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the personal potential, hype – the training professionals increase the individual success by optimizing personal potential. The company hype the training professionals distances itself from well-known sales training and sales seminars and specialized in the optimization of business success. MIP multi inspired performance is a new, revolutionary training model. Not speeches, but trade is the relevant currency of this trainer and thus the success of your customers at the heart of your work. “The idea is simple and successful: change takes place through action”, says the Managing Director Frank Rechsteiner.

Earlier, the market was open and the products and the services have spoken for themselves. Business leaders need today already more than just to be able to post dealer or vendor sales pitches to success. Mr. Rechsteiner knows you need insight and convincing communication techniques”from its own 15 years experience. The balancing act between Leadership, social skills and life is becoming increasingly difficult. This requires changes, new approaches and more specific goals. You are not satisfied with your feedback so you need to change your behavior”, recommends the Executive business coach.

Techniques that have been newly interpreted and implemented by Mr. Rechsteiner and his team. The hype training methods MIP aims, that man automated applications and learned and instinctively, individually addressed. So is his opinion more effective working and successful acts. This success on several components back that are easy and quick to learn and apply. MIP promotes the feeling and Act, allows one to know its outcome, and to give the customers a good feeling. Your work as a sales trainer focuses mostly on the IT and software sectors. A sector that is very familiar team of hype, because they have been active for many years in these areas and therefore the demands and characteristics of these markets know. Contact: HYPE – the training professionals Frank Rechsteiner women str. 23 89073 Ulm Tel. 0049 151 29128157

Drinking Good Uses TC

Increase transparency, expenses reduce speed and flexibility are two essential features of the beverage industry. Especially the seasonal fluctuations represent a real challenge and make a sophisticated logistics system. Knows that even Paul Ahmann, Manager logistics by drinking well, Germany’s largest beverage specialists: procurement logistics we are reliant on mobile service provider just in the summer business, when barbecue parties and many sporting events, which can catch serious tips. This search has been associated with much time and work for us. Here the electronic tendering platform TC helps now eBid of the IT service provider TimoCom \”.\” Drinking goods German beverages holding GmbH is a drink from get chain out the Nordrhein-Westfalenmit-based Krefeldund has currently 233 branches. With its approximately 4100 employees, the company has achieved an annual turnover of more than EUR 516 million in 2009.

Up to 26 million crates supplied per year over the own fleet, as well as additional 8 million boxes directly from the industry, to the stores. We managed the whole thing about the logistics centers in Hamm and Krefeld. Procurement logistics is carried out mainly by external service providers. Exactly in this area now in TC, eBid was found a new practical tool that provides a significant workload and facilitate. The program has developed the Dusseldorf TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH, which offers the leading Europe-wide freight exchange TC truck & cargo in addition to the tender platform for the spot market. The beverage specialist with TimoCom writes out hassle-free application and smooth processes since December 2009 tenders for long-term transportation contracts. Almost 30 calls be made on average per month, mostly for domestic traffic. Drinking good invites also previous carriers, carriers and freight forwarders, the participation is free of charge for you. All necessary information will get interested eBid uncomplicated by E-mail about the TC report. Practical: Complex tables, outdated address directories, or lengthy phone calls remain saves everyone.

Managing Director

High returns through investments in as already the FIDURA return plus ethics Fund contributes also to the newly created FIDURA yield security plus ethics 3 funds directly to high-growth, innovative companies that are exceptionally attractive due to their management, their products and their business concept and have a high income and appreciation potential. In addition to the high yields, the investment segment characterized private equity under the condition of professional investment management through a cheap return / risk ratio. Is a significant reason for this, so the success of the venture is that both before and during the participation of the comprehensive information about the company available are the investor better predictable and partly also Klaus Ragotzky controllable”, explains Managing Director of FIDURA capital consult GmbH. after the decline of overvaluations in the equity and equity markets is very attractive to the market environment for the participation of companies. Through the currently especially for smaller companies interesting conditions of entry is likely in the next few years to achieve high value increases investments in”, so Ragotzky next. The investment policy of the FIDURA yield 3 Fund is security plus ethics fund management consisting of experienced entrepreneurs create a unique focus on direct investments. Full preservation of capital appropriately to reflect the security aspect for long-term wealth accumulation, offers the FIDURA return security plus ethics 3 fund investors the possibility of securing capital.

The investor expressly decides against this option, is used not for investments part of the insert in the FIDURA funds after taking into account an adequate Liquidity reserve either invested directly in products of first-class Anglo-Saxon insurance companies or reputable insurance companies applied, which in turn invest in Anglo-Saxon insurance products. In comparison to German insurance insurance companies could achieve Anglo-Saxon significantly higher yields in recent years”, so Ragotzky. It is intended that the capital generated by the individual insurance over the life of the Fund reaches the value of the total Fund contribution of investors and secures to the use of capital.

VertriebsREZEPTE 2010

Head sales and your path to success in the automotive sector the VertriebsREZEPTE 2010 – head sales and your path to success – Amicom: 9-14 April 2010, Hall 5, booth D19: every successful company relies on satisfied customers. And it can happen any company that glitches or major changes to cause, that the customers a quick and reliable way of contact. Customers need a partner you can always call to get an answer on the unforeseen problem. If he does not quickly and reliably enough learns this, he will be unhappy and could in the future to use the products or services of competitors. Still, it becomes increasingly difficult to acquire new customers or retain the existing existing customers on the company today for many companies. This customer behavior can be attributed not only to any economic crises. No, rather often lacking in feeling and emotion in the personal customer contact. Customers expect Today more than in the past.

Here, new and innovative ideas are needed. Sale is 90 percent dominated by emotions and feelings. Only 10 to 20 percent of the sales make up the spoken word or the text written so the conventional scientific wisdom. Why are the feeling and the emotions in both existing and future customers addressed then rarely really? Here, the solution must be sought elsewhere. To put a smile on the face of the customer, is the first important step to lasting and sustainable business success. The way there is in principle relatively simple.

It should be noted a few little rules in order to enjoy the success. \”The company of head sales Kirchlengern GbR offers the customers sales recipes\”, which lead to the increase in sales and the customers long-term tie to the company. With the top products from the navigation and hands-free accessories – head sales just in time to kick off the Amicom in Leipzig the latest sales concepts presents: 1 the company NAVIGON AG from Hamburg AUTOMOTIVE concepts of automotive NAVIHERSTELLERS NAVIGON 2510 Explorer – the new pilot of a NAVIGON.