Superman CD-ROM

If Superlopez resembled Superman, CD-ROM resembles Batman. It is not a flesh and blood but a virtual superhero character. You can buy printed edition (12) or digital, much cheaper (5.99). Superlopez was born in the 1970s, inspired by Superman. However, the super Spanish had mustache, was folksy and in his first strips should that reconcile his life of hero with married life.

Now times have changed and the great Jan bets on a new character inspired by the world of technology. Jan, Spanish comic icon reinvents his 72 years and after nearly three decades with the superhero with a moustache. It has created a new character, CD-ROM, a virtual superhero who in this case resembles Batman. Jan will continue with the Superlopez comic books, but the latter will have to share the genius of Jan with the new hero. CD-ROM is the best friend of Chip, a young computer man that lives amazing adventures. But is not a friend of flesh and bone, but a virtual superhero that helps Chip whenever you need it. Ediciones B bet for digital comic that began with Mortadelo and Filemon to recycle has been said! stronger than is done now CD-ROM goes on sale September 7 simultaneously in paper and digital.

CD-ROM will be available through the website of Koomic for 5.99 euros, while the paper edition will be available at major bookstores for 12 euros. Esdecomic Digital is a company of distribution, and digitisation of editorial content of recent creation arising from the business union of Fenix studio and SD distributions, totaling more of 35 years experience in the publishing sector. The first shop of digital comics in Spain, Koomic, created by Esdecomic Digital, allows the purchase and reading comics on mobile devices (via apps that are available in the virtual stores) and computers. Ediciones B is the unit of Grupo Zeta books and has houses in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Your editorial offer, one of the most extensive within the publishing market of Hispanic, translates into Ediciones B, Vergara and Zeta Pocket seals. The offer of comic, among which highlights the work of Francisco Ibanez deserves special mention.


When we forget product and customer and only think about the benefits it is when we enter fully into this anti-pattern. In fact, for many people, too many I would say, that they are in this business, the product and the customer are only an evil necessary you have to spend to earn money. The damage you’re doing this type of people in this sector will require much time and effort many to try to recover a balance and a prestige that has disappeared again. When you have a company you want to make money with it, that is not the problem, but the shape or the method used to achieve it, which if it moves product and customer, unless you have very good contacts, may produce a few reasonable short-term, perhaps to medium, but disastrous long-term results. The benefit must be the result of believing in the product that is developed and in achieving customer satisfaction, that benefit attracts more profit.

Another type of practices, have devalued our sector, with prices trash which favors precisely who makes rubbish, what we have to ask ourselves is if We want to continue developing waste or we want to actually do accounting and grow with the same software. Orientation to the product quality and customer satisfaction requires first of all a firm belief in the goals are achieved based on the systematic fulfillment of that goal and second to break the barriers of the prices junk there to compete through a great productivity of project teams (productivity is not equal to more hours(, productivity is to be efficient) whose fuel is staff with talent, involved with the idea of the company, involved with the product, involved with the client’s satisfaction, motivated and process resources, training, methodological and architecture allowing you to do more with less. With the aim of contributing to the provision of their services, five organizations Ucayali cocoa received a commercial accounting software. The delivery of the digital tool was carried out in a ceremony organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Ucayali. The meeting was attended with the participation of the regional director of the program of alternative development, Luis Ramos Chong, leaders and producers of leading organizations cocoa of Ucayali, who were grateful for the support.

Favored organizations were the Cooperativa Agraria of cocoa fields green, Cooperativa Agraria cocoa of San Alejandro and the Association of cocoa Tecnificados of Padre Abad. The Central Committee also benefited from development to the future of Curimana and Shambillo Valley Tecnificados cocoa producers association. It was reported that the software seeks to strengthen the administrative, erp accounting area, tax and commercial organizations, through an optimal and secure management of the financial information for decision-making. Also, it will safeguard the assets of the companies and improve the commercialization process. The President of the Association of cocoa Tecnificados of Padre Abad, Luis Mejia Murga, stated that computer tool will be of great help because they It will allow to manage the articulation of the markets adequately. It will also benefit their partners and suppliers. Implementation of digital apparatus is part of the Convention of donation 312 promoting competitiveness of 13 organizations the Huallaga-PROCACAO II corridor cocoa.

Particularly Suitable Treatment

Temple massage, teaches of centres specialising in therapeutic and relaxing massages and beauty treatments, has just launched a range of discounts for this month of September, as a measure against the VAT hike. In this way its leaders want to give more facilities to all those who seek a remedy against the so-called post-holiday stress. According to Dr. Antonio Cano, President of the Spanish society for the study of anxiety and stress (SEAS), to incorporate ourselves back to work after the holidays, we suffered a stress reaction. In general, this stressor is not very intense for the vast majority of people, which can be viewed with concern, or even enthusiasm, return to your activity.

However, for others the post-holiday stress can affect them in a more serious way. Unemployment is a stressor more important than returning to work after the holidays. We know that if we suffer very intense and maintained at the time, for the reasons I stress reactions they are, in the long run these can trigger the development of different mental disorders, such as for example adaptive, anxiety disorders, the mood, by consumption of substances, as well as some sexual dysfunctions of sleep, or eating disorders. To combat these conditions, the temple chain of massage offers an Ayurvedic ritual, a science holistic based on principles that are studying the human being as organized totality and not as a sum of parts. Treatment includes a relaxing massage and peeling with coconut salt and oils that stimulate both body and mind are used. Known that the skin is responsible for the production of hormones, and this treatment is very balancer for important metabolic control system. This package can be obtained at discount during the month of September in the chain centers.

Another discounts advertised massage temple for this month is a discount to the meats of 60 and 100 temples of 25% and 30%, respectively. These meats do not expire, are transferable and, with a single payment, they let you receive treatments desired at any time, since each one has its equivalent cost in temples, taking advantage of a significant discount (30% in the case of the meat of 100 if purchased this month). Finally the Ensign also offers the possibility of enjoying two massage 40 minutes with a 20% discount off the normal price, being able to choose between relaxing, Craniofacial, circulatory, neuro-sedative, foot, anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage and reflexology during September. For those entrepreneurs interested in joining massage Temple, the initial investment round lose 20.070 euros (excluding civil works requiring the local), with a 6,000 entry fee and a monthly royalty of 500 euros. The contract is for an initial period of 10 years. On the necessary accommodation found at street and have a minimum 50 m2, preferable in areas of more than 100,000 inhabitants with an income per capita average, in established neighborhoods commercially and, if possible, in commercial and/or business, areas with pedestrian traffic and ease of parking.


From April 14, 2010 and until December 31, 2012 applies the reduced rate of 8% (7% before July 1, 2010) to executions of work of renovation and repair in buildings or part thereof intended for housing, when the following requirements are met: the recipient is a physical person who intended for private use (not business or professional activity). Also where was the recipient a community of owners by the deeds done in the building in which housing is situated. The construction or rehabilitation of housing should be completed at least two years before the beginning of the works of renovation or repair. Whoever the works must not contribute materials whose cost exceed 33 percent of the tax base of operation. For example: placement of the floor of a home per 10,000, with 3,000 materials contributed by who performs the work, all of it taxed to 8 percent (7 percent before July 1, 2010). A work for a total of 10,000 If the contributed materials amounted to 5,000. This amendment extends the application of type small, hitherto limited to works of masonry, to all kinds of renovation and repair works, like, for example: plumbing, carpentry, electricity, painting, Plasterers, installations and assemblies. The invoice shall contain the cost of contributed materials or that fulfills the requirement that the cost of the provided materials does not exceed 33% of the taxable base.

Requested budget for the reform of your House or building, knowing that the type of reduced VAT (8%) is applicable to all works of repair or renovation, as masonry, plumbing, carpentry, electricity, painting, Plasterers, installations and assemblies. Carried out by a person in your home for use at home, or, the community of property owners in the building where this housing. The housing must have at least 2 years old, after the construction or rehabilitation. Contributed materials cannot exceed 33% of the taxable base of operation, doing always, stated on the invoice.

Achieve Success

People lately ask me through my blog or by mail electronic which is the formula for success in Network Marketing. And I’m not surprised that this is the million dollar question! When a person wants to enter in this industry it is bombed by a quantity of messages containing information that makes them think that Network Marketing is a rich become faster. Messages as invest U$ S 30 and conviertelos in 1 million, earns thousands of dollars on automatic pilot, or pages web where displayed large mansions with 2 or 3 cars parked in their garages, the common sense of people make is totally cloud and people want to win those hundreds of thousands of dollars. TOMORROW. Network Marketing is an industry like any other industry, with its unique characteristics, and so it should be.

Compared with the construction industry, for example, I not could build a building that recurrent over time, that had the foundations firm and solid, because I’m not architect or engineer, don’t study for that. And being a Networker is a profession as being physician, architect, mechanical or any other. There are many successful Networkers who earn lot of money in this industry, but many people insist on only see the tip of the iceberg. Everything there is a job, study and lifelong learning for these results, and more important, the desire of being successful. If not there is this desire, nothing will be possible in this or any industry.

You have a business on the internet does not differ much to have a business street, we need to take care of it daily, occupy us acquire new customers, interact with people, carry out a marketing campaign to make our business successful and many things more. In short, working on it every day. So as you can see, and I think that many coincidiran with me, not just enough to register in the last and most wonderful online business. If you have the desire to be successful began to walk the path, but hara is missing you educate permanently, that you investigate every day, you think a strategy that takes you to the success you have this road map that will guide you through that Road. And it depends only on you. Don’t be afraid if you fail, we all failed at the beginning, but we learned from our mistakes. The Statistics say that 97% of people who try it in Network Marketing FALLAN. I must say that this is not true. 97% Of people who try it in Network Marketing ABANDONAN, because they don’t have the desire to be successful. Why preguntante: do you have what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing? If you think interesting this article, you can visit my blog where you will find more information about the MLM or contact me with any questions. Denis Antunez greetings.

Latin Tobacco

And if the choice of coal is no problem, the variety of flavors of tobacco often leads to confusion. If you do not know the preferences of the person to whom a gift is intended, you can stop on the option "two apples". His gentle neutral taste usually likes everyone. Hookah Accessories Hookah, offered in a colleague, boss or business partner could be just the first step in a series of VIP-gifts. By the next holiday you will not need to rack their brains over what to give.

Choose a stylish case, which will take a hookah with him at a campaign visit, a trip out of town or on vacation. And if you want not only to please, but pleasant surprise of the owner hookah, another gift you can make an electric coal. At home, the easiest option: enjoy fragrant smoke, so you do not want to interrupt, but an ordinary charcoal burns very quickly. Humidor say that those who have a hookah, will never return to normal smoking. However, true connoisseurs of cigars would not trade them for anything. If the person you are going to give a gift related to tobacco foodie, make him a pleasant surprise by presenting a real humidor. That word originating from the Latin humidus (wet), called a special box for storing cigars. Hand-rolled tobacco retains its flavor and aroma only when certain conditions – namely, at a humidity of 65-75%.

Humidors are designed to maintain the desired humidity regime. For these purposes, in a casket is a special device – the humidifier. In simple models it role cup and a sponge soaked with water, on the road – this is a complex electronic device that controls the humidity in the humidor and automatically includes finely divided spray. What to consider when choosing a humidor It is assumed that cigar connoisseurs stop at a grade of tobacco, but every rule there are exceptions. For those who like different cigars, better give a humidor, divided into several sections – not to smell mixed. Despite the fact that the box for storing cigars are made from different materials, the true connoisseurs of tobacco believe that the humidor must be made of wood, because it "breathes" and does not give cigars foreign taste. Smoking Accessories Humidor – VIP-an excellent gift that will be appreciated by lovers of luxury tobacco. But in addition there are large wooden boxes and compact covers, designed to wear with a cigar. They are made of leather or wood, and are not only a convenient device to prevent damage to the outer layer of cigars, but also a fashion accessory. And, of course, to any smoker handy handy ashtray. This can be a convenient device, the ashes from which shaken by pressing a special button, comfortable accommodation with a holder for cigars or simply beautiful in an unusual thing the form of statues, or perhaps a little Bullring. Successfully selected an ashtray necessarily "take hold" on the table, and its owner will often remember who gave this gift.

Business Travel

Tour operators, realizing that business tourism – it is not just one of the areas of individual tourism, and a separate niche tourist business, now what is called a horse. Modern managers do not have to worry about organizing a business trip. Professionals Business Travel turnkey program are foreign travel, take care of all arrangements for help with unforeseen situations. It should be noted that now the seminars, exhibitions and business meetings do not always take place in close and clear to European countries. Latin America and Africa confident pace infused into the world economy and are ready to offer economically developed countries a lot of interesting things. For the head of business tourism in such distant countries may be associated with additional problems.

Ignorance of local culture, language, traditions and business etiquette can put the head in an awkward position. For a business meeting is in principle unacceptable. People who go abroad on business, do not want to feel uncomfortable. Solutions in this area are often taken in Depending on how confident leader looks like he puts himself as defending the interests of his company. Confused and unsure of the representative of a large firm does not impress potential partners, so matters of business tourism can not forget about any details.

Modern tourism companies will be able to ensure a comfortable stay in developing countries and open them with the best hand. With their help, the journey will not only good for business, but also informative. Business travel can be combined with visits to various attractions, sightseeing, or recreation.