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New Treatments Against Cancer

Despite a good prognosis for some types of cancer, due to the fate and toxicity of medication associated with her, pet owners often face a dilemma whether to go for a treatment or not. Most of the time, the cancer in dogs occurs in the elderly what makes dogs more vulnerable to the side effects […]

Combat Cellulite

Combat Cellulite

Want to know how to combat cellulite? Cellulite is the name given to the layer or section of fat that lies under a person’s skin, making the skin look dimpled and giving it a lumpy appearance. You can usually find cellulite on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Approximately 90 per cent of women develop cellulite […]

It Is Worth

It Is Worth

The law of attraction is an aspect of the principle of cause and effect very important. Basically means that our thoughts and emotions produce vibrations in our being, and these vibrations attract other similar vibrations (corresponding to persons, circumstances, and objects that come into our lives), for this reason we know that everything in our […]

Revolution Philosophy

The great merit of Marx was having demonstrated the material organization of economic production and composition objective and subjective social modes of communities to the length of the seasons be interpenetrate in monastic way, generating dynamic effects that extends over the other sectors around which the community life is structured as education, law, religion, the […]

Marxist Theory

Marxist theory of the cycle Main article: Crisis Marx returned cyclical considerations of the classical economists who preceded him (Smith, Ricardo, etc..) And using classical concepts and concepts invented by him ( “organic composition of capital,” “rate of surplus value “) formulated a theory of crises that although scattered in several of his works, is […]