Romanticism Painting Returns

GOLDEN AGE OF ROMANTICISM Gets or "physics" and "lyrics" IMMORTAL theater of the absurd of life around us is not new, but in his own way, original. In one form or another it always was. Now, one-sided bias towards the deification of life technological advances and life, unique and not without a certain appeal. Human life in this world is definitely interested in a fenced, as a new stage of struggle and survival. But, as history teaches us and shows the reality of On the one hand – another "Atlantis", on the other – the natural world. In the middle – a man restless, looking for a foothold. Us deviators have much to think and do even more in favor of an equal relationship of the human enclave and nature. Find a middle ground – no longer a distant goal, but vitally necessary reality.

In such circumstances, attempts to overcome the one-sided rationalism and modeling a holistic, harmonious personality become of particular importance. This theme is exacerbated by the difficult, transitional moments of social life and cultural development. Sprang a new look at the world of art to human beings. There is a new style, known as romanticism. There were other name according to ages, but the essence remains the same. The primacy of poetry over prose, dreams over reality, a sense of the mind – its main features. The term "Romanticism" has emerged in Europe at the turn of the eighteenth-XIX centuries. It Romantics, and their creativity – romanticism.

Such a master, as always – a transformer of the world, the spiritual world, first and foremost. Given around him do not like, he throws on the world its shape, acquiring a product fixed state personified dream. Not suitable for our world order – they say – based on money-grubbing and dislike. We oppose his dream of a future free from violence and lies.

Communicating Emotions

If a person is a child not accustomed to show their feelings, even in the family, do it in communicating with strangers going for it is very difficult. But do not despair. Thanks to our ability to learn and to change until death, we always try something new. This applies to the handling of feelings. If you decide to freer than before to express their feelings in certain situations, you can immediately start. Start with the expression of positive feelings – They are well suited for training and the manifestation of their relatively "safe." Pay attention to the fact that you like what you glad that you are well on an effect – and says so.

Often I hear complaints from members seminars on the fact that they rarely get the approval of his job well done. But as soon contain errors, is always someone who will reprimand. Need for approval is peculiar to all people. For this is good manifestation of positive feelings. Example: What I enjoy It's great that you have sent me things.

I was very happy! Thank you! "- Mrs. M., I believe that your presentation went very well. I have not missed a single minute. " – "I glad to see you! Wow, what did you do it. " – "Mr. H., you are working with us for six months. I am extremely glad that you came to our department. I think you are a real boon for our team. " – "It seems to me that you miraculously manage to captivate children.


MANAGERIAL COACHING first defines what you want to become and then do what you have to do, to achieve different introduction authors agree in that it goes from an industrial society to another type of society, the knowledge society, which is based on information resources and knowledge management; where are organizations designed as networks of knowledge, with the ability to engage and learn. Get all the facts and insights with Mark Bertolini, another great source of information. These companies demand for professionals capable of solving complex problems and address contingent situations. On the other hand, the complex process of transformation that distinguishes today’s society is affecting the way of life, social relations, the modalities of work and learning in different types of organizations. By the foregoing, managerial attributes, to exercise leadership with success, they are today much more demanding than before; the requirements demanded by the changing environment are now older and very different, as it is the type of usable leadership and what he involves. For this reason, it is vital that executives and business leaders raise their managerial competencies through learning new managerial skills, with the use of different strategies, among which is the coaching. The latter, according to various authors, constitutes an effective tool that improves the performance on an ongoing basis and achieve positive change based on human capital.

Likewise, the fundamental aspects that determine the development of countries and companies are the quantity and quality of its leaders. All of this is provided by a process called COACHING, which sounds complicated but is easy to apply and provides advantageous benefits to any company that wants it to apply to achieve leadership in their field. COACHING concentrates scenarios and actors competing in a game to win. In the field of game live pragmatic experiences that are the result of the effort of each player and the articulation of the equipment for the purpose of the triumph. All this will be led by a coach who will be a unique contribution of personal leadership; the explosion and exploitation of nuances of personal talent will be the stamp of each player, which will mark the difference, i.e.

Manage Team

When it comes to managing and leading a sales team, there are many team leaders or managers of sale which are wrong in what you must manage, or measure. They mistakenly think that the data that we must measure and analyze are data relating to sales, when however, are not sales that must measure mainly. No one can measure something that has not happened, however if it is possible for team leaders, heads of sales, managers, to measure the activities of our sellers. The number of cold door contacts, the number of calls, the number of interviews for sale, the number of closures of sales, these if they are elements of sales activity that can be measured. This is the secret of the success of the management of a sales team, measure your activity, not its sales. Let us take an example. If you ask one by one to each seller of his team which will be sales of next week and have a goal of 5 sales, most likely for the majority to indicate a number of sales of 5 or higher to 5. Nobody likes to admit before the leader that he will not be able to of meet your objective.

Conversely, if you have an historic of activities where learn the results of their competent vendors average is 25 calls a day for conclusion of interviews, to get 5 sales, and 5 interviews interviews they will get a sale, you should focus on their vendors to call 25 people daily, and begins to have a solid base to get sales. A proper survey, is the key to the path that we must inevitably go to achieve closure. Course should then focus on that conducted their interviews of sale, and so on. Finally has something solid on which base their management of sales, and not only in assumptions, expectations, or intentions.

Light Element

Intellectually developed people, it is most people with excess water. This important energy is the energy of the world of money, too, refers to this element, but not in a hurry to put around fountains and cups of water it can hurt, since every element of our money may be a different element. Food is water: the fish and all seafood, pork, water. Water color – black and blue. For example a black bar refers to the element water.

It is not recommended to do a black roof, cover ceiling tiles black, hang a mirror on the ceiling, as it all relates to water, but we are not residents of the land of the underwater world, because the attributes of overhead can greatly harm the personal and financial. Water birth WOOD, all we heard about karma, the Internet and in books can be found huge amount of information about it. Karmic layer of our universe is a layer of the element of wood, if accumulated a lot of negative karma, man suffering, you must have read this "to clear the karma to go to the light." Light a fire, it weakens the tree, that is, to alleviate their suffering in this world worth doing self-development, try to be kinder, more smile, to create a generator of happiness, check out the movie "The Secret" a reference to the movie you can see here the ideas shown in this film help us understand the basic rules of the universe, using which you can significantly improved their perception of the world. .

The Girl

Whichever mothers did not cry to their children, unique the own thing, the unique treasure that God had given when seeding a seed them of love in its belly, and as reward received a medal, a standard with which could not, nor them Serbian to replace the being that lost or to buy foods and to live. Whichever mothers did not go it rambling of a side for another one, receiving scorns, humiliations, rudeness, ridicules trying to secure aid, a return, an aid. Oscar felt desires to vomit, not by the blood, not by the legs that amputee were, by the suturadas wounds, by the tragedy, no, it felt desires to vomit to see as much cruelty and sevicia in the man, as much desire of extermination of the same race under pretexts that did not share nor justified. It was about to finish the turn when it descended among skies, under the shelter of a behind schedule cobriza one, one of the last helicopters. With the hands in the waist I let save a pain sigh and aloud I exclaim: " " The last soldiers of the shades, that will not see the light of a new day " " The stretcher-bearers lowered two bodies, were two young people: A beautiful girl of little twelve years and a boy of thirteen years. Oscar was surprised when seeing two children, that with his mustios eyes they watched distressed all the sides.

He surprised also it that they came taken from the hands and no matter how much treatment to separate them was not possible to do it. Oscar I approach the girl and he said to him tenderly: " " I need to review them, to see the wounds, to make a diagnosis and behavior, but in these conditions not realizar&quot could; ". The girl with the eyes flooded in tears responded to him in a slight whisper: " " He is my brother and if we are going to die, we will die together " " Oscar did not say anything, made transfer to the young people to the stretcher.