products

Empirical studies have shown substantial accuracy differences between commercial forecasting tools that use the same types of models. These differences are caused by several reasons including the design and development of algorithms of selection, also as the parameters are calculated and as models are optimized and initialized. The best way to evaluate a system of…

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Document Management

Document management or the ability to organize and manage documentation has existed for many thousands of years. 1. At the beginning of document management, for thousands of years: the old libraries organized listings of documents through folders and categories (eg. The Vatican Library still organize their documents by categories). Subsequently, the development of the system…

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