Bearer Bonds

The investment in shares and savings opportunities and risks of the bearer bonds in the financial market is known but what is a bearer bonds? The possession of the bearer, not the mention in the exhibition document is crucial. The investor owns the paper, he is entitled to the covered circumstances capital gains. This can be fixed or variable interest rate and are contractually regulated. A detailed analysis of the Verkausfprospekte and financial statements of the issuer is strongly recommended. In contrast to many other forms of investment, not the Bank protection fund or the bank deposit guarantee attacks E.g. in case of an insolvency of the Publisher of the bearer. A total loss is possible. Especially in the present economic crisis and credit crunch, it is hard to get the necessary money for investments or running a company on the credit market. For these companies, the issuance of bonds is a way to meet the applicable capital requirements.

International Day

Many women do not have knowledge of these laws and continue silencing the siege sexual. Therefore the dissemination of these information becomes necessary so that the victims can denounce the abuses and not contribute passively for occurrence of other acts. If all that suffer this type of trauma to search the law, the future cases tend to diminish preventing the suffering of other women. As well as the sexual siege, the moral siege has caused great damages to the professionals in its environment of work. For needing its jobs, many women support other types of humilhao, being ridicularizados in its positions. Although the moral siege if not to especially direct the women, since the men also can be victims, these obtain to face and to deal better with the situation since they are not considered as ' ' sex frgil' ' for the society.

On the other hand, the majority of the women who suffer the moral siege generally assumes a passive position from fear the consequncias that such denunciation can provide to it. The loss of the job, of financial independence is still added to the low one esteem and other psychological problems that come to affect its quality of life. Ahead of this context, we could not leave to mention that the Law Maria of the Penha it constituted a historical landmark in protection of the women. If it does not deal with only a specific legal aspect to correct and to punish the men, but an instrument for awareness of the personal love that the citizens must cultivate and spread, if not being silent ahead of the physical and psychological aggressions that come to suffer. 2. CONCLUSESMesmo ahead of a new century and great conquests reached to the base of many fights, the old preconceptions and forms of treatment stops with the women remains.

The humilhao and the suffering through the years seem not to have been enough so that the feminine sort was dealt with respect. The fear and the humilhao come silencing these women, exactly that the revolt between them is latent, few have courage to denounce, due to the cuminante factor of the existence of politics of segunas imperfections. Therefore, it is perceived relevance of this quarrel and the necessity of bigger awareness of the women so that they assume a critical and independent position, not silencing such agresses.3. REFERENCES BALD, Adriana C. The sexual siege and the moral siege in the work environment. Available in: . Access in: 16 jul. 2010. NADAL, Paula. Why 8 of March are the International Day of the Woman? New School. Sea. 2010. Available in: . Access in: 07 ago. 2010.WOLECK, Aimor. The work, the occupation and the job: a historical perspective. Institute Catarinense de After-Graduation. Available in: . Access in: 01 ago. 2010.

Desire Money Indeed

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Marketing Action

When planning where to celebrate the presentation of a product, the launch of a company, promotional action or even a corporate celebration, it is very important to define carefully where to celebrate these events and what agasajas to attendees. Of them will depend to a greater extent, assistance to the event and the success thereof, profiting an action that is not just economic. The location should be easily accessible, by possibility of parking and public transport. Installations must conform to approximate attendance, nor too large number and seem to have not attended that expected, or not too small and the wizard may feel tight. The design of the place, of furniture, of the different rooms, must breathe the objective that you intend to cover and of course, is of vital importance that agape is the taste of all or at least most, both for the contents of their dishes, by the image and the same service. The new Madrid Conference Center will feature catering more exclusive the fifth Madrid Teatro presents itself as the new Business Conference Center most exclusive of the capital. Avant-garde design and inspiration Art Deco (designed by Fanny Fernandez) is the perfect space to carry out events intended for training, Convention and presentation of products and services, due to the characteristics and arrangement of the salas-auditorio that are adapted to the needs of each occasion.

Not forgetting at all receptions, meetings, live performances, parades, weddings and celebrations private, all of them supported by an excellent service of catering with the company El Laurel Catering.Ubicado in Barrio Art Deco, with direct access from the c/Sepulveda, no. 3-5, the fifth theater is framed within the unique environment of the Manzanares River. This Centre offers companies a unique space for holding their events with the most innovative technological proposal. Designed and built as the great alternative current into spaces for events.Laurel Catering, company founded over one decade ago, brings to this Madrid Conference Centre the exclusive service, retailer and singular of a group of dynamic, innovative and permanently motivated professionals by offering their customers the most optimal solutions to your needs. Among the services offered by this company are: * farms and unique spaces * tents and household goods * music and entertainers * decor and centerpieces the Laurel Catering is formed by a staff of cooks, helpers kitchen, waiters, maids and team store and transport with capacity to offer the best catering service for weddings, private celebrations, catering for businesses and events in generaloffering a catering service to measure 2 to 4,000 people in Madrid and surroundings. For more information: El Laurel Catering C / Cerezos, 11, 28703 Madrid Tel.

Penal Code

Vague standardisation According to indicates the legislative magistrate, changes and their application " they have not helped to obtain a standardisation very precisa" nor it makes specific, " at least in some of the conducts incorporated to the crime of bribe, in particular to the one of the active bribe impropio" , while it remembers that the Supreme one comes praising/pouring off by the nonstandardisation from this last crime. Also, Montero talks about the possibility that this cause was accumulated with the other related to the Grtel case that affects to the possible illegal financing of the PPCV and a supposed crime of prevarication on the part of the Catalan Autonomous Government, and that " with that accumulation everything alterara". Against that possibility, the rapporteur observes that " the citizens have right to that its penal procedural situation before is possible legally and without being in the hope of futureible is clarified alguno". Crime of improper bribe In this sense, the car also remembers that the facts of this cause have been described, by the public prosecutor, as constituent of a crime of improper bribe and for this reason, it insists to solve it &quot first; without perjuicio" than later it is possible to be decided on is accumulation. In this sense, Flors he explained that the consideration isolated of " singular conducta" of Strap, Crespo and Perez, " with rrencia to the flattery of articles to dress solely in question in the present procedure, it would be from very difficult encaje" in the Penal Code previous to the last reform. Flors rejected so the action of those who would direct to the corrupt plot " it could constitute a crime of active bribe that outside reverse necessary of the possible crime of passive bribe impropio" , whose commission has been attributed to Camps, Coast, Fields and Betoret. Source of the news: The TSJCV confirms that it will not judge to the ringleaders of the Grtel plot next to Camps

Brazilian One

I call gratuitous exploration that one that points the searchlights with respect to pain and it does not stop what it will help to the society and the government to decide the problem. This history of that the commotion pressures the authorities is greater papo pierced ragged excuse of the vehicle who places the money of the easy hearing above of the dignity human being and the social mission of the press. To pressure the government to act against homicides and traffic of drugs is a thing, but to place desperate mothers crying in 90% of the reporter after the attack of a psychotic one without speaking in security in the schools and without guiding the public to recognize unbalanced pathological, is maldosa exploration low and exactly! It does not have excuse. He is ' ' sadojornalismo' ' srdido, irresponsible and end point! After this long one, but necessary introduction, we go to the central and nevrlgico point of the subject: THE FRIEZA, THE FOOLISHNESS AND THE BADNESS POLITICS. Although the press presents these publishing characteristics that vary of vehicle for vehicle, a thing exists that if calls FACT.

Corruption, assault to the state treasury, indifference with the health, with the security, education among others are questionable FATOS or not, they do not leave of being FACTS. I arrest the FACTS solely to speak on the commemorations that we after attend before-of-yesterday the SMASHING victory of the government in the approval of the 20 billion the Treasure it BNDES to finance Train-Bullet for So Paulo. Laughs, tapinhas in the coasts and confraternizao enter the parties of support to the government and, astonish, between them the PCdoB, exactly ahead of a frustrate attempt of senator Incio Arruda to brighten up the ideological incoherence of its party. It is the paradox of the social-bourgeoisie-comuno-capitalist, similar good to that finished with the communism it oligarchical Politburo of the Soviet Union and knocked down the wall of Berlin, imported for the chorosas Brazilian widowers of You give.