At the same time they remain shop operators for their customers direct contact only have now more time for your customers. They benefit from an enormous time and cost relief: because the platform assumes on behalf all transactional processes, the shop owner almost directly from the warehouse to its distributors can sell. The suppliers bound to the platform store the goods and send them after receipt of an order in the layout of their stores to its end customers. So shop owners must no longer obtain the article, to finance and store. Therefore eliminates storage costs as well as goods risks, making the biggest hurdles for online shop operators are no longer necessary for online retailers. With little investment, without storage every Magento shop operator can easily thanks to the MagBakery connection an unlimited product selection and to the successful online retailers are risk-free and by TheBakery’s E-commerce solution using a holistic channel, supplier -, product -, and order management access.

The platform also takes over the processing and conversion of different data formats and transaction processes, which are standardized in this way and prevents potential processing delays, which ensures a high degree of customer satisfaction in the run-up to the active control of the process. Every online retailer with goods stored can be at the same time to the suppliers for other online stores: such horizontal networking is so far unique in the E-commerce. Klaus Samson, co-founder and Managing Director of TheBakery, horizontal networking: missing standards and little coordinated transaction processes so far prevented potential trading partners and service providers with each other networked. As a result, a large part of the potential of E-commerce was unused! “.” Therefore, TheBakery has developed its high-performance transaction platform, which prepares the various data formats, and transactional processes and standardized. “That opens up a horizon of new possibilities for E-Commerce and thanks to the MagBakery plug-ins now available for smaller online retailers, with the open-source shop system Magento work”, as Samson. The new plugin from TheBakery and meeva is in the beta version of available. The Gold version is planned for early 2011.

Then the plugin will allow the online retailers access to an even greater functionality of the E-commerce platform TheBakery. Who is TheBakery? TheBakery is a Berlin-based IT company and a subsidiary of the E-commerce pioneer Intershop. TheBakery is dedicated to “focus on processing the area E-business”. In this area is TheBakery succeeded in the relevant business transaction processes to standardize data formats and interfaces, to simplify E-commerce in this way and to expand to many new possibilities. Contact: TheBakery GmbH Sven Dietz Monbijouplatz 5 10178 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 28 88 58 80 fax: + 49 (0) 30 28 88 58 810 E-Mail: Web:


The open systems consulting is once again on the CeMAT from 02-06 May 2011 which is known as a worldwide leading trade fair for technical logistics and intralogistic systems. Hamburg, April 18, 2011: In two weeks the CeMAT in Hannover reopens its doors on an area of 80,000 square meters and the open systems consulting GmbH (OSC) – the independent IT full-service provider in the SAP environment from Hamburg is for you from 2-6 May 2011 in Hall 27, stand D44/1 again and is available around the topic of intra-logistics advice to the page. The OSC invites you in a personal meeting to discuss your requirements for a modern SAP-intralogistics, inter alia on the following topics: Serialization with SAP OER & SAP AII with SAP OER (object event repository) and SAP AII (Auto ID infrastructure) in the field of product tracking and product authentication provides SAP a future-oriented basis. SAP WAREHOUSE and EXTENDED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT with SAP warehouse management (WM) and the SAP extended warehouse management (EWM) keep manageable, automate your inventory quantities Their inventory processes, track your material flows and thus increase your efficiency. MOBILE data capture IN mobile data acquisition under SAP SAP Logistics ensures efficient execution of warehouse and material management processes.

Intelligent and mobile data capture techniques contribute to the optimisation of logistical processes, cost savings and improved competitiveness. Calculate SAP transportation MANAGEMENT the SAP transport management you can for example easily and quickly summarize orders, optimize transportation, select carriers, freight costs, transport costs account or print documents. SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS SAP BusinessObjects portfolio provides a wide range of tools and applications, you can increase performance for example by creating a production code cockpits. SUPPLIER INTEGRATION IN SAP VIA OPEN CATALOG INTERFACE opens up our simple solution for connecting your suppliers on your SAP system direct catalog you new opportunities to optimize process – and that in the shortest possible Time for a fixed price. ELECTRONIC customs tariff IN SAP with FORMAT”the HTS (electronic customs tariff) is the electronic base of the Federal Customs Administration for the customs clearance in all import and export procedures. OSC provides for seamless integration into your SAP System.

“” SAP COMPLIANCE solutions with FORMAT “with OSC SmartCompliance” we can offer you a compliance check in your SAP business processes integration on the basis of the sanction monitor of our partner FORMAT. Administer all important functions provided by SAP. SAP Business ByDesign integrated logistics processes with SAP Business ByDesign. The comprehensive OnDemand solution helps you to harmonize all logistics processes. Inform themselves about the latest SAP ERP solution. Guests can be at CeMAT 2011 large via the SAP solutions that we offer, to provide information to optimize your processes and increase your efficiency. Round off your visit to the CeMAT through a round on our Racing Simulator. We look forward to you and on a rain and informative Exchange of ideas, “so Mr Lars Schmidt Koss Mann, head of consulting logistics of the OSC. Grab a pole position and daily win an Apple iPOD. As an official SAP partner accompanied the OSC since 1993 customers on the way into a new era of information and supports them with tailor-made ERP software on the basis of SAP Business Suite, all-in one, Business ByDesign, business one and business objects. Open systems consulting is the SAP solution for all requirements and supports the entire life cycle of enterprise software: from the selection through the implementation and expansion to support the solution.

Your Site Or Website On Facebook

You have your product or service on facebook gives you the opportunity for people to find you more easily and that search engines like google link you more the contents that you are relevant or the product or service that you submit are good, users themselves will be spread in viral form, without costs for them nor for you. You be on facebook allows you to be in constant contact with their clients or prospective clients, as well as also with ideas, options, opinions, complaints, compliments at the same moment in which they manifest themselves. You will have the opportunity to have direct contact with them. Facebook has had impressive growth in recent years. If this were a country it would be the country most populous after china and India.

Taking into account that your company, company, product, service, etc may be in the eyes of millions and millions of people. We are moving from sending messages to our audience/client to chat with them. We are moving from sending messages to our audience/client to chat with them. We have gone from a unidirectional model such as tv, radio, flyers, posters, etc, to a multidirectional model where the company or company stopped being the emitter explosive messages. Continuous reading this article here. Best regards original Pablo Lopez Autor and source of the article


Coal (agnis-fire) is used in the Schedule. (Some of them replace the pencil) is a material for drawing. looks like a simple sticks, which are made from branches of willows, birches and other trees their purified from the bark, and burned special way. Another method of producing coals for drawing-out of coal powder molded sticks, their staple vegetable glue, and we pressed coal. This coal is softer, easier to erase, and gives a more black color. Drawings made with coal looks like a black and white photos with a velvet effect Although there are, of course, different techniques Coal is really helps bring the picture of the picturesque, filled with picture airy, beautifully conveys the texture of objects, helps to accurately convey the light and shadow With the help of coal and paint portraits and landscapes and still lifes He is very pliable Its easy to erase, if the layer is soft coal is imposed, it can blow and image blur. In contrast, it is possible to place flares introduce white chalk drawing instant 'light up'. Coal is used for training purposes. And as artists applied to the initial charcoal strokes on his large canvases.

Cuts Hair

Even wear their long hair is something that seems to be a trend or at least locks to carry the already famous waves this 2011, the truth is that with the arrival of good weather and the summer to many of you makes you want to cut you hair and therefore you can follow some of the latest trends encortes hair to be next season at the latest. Short hair is something that is usually trend every time summer approaches and is for this reason that we can take their tendency to innovate in our look and thus get to be up to date with cuts as the disheveled effect that has both been seen among men last year. Another haircut for the summer of 2011 may be that let one side longer than the other which will make us have to style hair to one side and letting everything fall to that side and wear it with a little wax that will allow us to play as we want with our hairstyle. To finish and if we want to bring back length, can opt to take it curly or or completely smooth and new betting on combed to one side. Source: Original author and source of the article

Microcemento Free

In the application of microcemento and other coverings on floors, the surface to be treated must be clean and healthy, eliminating any remaining previous coatings, waxes, dust and other contaminants which might impair adhesion, including sanitation of existing fissures. It should before the microcemento makes a wash to pressure on the floor, if possible a shot blasting, milling, sanding and sandblasting. The fissures, cracks, irregularities and holes should be abunarse and filled with concrete polymer or mixtures concrete epoxies, also to repair floors technical mortars for repairs, taking special care with the active cracks, showing movement in the floor may be used. Keep in mind when working with microcemento before the microcemento, implementation of an adhesion bridge is required to generate the mordant which will prevent an excessive absorption of water by the floor substrate. A few hours you should wait until dry polymer and Miss residual touch. About this Primer are the mesh anti cracking, a key piece that will give stability to the microcement. This mesh anti cracking will be taped on the floor with a layer basis of microcemento taking special care with the boards of the footwork, that must be copied to the surface to avoid cracks in the finished floor. About this, once the microcemento newly applied floor dry, sanded and the bearing layer or layer is poured microcemento color. Allowed to dry and then sand. The floor of microcemento anti cracking protection is done by applying a sealant for floors and finally a lacquer of aqueous base, to the water, which will improve resistances of microcemento, in addition to providing various finishes both in exterior floors as interiors (gloss, matte, satin, non-slip). Do you think the microcemento? Do you like floors or continual flooring surfaces without joints?

Egypt Times

Studies by Professor of Antropologia Bill Manley; of the University of Glasgow. Treat the remains of our fellow human beings, even though they are anonymous with care and dignity, is a universal human instinct; even in times of war or disasters. More sophisticated burials, prepared the body of the dead through mummification, i.e. the artificial preservation of the corpse. This process involved firstly, the removal of the internal organs (evisceration), and then cleaning and purification of the body before dissecting in natron. Then the body was laundered and covered with oil and resin, it encased in large strips of linen, and was finally placed in a coffin. Finally, they used to embalzamar internal organs and deposited in the Tomb within jugs.

These practices were carried out for more than 3000 years. Why did ancient Egyptians some preparations so complex for burials, and what beliefs they lived after them?. Origins of mummification; in been times, burials were usually practiced in the hot and dry sand of the deserts around the Nile. As result the body quickly remaining desiccation naturally avoiding decomposition, so the skeleton, skin, tissues and hair of the individual was often preserved intact (only changed the color of skin and hair). It is said that inspired the mummification were exposed to the winds of the desert or animal burials. According to this opinion the Egyptians were intrigued by the preservation of the body and the implications that it had in the continuation of life after death.

In later been periods, burials became increasingly complicated, the corpse was placed in a container, or the grave was lined in some way. In both cases the body was no longer in contact with the heat of the sand and, therefore, could decompose, unless it preserves of artificially before burial. There are many differences among the principal characteristics of the funerary practices of the prehistoric times and those of the Pharaonic period. First, while most of the bodies of been burials were collapsed (in the form of fetus), the corpses of later times were placed in elongated position. Secondly, since the beginning of the Pharaonic period, the tombs consisted of a burial chamber and a separate area for offerings, this structure of two parties was crucial in Egyptian burials for 3000 years. Third body are not disecaba, and the most basic form of mummification only entailed cleaning and purification of the body rather than its desiccation. Finally the burial included a series of rituals, of which there is no evidence belonging to the prehistoric times. In the section health you will find quality items for the care of the body, the mind and the spirit; In addition to other sections such as sports, entertainment, computing, painting, languages and more.

Treatment Of Wood For Ships

Today still used artisans varnishes in countries less developed economically, as happens in some countries in Africa. There fat and blood of cow are still used generally (although it can be any other animal) because also serves them to leverage resources available as livestock. Logically this resource is very basic and does not hold more than a few hours and every day needs another layer to keep the impermeability. With moisture that keeps a wooden boat is quite frequent to appear corrosion, fungi, or larvae that are installed, grow and are fed to the wooden base. For all this is strictly useful and necessary to a good treatment for wood, especially in boats that are used regularly and are facing greater wear. New techniques of treatment of the wood are not so basic as traditional, some treatments may be toxic or harmful to people and the environment. This is something to keep in mind, since the wood of ships is in permanent contact with the hydrosphere, i.e. water and all species and living beings that inhabit it, putting unnecessarily at risk the life of the biosphere of the place and can break the natural balance, if an appropriate wood treatment is not used.

Why all the treatments for wood must pass a series of conditions to demonstrate that they are not too harmful, toxic or harmful to health, because unfortunately many of the materials used can become highly polluting. However, we can today already find substitutes ecological and natural ancient and damaging varnishes. Although the ecological are a little more expensive it is worth worry a bit by the world that surrounds you, taking a little awareness and notion of acts that you perform and what they may trigger. One of these varnishes for yachts and boats is the exterior varnish, which is highly resistant to corrosion of the water and especially water marina, the Sun (to ultraviolet and infrared rays) and misting marina. Serves for any wood type, and location, with the exception of the submerged part of the ship’s hull. Fits perfectly to variations in volume by temperature changes, since it is quite flexible and resilient, as the scratches, shocks or atmospheric factors. If it’s a very sunny climate can be used oils and varnishes with uv-10 filters that are resistant to UV rays and much protect the outside and wood boats of many hours of Sun to which it may be exposed. Treating wood in time thus prevents wear and cracking. Although increasingly demand products to treat the wood of ships is less abundant, already are less frequent constructs wooden boats since their production is almost more expensive than other more resistant materials, that in addition to dispense with so many care like wood. Original author and source of the article