Month: December 2015

Five Levels Of Health

We all want to live – and live well. One of the clearest indicators of the level of life is our health. Understand the interest shown by health topic. Especially because there are different diseases. Our world is created on the principle cause-effect relationships. If there is a consequence of – disease, hence the reason.…

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Customer Satisfaction

Just a few tricks Keep in mind that women are high consumers. The philosophy of Peter Frost, director of Rethink Pink magazine, is correct when he says that women spend 50% more than men. When purchasing any product, 80% of the decisions relate to them, and they are also ten times better than men to…

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Ointment Osage

But do not throw pressed fruit. They also go into business. How do I take? Take tincture of Osage orange drops by the build-up. First week – once a day for three drops before meals. Second week – twice a day. Third – three times. Then each week in one of the techniques add an…

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