EPIDU Publishers With A New Publishing Concept

The EPIDU book publishing presents based on social media the first publishing concept as Joanne K. Rowling had finished 1995 wrote her first Harry Potter book, she was looking for a Publisher. She conceded a cancellation after the other. When Bloomsbury 1997 brought out the book, the initial circulation amounted to just 500 copies. To underestimate a future million-seller, that wasn’t supposed to happen on EPIDU.de. Because as one of the first Web 2.0 publishing houses of in Germany he uses when deciding which book is laid mainly on the judgment of readers and viewers. EPIDU gives everyone a chance his book big out to bring.

EPIDU.de supports the marketing of authors and authors with an online collection, in which free can adjust their work, as well as a personal profile. EPIDU also here again, on social media in the marketing of their books and uses Facebook, Twitter and Google, to increase their awareness. The so-called eBookCards (www.ebookcards.de) are an important part of the marketing process. They are similar to a business card for the book and will be distributed by authors to interested parties, to draw attention to her work. By EPIDU as a low-cost marketing tool developed, attract potential readers with their elegant design. But not just uploading a book, but also reading and downloading is free. Interested parties are on EPIDU.de? In contrast to other platforms? complete novels of new authors as E-books available.

So the Publisher responds to the increasing demand for E-books for E-book reader from Apple, Amazon, or from other manufacturers. Readers can thank, providing feedback to the authors. The latter this way know how arrive your book and learn what they can do better. If a work due to many positive reviews from the crowd stands out, EPIDU offers the author to set it. The EPIDU Verlag GmbH was founded in January 2010 and has since been the publishing platform. the EPIDU contractor team consists of brothers Cao Hung Nguyen, and Cao Thanh Nguyen, as well as the Web site developers Andreas Hudzieczek and Lars Puda. The line has Dipl. kfm. Cao hung Nguyen, who can draw on many years of corporate experience in the financial control area at Ericsson in his work. The team is working on the development of the platform, which since March 11 as open beta of available to the public for over a year. Contact: EPIDU Verlag GmbH Roermonder Street 86 D-52072 Aachen Tel.: + 49 (0) 163 796 701 3 commercial register: HRB 15892 register Court: Amtsgericht Aachen Cao Hung Nguyen

The Customer Does Not Pay? Collection Helps!

New compact Guide to businesses, freelancers and service providers in the Receivables Management support job done. Invoice and the customer does not pay? The right specialist Bettina Martin in their new compact guide shows how a Receivables Management that is tailored to individual needs, can relieve the entrepreneurs and minimize delinquencies. Often, debt is cause liquidity problems, especially for small businesses, service providers and freelancers due to defaulting payers. Reputable debt collection companies are an equally effective as time-saving alternative to efforts to collect unpaid bills. They offer comprehensive services, from legally correct billing up to the take over the claims. The benefits of assistance through a debt collection company are obvious: instead of using energy and time for nerve-racking procedure, the entrepreneur can focus on its core tasks. Unnecessary litigation and Attorney’s fees can be avoided and the business relationship with the customer remains intact. Briefly and succinctly shows the customer does not pay? Collection helps”, as you can see legitimate debt collection companies, what cooperation opportunities and conditions under which the debtor has to bear the costs of collection.

Sample formulations help for invoices and reminders to get its own debt management from the outset. The author writes of the practice Bettina Martin: she’s certified legal specialist and worked for 30 years for various law firms. Recently she is the owner of own debt collection company in Weilheim i. OB. To obtain the collection Advisor at the price of 5.90 in bookstores and on the Internet, E.g. via libri.de, Amazon.de, bol.de. Bettina Martin of the customer does not pay? Collection helps”basics, tips and decision tools Publisher: BoD, ISBN: 978-3839127612, 52 pages, size: 21.5 x 13.5 x 0,3 cm (Softcover), price: 5.90 Bettina Martin

Visualization Of Local Services And Service Processes

The method of service blueprint or map services are inherently complex. They are not reproducible and whose result depends on itself the so-called external factor to a great extent by the customers. Who wants to satisfy his customers as a service provider and keep, which has to offer today usually more than a good value for money. Standard services are supplementing. Excellent service, experience, pre sales advice and after sales services are any scientific tags, not less deferred, rather very concrete expectations of customers on the service, or the service process itself. To meet these expectations, it is important to make the own strengths and weaknesses, and in addition to worry to a targeted expansion of the service portfolio of provider point of view. Visualization techniques such as the method of the so-called Servicebluebrintig or Servicemapping a way represent, so to break down services and service processes, that the result of this Analysis can be made to the starting point of various measures for the establishment and improvement of process and service quality. The Serviceblueprint is a method to represent the service process as visualized this a facilitated analysis of the process itself, the events to allow the interaction points (customer, employee, management) and their design and control, timing and quality of the individual elements of the performance and overall optimization of the service process.

The method of Serviceblueprinting a significant focus is placed on the external factor so the customers. This perspective takes into account a (customer relationship management) CRM thought themselves particularly. The Servicebluebrintig is this analysis instrument and tool for the optimization of the performance of process, especially for such services, which are characterized by a wide variety of customer contact points. When developing a Serviceblueprints all activities are mapped chronologically at the beginning. To do this, include the admission of the customer in the business sector as well as the disclosure of performance demands to subcontractors such as indexed by the sales order.

The Chain

The quick-check is a new service for chain stores. He tries to give an answer to the following question: what opportunities exist and what if they are used? It is to think about an offer in scenarios and to understand the world of the modern Q1 as a networked system. The chain store-quick check combines the Filialgeschaftspraxis, whose financial aspects and an empirically sound foresight in terms of Filialsystemmanagement, market development and editing. The service is available for a system-oriented analysis of the complex reality. He wants to give suggestions, like a chain can elude the dictations of business through more systematic, as he achieved a better informed and more clearly assess risks. Parent and insights offered by the chain stores-quick check encourage to reflect and critical perspective. For example, answers to the question which game rooms connected there the balance sheet for securing liquidity with optimization. Or a strategy check, a check and deal with the strategy employed by the companies, structurally and in terms of content, allows.

While the strategy may be explicitly formulated or but implicitly as a basis of economic action. Quickly and with little effort, you can see, where priorities are set or on which rail operations is increasingly going: transaction driven, energetic, more online instead of offline or both? In collaboration or as an innovator and satellite? As a national or international service providers, specialist, universalist or Vertikalist? As better copier or a competitive of bidding innovator? The quick-check seeks to make transparent the filialsystemeigenen possibilities and to stimulate the economic implementation. Thus it provides sure that both the opportunities and the risks are clear, which the own performance of functional and quantity is taken into account. This means that growth opportunities and their financial sustainability in the quick-check are connected to each other to deliver to decision-making in the increasingly complex branch business. So the views of the Filialunternehmens prosperity is directed: sales / turnover, it is important to increase the rate of return = to earn well. The rear services of the overhead so, so that the use of resources based on sales / turnover has high productivity.

The companies owners / financiers reach adequate cash flow, a high financial security and return on equity. The chain service quick check is a practical decision support, you can easily try out. You are constantly updated. Fed with data he demonstrates the dynamic interactions between the main drivers of the branch system development, their financial viability and the system efficiency. An instrument is thus strategically trading chain to the Available, does it fit and suitable for cross-practice, differentiated and above all predictive Filialunternehmens decisions. To use the chain-quick check permanently, he is an integral part of the management of companies. Then, potential can be creative, innovative, and more effectively than previously realized. Kuno kurtz

First Traffic Master

Makes traffic! A step-by step instructions! Expert Tobias Knoof has now developed a method of the German information marketing with the TrafficPrisma, which allows any webmaster to guide more traffic to any Web page. The TrafficPrisma contains many high-quality information on the subject of Trafficaufbau, Trafficautomation and Trafficsteuerung. The master’s course in a strictly limited edition of 1000 copies on the market comes from May 6, 2010. The problem: to the few visitors on the website of Schwielowsee, April 6, 2010: Web page operator, and webmaster stumble repeatedly over the same hurdle: How do you get relevant visitors to your own website, without that one must spend tons of money on advertising? Because, it is clear that without visitors nothing runs each. The German Internet marketer Tobias Knoof knows the problem all too well. “The greatest Web site brings nothing, if nobody knows about it.

Most website operators have big trouble to overcome this hurdle. This traffic is no matter the niche, the industry or the Product, but the right strategy “, so Knoof next. Tobias Knoof is one of the top Infomarketern of in Germany and has left long since behind these problems. He has intensively dealt with the subject of the traffic and in just one year from zero in the top 1800 brought his own Web page Web pages of in Germany, of a total of 13 million .de “-domains.” In recent months, he and his team tirelessly behind the scenes have worked to decipher the strategies behind the traffic structure and document. The solution: The TrafficPrisma master course at May 6, 2010 the result is the TrafficPrisma, which runs from May 6, 2010, in a strictly limited edition of 1000 pieces at the start. Step by step, the detailed traffic master course shows how each webmaster, Web site operators and bloggers can build massive Trafficstrome for any Web page. The TrafficPrisma shows concrete building, the control and the automation of a flood of exact target group visitors in record time.

The master course covers exclusively free Marketing methods and thus helps beginners as advanced in building financial freedom through passive streams of income on the Internet. About TrafficPrisma.de TrafficPrisma.de is a project by top marketers Tobias Knoof (digital Infoprodukte.de) and helps beginners as advanced in the online business building, the control and automation of a flood of target group specific traffic in record time. The traffic master course covers exclusively free marketing methods and brings together numerous Trafficmethoden in a cast. The TrafficPrisma goes on May 6 at the start. More information at. Contact Superlearn KG Tobias Knoof Tonio-Bodiker-Strasse 1B D-14548 Schwielowsee / Brandenburg, Germany telephone: + 49 3327 57 46 64

The Secret

A few years ago a video was released and a book called “The Secret” which talks about how quantum physics affects the lives of people from the economic standpoint, health, interpersonal relationships, love , etc. I must admit that this video has attracted the attention of many people who now try to apply daily techniques taught there. I bring to table this issue, because the mention that one should focus on what you want and the mind away from what is not wanted, and show the specific case of debts. With regard to this specific issue, say that people who are all day mortified and concerned by the debts are not going to attract to their lives is anything but debts. On the contrary, if people focus on prosperity then it is just that what you get. Think about it for a moment, surely you know someone with excellent economic situation, at best, you are one of those people who has had the privilege of knowing from the business world, these people own and / or shareholders of corporations, partnerships and corporations.

The point is, if you have had the opportunity to exchange some words with these people and asks if actualmene are incurring debt, what you think will be your response? Do you think those magnates do not buy debt today? How you think they built their business? With the money in your pocket? Do you think that they have demonized the debts as many people on the street do it? What I want you to reconsider is that regardless if you are drowning in debt today, or in contrast, is an excellent property, you should know how to deal with the debts. If you want to follow the recommendations of fashion, as explained in the video for “The Secret.” You have to know how to pay their debts. If you wish to have more, from a financial standpoint, to incur debts and know how to do it without harming its excellent financial position. Debts are always going to play a role or role in your life. Will always being there!. The question is, do you want to play with you debts?

Marrakech Offers Hotels, Riads, Villas And Apartments: The Arabian Accommodation Options

Marrakech is Morocco's main tourist destination and offers a choice of accommodation. There are four main types of accommodation in Marrakech hotels, riads, villas and apartments. The Marrakech Riads Riads are traditional Moroccan houses located inside the old city, which usually consist of two or three floors and a courtyard. The Riads are private homes began to be restored in the 70s. In Marrakesh, the Riad is located inside the ancient walls, in the old town or medina. " Many of these old houses have been completely restored, renovated and converted into guest houses full of character and charm offering exceptional service in a fantastic re-decorated buildings and rebuilt in the traditional manner.

The Riad can be rented per room or in full if they travel in groups. Some Riads are small, intimate and friendly and some are breathtakingly gorgeous and offer every luxury. Almost all riads offer half board, full board, and Most of them provide a variety of services such as spa, catering, pool or pond, panoramic terrace, massage. Because they are located in the medina or old town, Riads are ideal for exploring urban environments most authentic and exotic, like the famous and colorful souks or the legendary square Jemaa El Fna. Villas in Marrakech If they have a bigger budget and looking for a more rustic experience, then a house is your best option. The vast majority of houses are located on the outskirts of Marrakech or the famous Palm and provide transportation to and from the city or the airport.

Almost all houses in Marrakech have their own pool and large terraces with superb views of the snow capped Atlas Mountains. The villas offer a peaceful and quiet as well as many high quality services comparable to those offered by the best hotels. The villas can be rented as a whole for large groups and for short or long. Hotels Marrakech Being a favorite tourist destination in Morocco, Marrakech offers numerous hotels for your stay in the City Ocre. From the luxurious 5-star hotels in the neighborhood of Hivernage, often occupied by movie stars and celebrities of all kinds, especially during the International Film Festival of Marrakech, to the most affordable hotels in the New Town or the French Quarter Gueliz, the range of prices, services and locations is extensive. Most hotels offer amenities such as heated swimming pool, bar and restaurant, spa, hammam and massage room, and the most common: room service, internet access, telephone and fax, among many others. Apartments in Marrakech apartments are usually in the neighborhood of Gueliz, in New Town and other neighborhoods. They can be rented nightly, weekly or monthly. Normally are furnished, but you can also find apartments partially furnished or unfurnished, depending on your needs and duration of their stay. You can even find apartments for rent for long periods if they wish to stay in Marrakesh for a while. But if your budget is limited, you can find affordable apartments not far from the Old Town or New Town, in the quietest and most authentic. So if you are looking for the best, whether for vacation, business trip or a longer stay, Ocre City offers a multitude of options, among which the most popular area hotels, riads, villas and rental apartments. Are most suitable for your holiday and escojanla according to your budget, needs and desires. And enjoy your stay!