Month: October 2015

Czech Legal Entities

Firms in the Czech Republic until November 2009 are required to connect the service Datov. Dear leaders and founders of Czech legal entities registered in Prague and other Czech cities. Czech public authorities announce A new requirement for all, without exception, companies registered in the Czech Republic. Until November 2009 e-mail to each Director will…

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Charter Registration

Procedure for creating a company founder. If you decide to create an llc, for this you need to determine the address of the location of the company. To do this, get the owner of the premises warranty letter, the lease and deed of non-residential premises for a period of 3 to 11 months, a copy…

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Longest Stretch Ceiling

November 10, 2008 in Leipzig was established an international record for the installation of suspended ceilings. Local company to install suspended ceilings Grenzwert, in order to prove its superiority, built a structure width of 3 meters and length of 196 meters. This figure was taken are not random, the 60th year of the xxi century…

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