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Coli outbreak that affects Germany. In Spain there has been no case of infection by this bacterium. Has it identified the companies involved? It’s two companies Spanish producers of cucumbers and a Dutch who might be implicated in the e. Coli outbreak. Network alert community food (RASFF) has communicated this fact to the Spanish Agency for food safety and nutrition which, in turn, has become known to the Junta de Andalucia, where these companies lie. Given this fact, the Board has already initiated proceedings with the undertakings concerned and appropriate measures have been taken to not to commercialize the involved batches of the product. The Ministry of health has stressed that although cucumbers are of Spanish production, it is necessary further research in order to find out throughout the entire chain in which phase has produced bacterial contamination.

How it affects to Spanish exports? At the moment, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Russia and the Czech Republic have already withdrawn Spanish vegetables in their respective markets, with all the losses that this means for Spanish exports in this sector in Europe. The Spanish fruit and vegetable sector predicts that the health alert caused in Germany can cause damage billionaires and cascading in this market, which made exports amounting to around 200 million euros a week. On the other hand, the State Secretary of Rural Environment and water, Josep Puxeu, claimed Sunday that the confusing information, assumptions, suggestions and from speculations of Germany have already caused great damage to agriculture and agri-food Spanish, which exports each year more than 10 billion euros in turnover. Spain is the top exporter of cucumber to the country German, with 450 million kilograms per year. That is why representatives of Asaja, COAG, UPA, agri-food cooperatives and Fepex consider that the German authorities should be rectified to restore the confidence of foreign markets and offset Spanish producers for damage caused.

What is the Protocol to be followed before an alert food? Legislation adopted by the EU on food safety imposes on economic operators the general obligation to market only food that is safe. According to article 50 of the Regulation (EC) 178/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2002, the alert food surge in those circumstances where there is a risk to life or health. The basic principle of acting in the case that there is scientific uncertainty is prevention. Therefore this document sees the networking of laboratories of quality, at regional and/or interregional level, essential to perform continuous monitoring of food security when it comes to prevention of potential risks to the health of citizens. The food traceability system is fundamental for concer the origin of the food that is marketed. Hence other mechanisms that enhance food safety is through a comprehensive system of traceability within food companies so that, in the case of an alert as a from the cucumbers, you can proceed to withdraw this product in specific and precise amounts, or to inform a consumers or to officials responsible for the scrutiny. Finally, as recommendations with regard to prevention, the Spanish Agency for food safety recommended that consumption of this vegetable remains normal, with normal precautions of washing or peeling of vegetables during its preparation. Source of the news: Crisis of cucumber: the alarm is unleashed in Germany while it is damaged the Spanish agricultural sector

Secretary General

In the middle of this month – December 2008 – the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon offered his end of year press conference. What was your report? What can you expect for next year? Although each that we are about to start a new year we strive to be positive and keep an optimistic point of view regarding the future, are the words of the current Secretary General with respect to the 2008, namely, I have called it the year of multiple crises and next will be no less difficult. Our commitment and good intentions will be tested as never before, he said. Why you said this? By the prevailing situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur, Zimbabwe and Somalia specifically. What happens in these places? We Let’s go by parts, one by one.

Afghanistan. With regard to this country Ban stressed the urgency of a change of political direction since the humanitarian situation goes from bad to worse and they increasingly intensifying and increasing attacks by insurgents. Iraq. For starters, the world’s population mostly, we are aware of the situation of chaos and insecurity that exists beyond. While the owner of the UN acknowledged that security had improved throughout this year, yes urged the country’s leaders to work together in a spirit of reconciliation while they assume full control of the Affairs of his nation. Darfur. By the words of Ban Ki-moon regarding the conflict in this place, we can say, unfortunately, that the solution to their problems is still distant.

According to the annual report of Ban due to clashes and political rivalries that the only thing achieved is to foster a climate of violence and insecurity for their inhabitants. Zimbabwe. With respect to this African nation the UN provides a picture very dark in the next year because the country is emerging towards economic, social and political collapse. Somalia. Ban Ki-moon stated that measures for the formation of a multinational peacekeeping force, are already taken but by the time there has been a positive response from some Nations the clear situation of anarchy that the country is experiencing. In view of the foregoing, better understand the reason for the following words of the Secretary-General of the United Nations: 2008 was a difficult year and the 2009 holds for greater challenges.

President Hugo Chavez

It is presumed that some areas or segments of the market be reoriented towards these organisms, which could be considered a benefit of this decision by Venezuela to the withdraw of the CAN; but assumptions and intangible benefits are lower, because contrary to what is thought, recently the same President of the Republic Hugo Chavez dismissed also Mercosur to give way to the dawn (so far just a draft), which makes it more unstable throughout this situation; all these developments would be more beneficial to the United States, than for organisms such as the FTAA and MERCOSUR; This can be seen by observing the position of Alliance which took Colombia with United States, once it is aware of the announcement of President Hugo Chavez, which is understood as a clear decision of confidence from Peru and Colombia in a strengthening of the CAN. According to the words of the Secretary-General of the CAN, Allan Wagner, the CAN does not face a complete crisis, despite uneven removal of Venezuela. The fact that there is a difficulty does not mean that this is going to disappear. Also added: will materialize this situation (the withdrawal), us play to the Andean countries assess the integration process, especially because we are converging towards the South American community of Nations and that is very important. With regard to the European bloc, the small countries of the European Union (EU) benefit in the same way that major Nations, which does not happen in the case of MERCOSUR. William Hanna, head of the delegation of the European Commission (EC) argues that the MERCOSUR can benefit to Paraguay and Uruguay but we must go beyond alluding to other countries members such as Argentina and Colombia. It is true that the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, announced the withdrawal of Venezuela from the Andean Community of Nations, at the time that argued for the creation of a new mechanism of Andean integration, that actually serves the people.

PSOE Organization

The Secretary of organization of the PSOE is has rrido well the proclamation of Rubalcaba as candidate to the Presidency of the Government. He stressed the care that has been prepared the Act, it will be marked where the broad outlines of the new stage of the PSOE. For the former Asturian President Vicente Alvarez Areces, Rubalcaba is best to lead the Socialist recovery. The Secretary of organization of the PSOE, Marcelino Iglesias, has compared the Act of proclamation of the Socialist candidate for the next general election, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, with the launch of the shuttle Atlantis carried out Friday by NASA. You saw the rocket?, the latest release?, because now we do the first, has stressed to journalists on arrival at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, where the Act of proclamation of Rubalcaba will be held. The Socialist leader has chosen as simile for this event the mission undertaken by the space shuttle Atlantis, the last rocket manned that puts into orbit NASA within a program that has lasted three decades. Iglesias highlighted the care with which the Socialists have prepared the Act and all its scenery because Rubalcaba, he said, will mark the general lines, the imprint of this new stage. All with Alfredo, has emphasized.

The Asturian President Vicente Alvarez Areces, for whom Rubalcaba is best to lead the recovery of the PSOE has spoken before journalists in the same line. His view, the party should begin in September, a reflection on the electoral defeat in regional and local elections and can do only a policy oriented exclusively to the austerity and cuts. Besides being responsible and make reforms, you have to do a project that illusions, to give credibility, he underlined. For alvarez Areces, Rubalcaba is the right person to do this because it has such credibility. The election victory will be difficult, very disputed, but Rubalcaba is one person who has intelligence, preparation, experience and will to win and this is very important, it has stressed before make clear that Asturias will help to recover votes and will contribute to that victory. Source of the news: churches compared to Rubalcaba and his future candidacy to the Government a NASA rocket


All this paterimnio, comes being threatened for enterprises that do not obey the effective ambient legislation, as the construction of a habitacional set that is situated in the part east of the lagoon. The west meets emprendimentos in its majority of great average transport commercial and educational, with its structures in masonry. Valley to stand out that such empredimentos already had caused the aterramento of an area considerable of the complex lagoon of the indians, causing the compacting of the ground and the assoreamento of the canal, with this, it is changed structure of the place and in consequncia the planing of the source of the lagoon, therefore these empredimentos if find well next and inside to the lagoon even though. In visit to the place we evidence, that the garbage and the sewer in its majority are poured without nenhun treatment inside of the area of the undertow. Second study made for the SEMA (State secretary of the Environment), the pollution of the water for the sewer is contributing for the proliferation of harmful species as the brave cotton, vegetal this that liberates toxin contaminating and killing other aquatic plants.

One still evidenced the climatic alteration, the atmospheric pollution and of the courses dgua. the erosion of the source, the alteration of the biological reproduction, the migration of fish, the reduction of the percolating and the disequilibrium of the procedural dynamics as well as the proliferation of endemic diseases. Ahead of the observed facts ' ' in loco' ' , we contact that great the responsible one for the ambient impacts, is the proper government of the State that through its agencies of protection of the nature, comes taking measured shy to contain the actual damages the undertows, mainly in relation to the aterramento to the sewer played in the place. The municipal power also comes contributing for the degradation of the undertows when it grants license for the construction of habitacionais and industrial complexes next to these areas to protection, not making studies of detelhados impacts, to verify if the area she is propitious for such investments, as well as the collect of the garbage left for the population in entorno of the lagoon What we observe until the moment is that the ambient agencies had not yet disclosed themselves to make a planning for the preservation of the place, therefore is verified that it does not have public lixeiras in the neighborhoods of the highway that cuts to the complex lagoon of the indians, I accumulate of garbage that is next edge, it will inside go to be carried to from the lagoon due the action of the winds mainly when these materials are light as: plastics, cans of beer, cooling, bottles and papers, causing later the proliferation of illnesses.

Alejo Carpentier

To all the professors for the affection and devotion demonstrated throughout the course and, particularly, Teacher Marilane Mendes Cascaes, for the interatividade of its lessons, teaching to us practical true it of necessary teaching and advising to us whenever. To the coordinators and employees of the University of the South of Santa Catarina? UNISUL, especially to the ones of the Unit of Imbituba. To the classmates per the four years of fellowship and understanding. To our families for the patience in tolerating our absence, helping to construct it us, to each day, a promising future. E, doubtlessly, the God for the chance, the privilege that was given in them in sharing so great experience, keeping us strong and encouraged to follow in front with continuous intentions in our lives. ' ' Mr. of the armies formed this design to all denigrate the magnificent one of the ornament, and to vilify noblest of terra.' ' (Isaiah 23:9) SUMMARY the historical romances, currently, make a great success due to the desire of the readers, or viewers, to know the past. Leaving of this fact, it is developed, in the present work, an analysis of the workmanship the harp the shade, of Alejo Carpentier (1904? 1980), with the objective to examine the relations between history and literature, answering questions as: the treatment that receives history in the chosen romance; the resources used for Carpentier to tell to the historical facts and the new produced facts, for the author, that could or not compose history. To answer such questionings, a based theoretical recital in authors is had as: Burke (1997), Casaroto (2003), Keys (1991), that the relations between history and fiction argue; Chiampi (1980) and Ianni (1991), which cite a new literary style, the Magical Realism; Saguier (1979) and Colored person (1979), that they approach literature in Latin America; Mahn Lot (1960) and Persson (1984), that they tell the history of the Discovery of America, etc.