Western Union

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The Laboring Pastoral

Solidary challenger and as the pioneering experience of Manchester, the EPS is the way for which diligent workers if are valid to construct a new society, in which the profit is not above of the dignity human being. In recent years, groups of EPS for Brazil had been multiplied all. The agglutinant element of these is the defense of the life, the exercise of cooperative and solidary social relations and the establishment of a economic net guided by the mutual aid. It is more than a historical experience. Thousands of people spread for all the Brazilian territory, placed to the edge of the Brazilian society for the modernization and capitalist exploration, live of worthy form with the income generated in groups of EPS.

The EPS is part of a project of economic and social development, which submits the capital to the maintenance of the necessities of the citizen. Said of another form: the social peace and the end of the urban violence pass for the priorizao of the dignity human being in detriment of the interests of the great capitalists. Something of new exists in the national scene. Much if has commented. The Solidary Popular Economy is a social experience of organization of the alternative work the capitalist logic and a real option the overcoming of the unemployment. The intention of the present work is to present the experience of the Laboring Pastoral of the Rio Grande Do Sul with the Solidary Popular Economy. The partner-transforming action of the pastoral perpassada for the mstica of evangelho liberating promotes groups of EPS for believing the social protagonism of the groups of income generation, which are the effective of the rescue of the citizenship of unemployeds and excluded laboratories of the economic system that is there. The Laboring Pastoral of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul has carried through, in elapsing of the last decade, the gestation and accompaniment of diverse solidary enterprises.

Residential Lending Construction Money Compared Riester Loans And Riester

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