Month: October 2014

Beautiful Fountain House

How to look great in the garden decorative items such as various sculptures, benches, arches, pergolas, gazebos … But such a decorative element like a fountain, a romantic mood naveivaet and running water soothes and harmonizes the inner world of man, freeing up tons of gloomy thoughts, helping to distract from the problems and tune…

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Eye Make-Up

Hay to always use a cosmetic pencil sharpener, to prevent that the mine is clogged and is broken. Conviene to sharpen the right pencil before going to use it so that the mine is soft Subrayar the root of the eyelashes of above because it enlarges the eye. – If an elaborated maquillaje is desired…

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Antonio Martinez Director

The past 18 of May, the Conference took place IV the International of Continuity of Business on the norm VERSUS 25999, organized by BSI in the Ritz Hotel of Madrid. udea Security of the Information was between the invited participants of the round table, represented by Antonio Martinez Director of Security and Continuity. Between the…

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