April 2014

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Your Site Or Website On Facebook

You have your product or service on facebook gives you the opportunity for people to find you more easily and that search engines like google link you more rapido.si the contents that you are relevant or the product or service that you submit are good, users themselves will be spread in viral form, without costs […]

Cuts Hair

Even wear their long hair is something that seems to be a trend or at least locks to carry the already famous waves this 2011, the truth is that with the arrival of good weather and the summer to many of you makes you want to cut you hair and therefore you can follow some […]

Microcemento Free

In the application of microcemento and other coverings on floors, the surface to be treated must be clean and healthy, eliminating any remaining previous coatings, waxes, dust and other contaminants which might impair adhesion, including sanitation of existing fissures. It should before the microcemento makes a wash to pressure on the floor, if possible a […]

Egypt Times

Studies by Professor of Antropologia Bill Manley; of the University of Glasgow. Treat the remains of our fellow human beings, even though they are anonymous with care and dignity, is a universal human instinct; even in times of war or disasters. More sophisticated burials, prepared the body of the dead through mummification, i.e. the artificial […]