Beautiful Fountain House

How to look great in the garden decorative items such as various sculptures, benches, arches, pergolas, gazebos … But such a decorative element like a fountain, a romantic mood naveivaet and running water soothes and harmonizes the inner world of man, freeing up tons of gloomy thoughts, helping to distract from the problems and tune in prirody.Pokupat fountain for the garden – the pleasure is often not cheap, though this is its advantages … But if you want to save money to do interesting work and then be proud of the fruit of their hands – made his own original fountain, then this article is – for you! A fountain that will adorn your garden will look like two wooden barrels, one above the other, from top to bottom as Bochenko will flow jet vody.Itak in order to make this fountain you will need several hours of time and some material.Chto need: 2 oak bochechki 30 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter and at least eight segments of 60 cm and 4 sleepers interval of 40 cm, garden hose 1.5 m long and 1.2 cm in diameter silicone putty; submerged pump with a lifting height of the water jet 1.4 m.Konechno, the shape of a fountain in the form of kegs – is not required, such as a fountain can be built from other watertight vessels in which there is a drain hole in the garden shlanga.Glavnoe facilities a fountain – is to select the correct setting angle of the upper barrel to keep the water flowing down a stream flowing into the lower bochonok.Dlya order in the bottom of the barrel to drill a hole, you will need the appropriate tool. .

Eye Make-Up

Hay to always use a cosmetic pencil sharpener, to prevent that the mine is clogged and is broken. Conviene to sharpen the right pencil before going to use it so that the mine is soft Subrayar the root of the eyelashes of above because it enlarges the eye. – If an elaborated maquillaje is desired very, it is possible to be stumped by all the eyelid a cream shade and to be applied the dust shades later. an outline with white pencil in the edge of the eyelid superior and inferior illuminates and cheers the glance. If the maquillaje is too much hard or it has not been totally correct, is enough to disguise the color or the error with a little dusts I am transparent applied with a small brush. the form of the eye determines the colors following a basic principle: the clear tones stand out and put of relief, the darks sink and they deepen.

the dark tones are applied in the edge of the eyelashes, the clear tones are used to illuminate the internal zone of the eye. During the day the neutral tones (gray, brown, black, pink, beige), more natural and enhancing are preferable. the tones mate or semimate are enhancing and natural for everybody, since they suppress the brightness effect that bad reliefs produce. the pearly tones are very difficult to take because they are too visible and instead of to attenuate the defects stand out. Generally, the bronzed skins mates or feel the deep tones well to them, whereas to the pale skin the tones go to them better pie. the maquillaje of eyes must begin more close possible of the eyelashes so that it is natural.

In the eyes with ring under the eye is due to choose, the brown tones or gray smoke. the mature eyes must exile totally the pearly shades and choose tones mates, smooth and luminous. For the green eyes: most enhancing they are the ocher tones, brown, earth and for the night the mallows or roses. For the blue eyes: the grays and, at night, the yellow gold. For the brown eyes: the ocher-yellow, pink-salmon, even brown-receive and blue the warm one at night. For the dark eyes: the clear gray, the tone smoke and the roses.

Corporate Blog Vs. Twitter Facebook

A few years ago that companies began to glimpse the potential that offered internet to maintain contact with its consumers and achieve so consolidate them in procuring their services and attract new potential customers. One of the first ways of considered to open this channel of communication was the corporate blog, an online space located in the own official website of the company that offered the comments of articles as open space for sharing opinions, complaints or congratulations. However, in a short time this means of communication seems to have been replaced mostly by public profiles on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. In fact there are professionals who raised the possible disappearance of corporate websites for profiles on networks such as Facebook. Such networks offer the appropriate tools to allow greater dissemination of messages between networks of contacts from customers. Very powerful tools that properly used can serve to amplify the diffusion of new products or services. Without However, companies who have chosen to take this step will have to be very vigilant to avoid a harmful effect.

And is that the same way that these tools can amplify marketing messages, can also cause the amplification of messages from disgruntled customers. Keep communication open and relaxed with our clients is undoubtedly a powerful tool that allows us to adapt to the needs demanded in record time. But equally we must study these social networks configuration capabilities to adapt them to our needs and be able to avoid our profile to become an advertising poster with our shortcomings. On the other hand Twitter is perfect a tool to maintain a fast and direct communication with high level clients, which can provide us with the best ideas to adapt our products. Twitter also has virtues appropriate to generate viral processes in the dissemination of our marketing messages.

Antonio Martinez Director

The past 18 of May, the Conference took place IV the International of Continuity of Business on the norm VERSUS 25999, organized by BSI in the Ritz Hotel of Madrid. udea Security of the Information was between the invited participants of the round table, represented by Antonio Martinez Director of Security and Continuity. Between the companies that have had representation by means of their rapporteurs, through their directors, partners and main positions, we found Repsol, the Caixa, Ferrovial, The institute Continuity Management The subjects mainly boarded have been the necessity to prove the effectiveness of a plan of business continuity as well as the management and the paper of certain departments before incidents. Also new cases practical were set out in order to answer certain looked at questions more the company. Example of these questions is, how to make arrive at all the members of their company the necessity from this new system, how to bring back to consciousness them, how to measure the effectiveness of their plans Like conclusion we could say that a good plan of business is vital in the present enterprise surroundings, since it allows to tell us on a set of procedures stops to respond of totally automatic form in front of an interruption in its activity. udea Security of the Information, Department of Marketing and Communication .


Daniel Towers of Almeida Udini was proprietor of a company of reforms, constructions and jardinagem. As responsible technician, it inspected the workmanships daily and in one of these you inspect, it slid of stairs and it broke the left foot. Disabled to work and with the plastered leg, it he was mal-humorado. – The Ricardo goes to take care of of your businesses. Silvia said, the wife. Silvia worked in the department of scientific inquiry of polices civilian.

Seated, with the leg resting in the armchair, Daniel it shook the head with discouraged expression. – I know of this, but I do not support to be motionless! – It makes of accounts that you are of vacation. You have books, magazines, films and the Internet to pass the time. What he wants more? – To take off this plaster boot of the leg. – However, Daniel! Until she seems child! Necessary to go to work. If to need some thing, calls Rose.

It wants that I help you to go up for the room? – It does not need, I have to accustom that me with this. In that morning Daniel it looked for to linger itself reading a book. It went up for dormitory one sat down ahead of the window to reread ‘ ‘ Robinson Cruso, ‘ ‘ of Daniel Defoe. To the look for it are, perceived that it had new inhabitants in the sobrado one of the other side of the street. The house had been empty and closed for some months and the gora had new inhabitants. Through the window, Daniel saw a man of half age cutting what he seemed to be a stock market or yellow knapsack with red handles. It cut the object in small pieces placed in a garbage bag. After that an aged woman appeared and the two had argued per some instants.