They are needed more than 20 pounds pure wool and almost 60 days of work to make the well-known Moroccan carpets. The weavers of this town say that all the effort as soon as she is worth the trouble. Many of the weavers of the zone of the south of the country, passed more than one decade perfecting their art and have begun to practice the office from early age. The market as soon as the cost of the wool pays. The Moroccan carpets present/display a great variety of styles from the wool carpets without knots (by both sides) to the sophisticated and special creations.carpets These pieces sometimes are worth hundreds or thousand of dollars in mercadosde carpets of Marrakesh, Fez or abroad. The stores of carpets are so common in Morocco as the lights in the marquees of Broadway.

The bargaining is one of the experiences that characterize the route by the market. The retailers can pass hours drinking tea and interchanging supplies with the tourists with so of being able to locate their merchandise, clear that the sale always tries to be near the final cost of the product. Otherwise he would not have no margin of utility for the manufacturers.

Quentin Tarantino

But Butch took the money and dispose of her body to another. (Tarantino very amused about this scene, and was fond of saying that he was the first ever studio 'Disney' depicts such time). Between by Vincent (Travolta) forgets that the jokes are dangerous with a gun and kills a guy sitting in the car. At first glance it sounds it's not very nice! Some gangsters, drugs, blood. But worth a look 'Pulp Fiction', as you know, how many of the new made in terms of directing, Tarantino, in Cinematography. there is the question: 'What is the main concern' Pulp Fiction '? Tarantino film split in the novel where the character was killed in the middle one, reappears in the next. The same feature films are great dialogues that make up the band. Unlike other films, they are absolutely natural and full of the most highly classy humor.

Characters in the film all the time discussing various things, as related to the fact that proizhodit around them, and not related. Words of each character are very important! – They determine their future behavior. The other side 'Pulp Fiction' is an unusual situation in that get the characters and how they are coming out. That's Quentin Tarantino for the first time showed that modern humans began to behave as if they were characters of mass culture. When Bryussa hero Willis selects weapon of vengeance: – a baseball bat, chainsaw, a samurai sword, everyone starts to laugh.

After all, every type of weapon has its own genre tradition. And as Quentin Tarantino all knew that America is a country through cinema. Tarantino himself laugh at situations, throughout the film, we feel it! He 'inside' and he himself, as most of us are tied to such heroes. I am very impressed with the restaurant scene where one of the gangsters ((John Travolta) gets the job of the boss) to reduce his wife to dinner, while he was away. Viewers see the amazing game of two great actors who is so easy, of course, convey their feelings, thoughts and desires. Great music and dance performed by the pair, will remain forever in the heart of every man, smotrevshigo picture. All mixed up in this scene: the work, the relationship between man and woman, the fear of death, the desire to possess. Many phrases from the movie are winged and are used in everyday life audience. This is, in my opinion, recognition of the public. And of course the big question the film, 'is what was in the suitcase? " Tarantino himself would not give an answer to this question. He chuckled and said that there can be anything you want. Audiences granted full freedom of choice. And this is a masterstroke talented director. In conclusion, I want to say that this is a completely unique film, which is quite earning it the title of 'cult of the cult', if I may say so. Motion picture 'Pulp Fiction' was the most symbolic ribbon 90s. Since it started in recent history and the jolt to the development of an independent American movies. Quentin Tarantino received the glory of the brave, outstanding director! And the immortality of his films.

Danila Bagrov

Some amazing magnet lout to public transport. You may think that only a boor, and lives that rolls from one end to another, choosing a suitable victim for abuse. It is unlikely, is not it? But then the answer to the question why it is a lot of rudeness in public transport? Take another example. Drivers of motor vehicles. A taxi driver from the film "Brat-2", if you remember it, a textbook example. "And You brother in Moscow there? "- Surprise asks Danila Bagrov, a Russian taxi driver in America, found in the flow of battle almost mystical oneness with the Moscow taxi driver. Indeed. About comrade, the head of which accidentally dropping molten tin, but in a joke and you can tell, but in life my tongue does not turn to repeat what they say is really in such cases.

So, motorists and the virus is rudeness? Finally, the third example. Queues in shops. Or turn in cash. Another hotbed for boors of all stripes and colors. And the more all the more rudeness. The more excitement (for example, that someone is something there will not get) in order more rudeness.

And I believe that you have already guessed that all this is no accident. And what is happening in all these cases, it is best to show a specific example. Here comes the man on the street, but his path is a stray dog and gnawing a bone. If this person approaches the dog close, she suddenly jump up like crazy and gets into barking, and sometimes bite.

Civil Procedure

5.5 Prior to the guarantor of eviction summons-by rule of article 624 of the Civil Code (1975), the liability of the seller by the eviction and the vices of the thing takes place even though it has not been expressed in the contract, therefore, the responsibility is legal and non-conventional. In accordance with article 75 of the code of Civil Procedure (1976), the defendant (buyer) may request the summons of eviction within the period to oppose previous exceptions and once cited the guarantor of eviction shall assume defense within the term of the reply. 5.6 Demand interposed happened before the expiration of the term or the fulfilment of the condition-this exception is coming when it is interposed a demand before occur the term or the fulfillment of the condition, since the effectiveness of the contract is conditional upon the arrival of the term or condition for the acquisition or loss of a right. The condition, according to the civil Guillermo Borda, means clause by virtue of which the acquisition or loss of a right is subordinate to a future and uncertain event. The condition can only emerge from the will of the parties. While the term or term is the clause by virtue of which differ (term suspensive) or are limited in time (resolution term) the effects of a legal act opposed to the condition, which can or cannot happen and that it is therefore essentially uncertain, the term has fatally occur. Hence this consequence arises: of the condition depend on the existence of the obligation, while, when average term, only this game its enforceability. And finally compliance with the condition produces retroactive effects, not the term as well. 6 Peremptory exceptions.-peremptory exceptions are the same as the previous article 336 paragraph 7 to 11 of the code of Civil procedure, if they were not raised as previous in his time.