Five Levels Of Health

We all want to live – and live well. One of the clearest indicators of the level of life is our health. Understand the interest shown by health topic. Especially because there are different diseases. Our world is created on the principle cause-effect relationships. If there is a consequence of – disease, hence the reason.

And it is not necessarily obvious reason for this – otherwise we simply would eliminate the cause, and disease would not have been. I believe that the main cause of illness is a lie. Truth and lies intricately intertwined. And, depending on the ratio between lies and truth, we can distinguish five levels of health. 1.

There are people who do not want to live. Are criminals, drug addicts, suicides are crazy. Or consider dishonest politicians and businessmen, drug traffickers and their accomplices, as well as all those who do lie to their livelihood. Such people are dangerous to society. Wishing the death of himself and others, they hypocritically claim to fight for good, truth and justice. In a harsh winter is our small town shaken by a terrible tragedy. Two boys were in the family, one for 4 years, another 6 years. Mum was in hospital and his father, bringing children from a kindergarten, a well noted an upcoming event. Children romp, and a strict father threw them on the balcony and fell asleep. In the morning, slept, he rushed to look for children. Senior gave almost all his clothes younger. Both were frozen.

Customer Satisfaction

Just a few tricks Keep in mind that women are high consumers. The philosophy of Peter Frost, director of Rethink Pink magazine, is correct when he says that women spend 50% more than men. When purchasing any product, 80% of the decisions relate to them, and they are also ten times better than men to recommend a product. This page ensures that women are more predictable, and that makes them better, for example, to lead an advertising campaign. Women have a high potential for growth, and innovative ideas to share, making it easier for business performance. When starting a business very well think how you want to be remembered.

Identify your customer first, tastes, habits and needs. Next, think of the brand, which will become direct characterization at this point. Remember that the world is full of products. It is important to know what your product or service makes the consumer feel the key lies in the strength of the reason why. In can find, for example, how Scott Bedbury, creator of the successful "Just do it" Nike, managed to increase sales by 600%, thanks to its successful formula. With a short and simple was able to impress the sports lovers.

Now, Nike will always be remembered for its slogan "Just do it." Not believe that starting a business requires much capital. Remember that in the XXI century, it is possible to have a mobile office. Operate from anywhere in the world only needs a laptop computer and the Internet. The networking is a tool that should be always present. Through it, you can interact with other people on a personal level, and develop profitable relationships. It will help to form commercial partnerships with other women and share information that can lead to success. Gender differences in the business world there are still gender differences. In Europe and Asia is clearer the disconnect between men and women in Latin America and the Caribbean. Entrepreneurial activity has been greatest in middle-income countries, where "women have contributed significantly to economic growth." Men and women have different goals for the business. However, women have certain advantages. They listen better, usually looking for alternative ways for both parties, are concerned the needs and concerns of others, more easily achieve concrete agreement, for example. The feminine touch softens and improves relationships, showing interest in the client, or anyone involved. The details are always welcome and necessary in the business. Fawcett and Feministing are sites that try to explain that men and women can no longer exist that barrier. There are many ideas to share, and should be respected by equality. Through forums and discussions you can express ideas that perhaps bothersome to others. These pages open spaces where you can analyze, influence, and comment on various topics. They spread the importance of women in the commercial world, and defending the idea of a well-deserved space in the workplace. Competition is good, provided it is healthy. Note that men and women can and should form an irresistible combination of ideas, business, and experiences. If in their plans is to start a business, it would be important to form a group of leaders, men and women. Both could provide interesting insights and perspectives to a single project. Could generate mutually beneficial trade. Go ahead and build a society where they can develop their passions and projects, and explore new opportunities in the business world. Related Stories:

Ointment Osage

But do not throw pressed fruit. They also go into business. How do I take? Take tincture of Osage orange drops by the build-up. First week – once a day for three drops before meals. Second week – twice a day. Third – three times. Then each week in one of the techniques add an extra drop. A total of 10 drops per day.

The thirtieth week, turns 30 drops at a time three times a day. This dose is optimal for men thirty years of age or older. For people younger than the number of drops should be age appropriate. Now lowers the dose gradually in reverse order. One week – minus the one drop per day, until we reach three drops three times a day. Full course of treatment thus be a year and two months. Making a break for 1-2 months, then move on to receive preventive, if everything has already passed.

If the tumor not completely resorbed, making re-treatment. In most cases, a single course. Treatment with tincture of Osage orange can be combined with any other treatment. I will share another recipe. Take off Osage orange, finely cut and press the juice from them manually through the nylon. Then add the vodka of 20% of the volume of juice. A few days later, when the liquid split, gently draw it out a milky juice, and filter water-alcohol fraction. Nothing was thrown out. Everything is stored in the refrigerator. Liquid to take from 20 drops to 1 teaspoon for oncological 3-4 times a day. Can be taken for hypertension, weak capillary. Make an ointment from the Osage orange Of fresh lard prepares lard and put in a jar layers of 1.5 cm lard, then the fruit sliced into 1 cm thick first and the last layer – lard. Cover patch test and tormented in the oven or water bath for 24 hours. Decant into a jar, but so that there was no room for air. Tightly and store in a cool dark place. Bagasse grind in a meat grinder and store in freezer. Use for greasing cake burn wounds, hemorrhoids treatment and colon cancer, as well as lubricate stone growths on his feet. To use the ointment teaspoon Warms but the fire, and then spoon the hot scoop a piece of finished ointment. Ointment for the treatment of sinusitis heated to liquid state, but that was not hot, and instilled into the nose. Treatment lasted for 21 days twice a day, 12 hours later. Will come out mucus and pus. Then make a break for nine days, and if necessary repeat the treatment. When adenoids in children dropping to 10 days. Ointment Osage orange is also used to treat all of purulent diseases, abscesses, boils, boil. Has the effect of the antibiotic. If you mix ointment Osage orange fish oil and vitamin A, obtain drugs for osteoarthritis , disc herniation, as well as wear of the vertebrae. Metastases in the lungs of the ointment rubbed his chest and back, also use it with festering sores, tumors, necrotic wounds. Ointment cakes with more than without the cake. It is used even for treatment of anthrax. Cured up to three days. Also treat erysipelas, scabies, chilblains (need to change the ointment with butter Osage orange), skin cancer, burns, wounds that will not heal for a long time.

Administrative Sciences

Exigete much to yourself and expect little of others. So save yourself trouble. Confucius Any student of administrative science, even the schools themselves Body engaged in training, management training for graduates capable of becoming managers, business leaders, that the time this demand and ensure the success of the company's successful development where they provide services can not be ignored in life representing the management guru Peter Drucker. Exactly, you just completed on November 11 three years of his physical disappearance, being still in force many of its contributions in support of management science and its application in enterprises by a visionary management, proactive As reminds us Salibi Jose Neto Peter Drucker was born in Vienna in 1909. He was educated in Austria and England, and earned a doctorate in law at the University of Frankfurt. Between 1950 and 1971 he was professor of management at the Graduate School of Business at the University of New York.

Since 1971 he managed the department of Social Science at Claremont University in California (the university named its business school with its name in 1987). Delivered lectures on Oriental art at Pomona College, and was also Professor of Politics and Economics at Bennington College in Vermont. In addition to devoting much of his life to teaching, Drucker was a consultant for large and small businesses, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and institutions, community service and worked for government agencies of the United States, Canada and Japan. You can not ignore the fact that, acknowledged that his profile is not the Economist, or executive, his main interest is people.


The most powerful advantage you have to buy a second hand car is really the economic thing are their prices in relation to one obtained from a dealer. Then for those who wish to have a car and do not have the money to do so, because remove boasts savings of which has and invest them in a cheap car and second hand that after making him a proper review and test before paying for it, also like new cars also have your warranty although by less time, finally the possibilities that today in day are offered thereon no why they missed them. References can be obtained from living sources, i.e. of those who have already tried to have one and so far the car has left them in perfect condition, can take advice from one or another person, of magazines for this purpose. There are many serious virtual guides that can guess as to the whereabouts of this vehicle that both want to buy. As said it the acquisition of one of these means of transport is due mainly economic in which are presented in the Spanish market, following the use which had by its previous owners, damaged and even you can run with the fate dealt a virtually new vehicle than its owner simply he put in for sale because he found the way to acquire another more preferential.

And do not put into question, the conditions by which many second-hand cars are for sale is not due to failures as such, in many cases they are related to how obtained it previously, vehicles that owners put in for sale to collect more money and complete to purchase another. And this is the opportunity that you should not miss in your life. Taking into account a number of recommendations for a business of this magnitude such as a prior revision of automotive machinery, details upholstery that you are aware of fix in the future, considering that such investment will not nor exceed the cost of a new car, elements and accessories original or properly installed, ignition of the car, Windows in perfect condition, if you have or no air conditioning or heating and any other details you must know perfectly. Another advantage is that relating to the use you intend giving that vehicle, as if we would be talking about a truck second hand it is because this is needed for any type of load or work according to its functions, however, should consider that it may not bring it to perform the functions 100% than one new agencyi.e. you can use it as an auxiliary truck that helps you somehow raise their income following the inclusion of this. Now if we talk about an auto occasion, is because its purpose is precisely to do so, to spend on those occasional situations in which you want to offer a presentation of luxury without having others in knowledge value paid for it. Because its physical characteristics will say the opposite to the mileage that it has on your marker. These vehicles you will find them at prices really economic in both dealerships intended for such purposes as you can also buy a second hand car particularly in that from one moment to another its owner decided to REList it. You should take the characteristics you mentioned into account when making their purchase in either of these two ways.

Proactive Universities

Our reward is in the effort and not on the result, a full effort is full victory. Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela currently requires universities to commit to learn the challenges, changes, more now, that they operate in a turbulent scenario, which requires a new educational management who knows how to deal with the threats and opportunities arising from the actions of the current Government, bent on a socialist revolution which allows to integrate more Venezuelans and step to equitysocial justice which considers has been lost from many years ago. Given this embarrassing reality, steeped in turmoil, uncertainty, risk, uncertainty, national universities, especially public ones, must decide, make more proactive participation, rescue his very controversial academic excellence, express their views, provide solutions to the serious problems faced by some sectors, as the business, which has given way to a serious decline in his productivity leading to the country is becomes more dependent on imports that of exports, to the fact that many companies no longer operate, giving way to an inflationary crisis which has become more expensive costs, deteriorating the quality of life of the Venezuelan. Should universities generate changes, necessary feedback in favor of its operation, ensuring the education and training of professionals according to the skills that are demanded today in order to provide solutions, functions that encourage organizations, institutions where they work according to their specialties. They must have a more dynamic role and participate more actively to issues that often arise from the actions of the Government, know also seize the opportunities, weaknesses of this, integrate into the programmes of Government in such a way, that collaborate with the human talent that has to end make appropriate plans according to the requirements of the current international scenarios, openings which the Government has initiated with its new foreign trade policy should universities as he points out Dr. Rafael Rangel, rector of the ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico, designing curricula that drive these strategic productive sectors, creating functional and transferable social development programmes, i.e., that can be applied by different bodies, according to the needs that face, in addition to the universities to decide at each moment what you want to do and how to do take into account, who says Barry Schneider, who must be a University of knowledge and knowledge, and proactive, to reflect and improve society, but remained autonomous.