The Ego

As it currently is your economy, you’re in bankruptcy, poor, satisfactory, moderately satisfactory, prospers or abundant. You feel that you’ve had success or that you’ve failed or you’ve survived fairly in life. Now that you’ve reviewed your vehicle you think that it is time to give a little maintenance? If so, let’s start by knowing that the man is multidimensional and to develop fully, must be in balance in its sphere physical, emotional, mental and intellectual and economic, if any of them is more developed than the others, would be like an oval wheel, and you avanzarias to jumping and not in a uniform manner, you should therefore seek to cultivate them in harmony, so that your life is like a circle perfect that it allows you to lead your life in a uniform and harmonious manner. You should know also that feelings of hatred, anger, resentment and fear, constitute obstacles and stops on your road that prevent you happiness and maintaining a relationship of love and harmony with yourself and your loved ones; These feelings are the food that feeds the ego. Do do with which of these feelings you identify you more, with hatred?, you feel that you hate anyone in particular, you hate any ideology, philosophy or way of thinking?, you hate some circumstance? To your parents, family, friends or colleagues from school or work? You’re angry, you angry easily, you yell and you alter often say things that you later regret having do did say?, angry you with your parents and siblings, con tu pareja children or relatives and friends or colleagues from school or work? You save resentments for a long time, even years, prefers silence and save your pain before you express it? Do you know which are your main resentments? With whom these resentful with your parents, partner, friends family or school or work colleagues? Do they know it? Do you feel identified with the fear? Does fear to whom, that fact or circumstance you fear? Do you have any phobias? That in particular, you know when began your fear with that fact or circumstance is related? These basic emotions negative and distorted thoughts of pride, envy, pride, greed are the favorite foods of the ego and that you separated from God, yourself and others, however, no matter how powerful that may seem, they are vulnerable to the antidote of love, patience, tolerance, simplicity, humility and gratitude, learn to meditatefinds or creates a single, quiet place where anyone or anything you interrupt, use loose clothing and adopts a comfortable posture, for fifteen minutes observe your breathing, seeks to become aware of your inspiration and exhalation, not follow your thoughts, let them pass freely and returns to observe your breathing, practice this meditation for seven days and you will see your first results. Original author and source of the article.

Washington States

After the September 11, 2001 on this day the United States launched a project of strong military increase. The armament budget of the only super-power rose to mean more than the sum of the other following seven powers. The largest coalition of countries never seen before is backbone to be able to attack Afghanistan. One of the poorest countries on the planet began to receive an average of $ 1 billion each month in bombings. This figure was equivalent to the average of Afghan exports in more than twelve years. The incursion in Afghanistan led to the fall of the Government and that this was replaced by a coalition of military leaders, many of them with worse records of massacres against defenseless and crimes of war than the Taliban themselves.

Neither Bin Laden nor Mullah Omar have been captured. Pinochet was arrested and then released. Makers of two massacres of September 11 have received different judging by the West. Both have been contributors to the CIA but one always remained friends with the United States but the other attacked him. The general Chilean was allowed to return to his country under pressure from conservatives. Chasing the Saudi fundamentalist to the end after some 3,000 civilian deaths with the Western bombing in Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that it has not made with the goal of capturing the organizers of the macro-atentado against Manhattan and Washington, the lesson given by Busch is that their country is the global policeman and has the ability to bring order where there deemed necessary. The new doctrine that has been imposed is the treat harshly all those who tried as terrorists. Further changes occurred close to these events. Sharon was launched to destroy the Palestinian national authority. The Government hindu fundamentalist increased its actions against the separatists in Kashmir and has raised the possibility that it could unleash nuclear war, which It would be between the India and Pakistan. In Colombia he ascended the Presidency Alvaro Uribe touted a widespread offensive against the guerrillas. In the Basque country is decreed the outlawing of Batasuna, a party that brings together more than one tenth of the electorate but who is accused of being the legal arm of the ETA. Many critics of the new hard line argue that antiterrorism Crusader do not seek to give solution to the real problem that causes social violence. The growth of inequalities among Nations and classes, the increase in poverty and the deterioration of the environment are issues that the United States was accused of belittling, and are these which would cause various social movements or actions of violent groups. The anti-terrorism hardliners requires placing order at the global level in order to ensure investment and the economy. Two XI-IX initially strengthened the Republican right and its agenda of greater military hardness against his enemies, most American interventionism and greater concessions for us multinationals. In the first case the Nixon-Kissinger Falcon line led to an eventual weakening of Washington and successful anti-American uprisings in Indochina, Nicaragua and Iran. In the second case it is leading Busch to a policy of military intervention in Iraq that could isolate the United States in relation to various European and Muslim allies, and that it could end up producing new reactions against such a power. Original author and source of the article.

New Comb For The Harvest Of Olives

Under the experience acquired in the course of the years, both in the project as in the manufacture of increasingly innovative instruments, Lisam has got unique results of productivity, reliability and lightness that are captured in the pneumatic comb V8 Titanium, with only 680 gr deploys a power of 1,800 blows per minute. Choice and research of new solutions and materials, such as components of titanium, magnesium and technopolymers has been important for this team of harvest, as for all Lisam tools. Lisam also produces different types of accessories that facilitate harvest and satisfy different work requirements; with rakes in range that simulate the movement of the hand, tapered into the cups specially shaped bushy and snarled, with provision alternated to increase the radius of action. Based on the experience gained during decades of production of pneumatic tools for agriculture, Lisam has created the new V8 Titanium yet lighter and productive. New comb V8 Titanium weighs less than 700 gr and its power exceeds 1,800 blows per minute. The feature of this instrument of harvest is that it is very lightweight thanks to the use of components of titanium, magnesium and rakes of techno polymers.

A structure of this type accentuated characteristics of robustness and resistance to efforts while the low weight increases ease of manoeuvre. The new design of rakes in range, with more near the base but arranged alternately rods, increases the radius of action of rakes as if he had one rod (therefore the V8 designation). The new shape of the comb allows you to navigate with ease even in very dense fronds. Even the small and most resistant olives are harvested with ease without ensuring no harm to the plant. Original author and source of the article.