Month: June 2016

Inventive Principles

Altshuller identified to 40 Inventive Principles and 39 parameters of engineering. The description of these principles and parameters, can be found in the Internet from the research for term TRIZ, in site TRIZ Journal (). Since its formularization in middle of century 20, the TRIZ evolved incorporating some concepts and used tools to support the…

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Unit Retail

For this, they had needed to transfer to third those activities that not they added value (as it was the case of the organization, expedition and shipment) and to incorporate others that throughout the time had become strategical (the example the services of assembly and installation of the item). To follow these changes, the sector…

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Presidential Elections

Therefore, while we will not talk about the outcome of the 2nd round, look a little further – in March, April, in the summer of 2010. He managed to get after the inauguration five years ago, Viktor Yushchenko? Power with a high GDP, two open-path motion, as in east and west, supporting most of the…

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