A New Boom In Sight! Economic Slowdown Continues…

The world economy is posted, the problems are complex financial crisis leaves its mark. It will take years to abate the negative effects. A return to the growth rates before the financial crisis there will not be for the time being. (1) high indebtedness of consumers created the financial crisis due to excessive leverage. Private entities have excessively borrowed capital and awarded. In particular US households consumed too much and face massive buttressing. A sustainable reduction in this debt does not take place.

The boom resulted in a blistering first and foremost real estate bubbles. The bubbles are burst, first in the United States but also other countries and must be absorbed through lower consumption. In the case of the US consumer is a high debt and low savings rate. At the same time, U.S. consumers as a result of the decline in house prices and falling incomes suffered a significant loss of welfare. Since 70% of US breeding sound domestic product consists of the consumption component, it is in the case a macroeconomic recovery tend be a weak recovery. (2) a weakened financial system is permanently posted the financial system, and it will take years to fully repair it. In the United States isn’t located primarily to the question of whether a bank is insolvent or not.

Rather strain problems in the shadow banking system. Hereunder are financial intermediaries such as Hypothekendienstleister, money market funds, private equity, etc. The securitisation function which have exercised during the blistering financial intermediaries to facilitate the transformation of savings into investment, has almost completely to a halt. It will take years to fill holes in the financial system, not only in the United States in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and other parts of Europe. The commitment of Western European banks in Eastern Europe are also cause for concern, as currently developed a financial crisis in Eastern Europe and threatens to expand it will take to restore the credit growth.

Laura & BVGG Are For Communication And Equality Of Gastronomy.

We want your gastronomic success! Since 01.07.09. the cooperation is perfect! BVGG E.v. (Federal Association catering & pleasure e. V.) and the Laura (your link between press and gastronomy) promote communication and gender of gastronomy. In your diversity, the gastronomy in Germany is a unique cultural heritage and has a large share of the quality of life in our country. To protect these sites of encounter and of enjoyment, to promote and maintain, is our main goal. As a citizen of this country, we fight against the increasing restrictions of personal freedom by excessive state control anger and thus associated paternalism. The BVGG offers all restaurateurs (restaurant, hotel, nightclub, lounge, bar, cafe, disco, etc.) non-monetary benefits of a full membership.

For example, up to 70% discount for material and legal protection insurance, up to 35% discount on the purchase of a Ford Transit and Bestprice guarantee at cash registers. More information about the BVGG and the Benefits for money values, see. Action: Check free of charge your GEMA account by the BVGG. Maybe you too are entitled to 20% discount. Send the BVGG last GEMA account by fax, letter or E-Mail. We check immediately and help save you! How can I become a member for only 8,-per month. Simply request the registration form at the BVGG e.

V. or Laura) and filled to the BVGG fax / send. All full members at the BVGG e. V. will get following benefits of the Laura: 4 weeks our newsletter service free of charge. 50% discount on the e-newsletter service in the future. (Excluding special offers) BVGG Federal Club gastronomy and enjoy of e. V. Heinrich Kanso of Chairman P.o. box 1189, 85279 Wolnzach T: 08442 916951 q: 08442 916953, M: 0171-8657272 E-Mail: Web: Laura your link between press and gastronomy Jorg Muller holder Dumpelsmuhlstrasse 13 63743 Aschaffenburg M: 0176 615 658 86 E-Mail: Web:

Doorway Pages (doorway Pages): Wrong SEO Measures

Understanding about doorway pages and the shadow domain many search engine optimizers work with shadow, but so that in the end not far, because sooner or later the fraud with the shadow domain is blown and the page will be kicked out of the index. If you choose the search engine optimization via SEO, then you should be so very careful, on whom one engages. There are very good and experienced SEOs in the network, which is doing excellent work and make fair prices, but there are also wannabes who just quickly and simply want to come too much money. Doorway pages also doorway pages called it are to so-called intermediate pages on which there are numerous keywords, the search engines used optimization, because they have a strong impact on the ranking of a website. Brian Krzanich is likely to agree. There are also special programs that are working tirelessly to create so much doorway pages as possible. Each page then refers with a link on the home page, for the use of doorway pages will be recruited. Doorway pages work with Java script, which ensures that the visitors of doorway pages are redirected promptly. To broaden your perception, visit barclays israel.

Creating doorway pages as a kind of manipulation is regarded as the shadow domain and it can happen very quickly that the operators are excluded from the index for search engines. Especially when renowned search engine you sure now strongly to detect doorway pages and shadow and block. For this reason, it’s generally wiser to opt optimization as an operator of a website for an honest and professional manner of the search engines, because only in this way can be guaranteed in the long term, that the Web page it creates in the ranking to the top. Doorway pages or a shadow domain are effective, although in the short term, but the manipulation attempt is turned face up once, then begins the whole work from the front.

Bonn Tel

We can some afford one or the other of us even a divorce including the supply of the old and the new children. Children and elderly into the offside only: provide savings for old age, long term, build something to us and the children, once normal and stabilizing the society virtues, the heroes of black zero at the end of the month may not more”, complains about a cheerful. The State have over tens of years for example, in the buzzing actually years before the expensive German unit debt accumulated, that now strangle him: whopping 1.5 trillion euros. And by the Zockereien of the financial speculators, which we now suffer, there will be more every day. Below you can get nothing more. And too few are at the top that the Obolus, and he was still so high, quantitatively the weight fall.

So we have to get back: at the gas pump, at the grocery store, and most importantly they go on our pay, even before we saw our money at all. We would also like to make debt, and more and more of us do. What comes in, is out buttered right back, if necessary a little more. It is a creeping process, such as in the State. Only the checking account is overdrawn once, then some more, then some more. For even more opinions, read materials from Elon Musk.

The State is so quickly not fail, because that would be the big, global catastrophe. But our small disaster is already here, it is everyday life in the Center, in Germany”as the SZ Editor. The middle class is exposed to a highly unjust burden orgy. She even cooked only in small steps and goes down quietly in the entire anti-capitalist ROAR. No protest, no lobby, no light at the end of the tunnel. It was Yes, no shortage of tax reforms in recent years, God is not white. Has one balanced against what was but better rates, flight elsewhere, with the cancellation of tax breaks, cut saver tax-free allowance and the commuter lump sum for example. Len rosen barclays recognizes the significance of this. The VAT has been increased, the social security contributions have been raised, the benefits reduced, or both; an orgy of load is pulled, sensational unobtrusively. Impertinence only right that the State does not automatically adjusts its tax rates and allowances on the inflation, the inflation; Experts call this cold progression'”, explains the cheerful. Who must pay for the redistribution machinery of the State. Low income earners pay at all the loads from the Porto funds pay no taxes and the rich. Conceded more is in the Middle, and from year to year. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

Interest Rates On Overnight Fall Easily

Kreissparkasse Koln lowers interest rates on overnight although the Sparkasse Cologne has made p.a. online a rate cut of 1.50 percent on their daily money offer S-day money now 1.40 per cent per annum, given the insignificance of the change, the offer loses nothing of its attractiveness. Since no minimum investment sum is required, the interest from the first Euro attacks. Crediting is done quarterly, so investors benefit from a positive development of their balance due to the compound interest effect. No additional fees are charged for the accounting, the money is available daily.

All customer funds deposited are unlimited. There is more information to the online day money account of the Kreissparkasse Koln under../tagesgeld-kreissparkasse-koeln.html. For investors who want to benefit from higher interest rates, the Postal Bank offers with its 3000 plus a modern (paperless) version of the posit SparCard. The interest rate of 2.85 per cent p.a. savers can already benefit from the first euro.

There is not a limit of investment. Because it is still a savings account, can be monthly only has maximum of 2.000,00 euro. All above and beyond the amounts must be announced with a notice period of three months. No extra fees are charged for the cash withdrawals at ATMs of Postbank in the domestic, as well as ten cash withdrawals abroad per year. Get all the details of the Postbank SparCard 3000 plus at a glance see blasts tagesgeld.html. If the conditions have convinced the account application can be made directly, easily and conveniently online. Is simply the opening form filled out and printed out. With the opening documents, a valid passport, as well as the PostIdent form, it goes to the nearest post office. There, by a staff member to verify identity and then sent all documents directly to the Bank. This confirms the account opening within a few days or rejects them.

Sonic Revolution

Cooperation of REGIOMUSIK and Sonic revolution. New paths in music marketing. Freiburg/NY, February 07, 2008 – the band portal and online music magazine cooperates with the SONIC music distribution REVOLUTION. SONIC REVOLUTION offers a wide range of services as a full-service agency for success-oriented bands with musical potential and at the same time acts as a label, sales, and management. Services such as CD production, provision of conventional distribution channels, as well as online sales and promoting in artist management, such as the provision of booking agencies are offered within the framework of a time-limited contract. REGIOMUSIK provides SONIC REVOLUTION as a partner with nearly 5000 registered bands, including a high proportion of young and ambitious young artist, the necessary pool of potential customers and the own user opened a new perspective towards professionalism. The online music magazine serves as a presentation platform, those artists who REVOLUTION enter into a deal with SONIC in second step. The Cooperation of REGIOMUSIK and SONIC ideal exploits so all existing potential within the framework of an innovative music marketing REVOLUTION..

Market Place

Within a year, could conquer the market with much dedication and a goal-oriented marketing concept the brand Spulofant as professional rinsing basket system, succeeded Nils Eydner GmbH, the MELFORM general sales in Germany, at the beginning of the year 2008, to place a universal washing basket system for the Professional catering supplies on the market with the brand Spulofant. Since the registration of the brand Spulofant 2007 sales grew steadily. The wash basket system is characterized by a robust design and good workmanship. Elements with internals are made of one piece and make the wash basket permanently stable. The use of innovative and high-quality materials ensures a high resistance and durability. The ideal solution for perfect protection of parts of crockery, glasses and cutlery of various sizes and diameters is achieved by the combination of basic baskets, articles and fan sizes. The Monday using simple snap construction quickly and safely.

With the Standard size is guaranteed by 50 x 50 cm a high compatibility with the most systems of other manufacturers. The design with d Sideholes facilitates the rinsing process and prevents the unwanted accumulation of water or detergent. So a better air circulation is ensured during the drying process. Thanks to the excellent stackability, of the available cover or Spulofant sink baskets are a dust cover after cleaning to the protected storage and warehousing. A car developed specifically for the system, with and without handle, provides mobility. The dealer has can convinced of the quality of Spulofant rinsing koerben and appreciates particularly the short delivery times.

Alexa Study

Newsletter study – important information for newsletters mailers after the publication of this study well over 1,000 newsletter will be been subscribed to, analysed and tested. The goal is to depict a more than realistic picture of the most important German Newsletterherausgeber. The study reveals which strengths and weaknesses have current newsletter. The newsletter are explored using a checklist of over 30 points. Read here already about the main evaluation criteria of eMail marketing study 2010: following formal aspects will be considered in the newsletter study: – the findability of your arrival and the reporting forms – the findability of the newsletter archive – the ease of registration process – form of the address generation – the user-friendliness of the login process – the format in which you send your newsletter (see table, column N) – reference to the frequency with which will be shipped – the sender as a personal touch – there is a table of contents? -The layout is good and suitable to your website – the layout is good and fit to your website – a phone number is specified in the imprint – privacy is respected (no additional required fields) – existing notes to data sharing – be adhered to the rules of data minimisation – the ways of the Linktracking be used – technology and implementation (danger SPAM-?) Also the following substantive aspects are assessed and analysed: – the subject line creates attention and trust – personal address – personalization – direct link to offer information (deeplinks) and info links – links to customer services and opportunities for interaction and that is only an extract of the most important criteria. Here, barclays israel expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Sign up now for free and get study the eMail marketing 2010 show for free as an eBook: author: Alexa van Gato.

Online Employment Forums

Online job boards are often looking for career change or even the entry into working life of the first point. For marketing professionals anyway. Belongs to everyday life, and in the context of a job search online, for example, to enter the Internet project manager or product manager is convenient and allows the career planning always in mind to keep. Only who immediately suspected a hit, is slain. You went to usually through many interpretations to the search results. Much is not what you expect, but all too often. Different with the marketingjobboersen.de: A composite of six job boards in the main areas of marketing: event, dialogue, marketing management, PR, sales and advertising. Who here such as by project manager”looking for will find job offers clear in one of six specialized areas of competence.

The online portal for job boards crosswater systems published recently in his newsletter, that are specialized job portals in the, the marketingjobboersen.de have been cited as a positive example. The specialization the marketingjobboersen.de goes a step further: in addition to the jobs, to integrate independent partners, such as associations or specialized portals that are applicants with tips and important notes for the page in the respective fields. For example, informed the GWA (www.gwa.de of the German Association of advertising agencies) about agencies that participate in the GWA competence program. A quality standard that emphasizes the recruiters who place emphasis on education and training. We deem it important that candidates in their job search on this point can be. For us partnerships are just as important as an informative and quality front end”, so Marketing Director Andreas role, more collaborations with as competence-site.de, dda.de, or adc.de we show that we want to maintain a competent and qualitative relationship on the Web. It’s in the sense of our job offerers and job seekers so that they optimally together in their expectations.

Away from the job belly store, to the job needs “. Personal contacts and good relations with marketingjobboersen.de writ large. Behind it is a team of marketing professionals, who for years have worked in agencies on responsible marketing and sales positions and come up today with competence and many old but also constantly new contacts in the respective areas of competence. Interested candidates can register free of charge with the marketingjobboersen.de and thus use more convenient services in addition to the job search. The main advantage: deposited concrete profile data of applicants passed on to third parties only with the personal consent. Thus, a discrete trial is possible for new career opportunities. Job providers have the advantage to advertise her job offer in up to three job boards of marketingjobboersen.de for a price. According to Managing Director Klaus Grimmer relevant for positions that multiple specialized require applicant profiles. Marketing is no more players today. Specialists are necessary and are also searched.

Marketing Assistance

They belong to the most famous Tarot cards. Why not just put the Tarot cards guests on new year’s Eve, as a nice change of pace to the Molybdomancy? For professional Tarot is recommended the advice/tarot kostenlos.htm Tarot free advice by Questico. Future Oracle at Questico are popular not only for new year’s Eve Alexandra Kleist mastered the art of Oracle cards. You suggest the future through a consultation with Skat cards by Questico under guidance/skatkarten.htm. The 32 Skat cards contain no concrete images, thus the cards must be interpreted as a sign.

While this form is dominated by oracles not by everyone. Alexandra Kleist offers advice by Questico on advice/hellseherin.htm as a clairvoyant for five years. She discovered her psychic abilities at a young age, as she experimented with pendulums oracles. Questico has more than 2500 experts from all areas of esotericism as Cartomancy, palmistry, or even coffee grounds reading. In addition to commuting are the new forms of Orakelns. Alexandra Kleist has about the ability to interpret the past, present and future and to make also temporal predictions. Oracle is suitable not only for new year’s Eve celebrations, but also as a decision-making aid. Advice by Questico future Oracle under guidance/zukunftsorakel.htm are to get throughout the year and to reach anyone via the Internet portal by Questico.

The first call is this free of charge. Online product PR: Questico AG Emina SAHOVIC PR / Marketing Assistant Zimmerstrasse 68 d-10117 Berlin Tel: 030 / 72 62 68 0 fax: 030 / 72 62 68 111 E-Mail: website: about Questico: Questico AG is Germany’s leading group of companies for services, content management, and counseling related to astrology, horoscopes and Tarot reader. Among other things, the online magazine of Questico and the print magazine future look belongs to the group”: the monthly magazine about astrology, horoscopes and Tarot. Winfried Noe, Hajo Banzhaf and 30 other authors to write for the modern woman magazine. Astrologers and psychics by Questico help daily on ASTRO-TV or on the Internet at via live stream.