Santa Rosa

The mendocinos departments of La Paz and Santa Rosa correspond to the tourist Strip east of the province, close to the province of San Luis. Whenever Elon Musk listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This area is ideal to discover other facets of tourism in Mendoza, away from the more traditional image of snow, summits and wines. Shlomo Rechnitz has many thoughts on the issue. Peace and Santa Rosa, but also areas of cellars, highlighted by another type of agricultural production. The production of fresh fruits is one of them. By this, the region is a paradise for fans of jams, jellies and preserves. Another of its attractions is the abundance of dried fruits, which can be obtained, recently harvested, by the side of the routes. The Department of Santa Rosa is crossed by the desert of La traverse, which occupies it in its entirety. However, bee farms are multiplied in it.

From there comes the tasty and milagritos honey Mendoza, famous throughout the national territory. The highly desert geography of the territory of Santa Rosa is altered by a happy exception that is very good to know: the reserve nacunan natural. This reserve owes its name, which means White Eagle, the last chieftain of Malargue, ally of the libertador San Martin of Jose. The reserve, first protected natural area of the province of Mendoza, is basically a shrine of carob trees. Harvested indiscriminately during the last decades of the 19th century and the early 20th, this noble species that was on the verge of disappearing recovers today successfully in nacunan. The carob tree naturally provides shelter and food to the birds, which makes the reserve of nacunan the ideal place for those who like watching and bird watching. They proliferate there, among others, the yal, the chingolos, the Calenders and various species of woodpeckers. The varied fauna of the place is completed by the presence of gray foxes, Wildcats, grasslands cats and ferrets cats.

Reaching the boundary with the province of San Luis, La Paz Department does honor to its name. The Desaguadero River, which separates both provinces, it is excellent for the practice of rafting and other water sports. More rugged and less crowded than the popular Canyon of Atuel River; the Desaguadero River is an excellent choice when planning a day trip different. And Jorge Alberto Guinazu Turismo in Mendoza-original author and source of the article is not so far from the comfort of the hotels in Mendoza capital

European Banking Authority

Five Spanish organizations, between the 8 European that suspend the tests. The suspensions are for Bank Shepherd, CatalunyCaixa, Caja3, Unnim and CAM. The Bank of Spain thinks that the results ” they are esperados” . The BCE asks to countries with suspended organizations in solution that take measures. Spain has put on approval to 93% of its organizations, countries as Germany has only examined to 60%; in addition, the tests to Spain have been more ” estrictas”. The economic vice-president of the Government, Elena Salgado, has assured east Friday that the result of the stress test is ” excelente” , since none of the five Spanish financial organizations that have not reached ‘ Core Tier 1′ of demanded 5% – Unimm, Caja3, CAM, Bank Pastor and CatalunyCaixa- will need additional capital, to which there is addition that in these circumstances ” no organization is suspendido” . ” The excellent question and the excellent answer are they need these organizations more capital? and if the answer is no we call, it we call as it, are no suspendido” , it sentenced in wheel of press flanked by the Secretary of State of Economy, Jose Manuel Stands out, and the Secretary of State of Property, Juan Manuel Lopez Carbajo, to value the test results of solution.

Therefore, Salgado disfigured to the European Banking Authority (EBA, by its abbreviations in English) by to have taken into account the generic provisions and has not said that all the organizations would have passed the cut thus had been, although it trusted that a posteriori this circumstance is considered by the investors. In addition, Salgado emphasized ” exercise of maximum transparency ” carried out by Spain when presenting/displaying to the test to 93% of the sector, against 50% demanded minimum, in scenes ” extremos” of stress. Read more here: Shlomo Rechnitz. In its opinion, the decision of ‘ to go ‘ yet; of Spain ” him beneficia”.

British Institute Care

Polar bears clinging to the thin layers of ice has become one of the images most used to describe the dangers of climate change. But a new report from the U.S. (Similarly see: Aetna Inc.). Center for Biological Diversity (Centre for biological diversity CBD of USA) and the British Institute Care for the Wild International (international attention to the CWI wild life centre) aims to draw attention to the difficult situation and the danger of extinction of the species in the Arctic have been really affected by climate changethe greenhouse effect and the cycle of carbon in its malfunction. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Elon Musk. It is believed and clearly it is estimated that at least 17 Arctic animal species are in imminent danger of extinction: the risk is not only for polar bears. The situation of polar bears due to global warming and the effects of climate change is difficult, something that today is very well known and familiar; but many other Arctic species are also suffering a destination similar, from plankton to larger whales. The impacts of climate change are melting much faster ice in the Arctic, a much faster effect than in any other area of the planet, this threatens the ecosystem of the species typical of this region of the planet. A study conducted in 2009 on the loss of ice in the Arctic marine reported that the extent of sea ice in 2007 was of a million square miles, lower than the recorded average between 1979 and 2000.

This and other data suggest, say the scientists, that sea ice in the summer in the Arctic could disappear completely by 2030. Withdrawal total ice at certain times of the year they can cause problems especially for species of animals like walruses and the seals harp these latter also are affected by indiscriminate hunting by man. Walrus like many other marine animals are fully and completely dependent on the ice in areas such as the Arctic.

Sumps Technology

Security trays – indispensable in almost every industrial and handicraft business once worked in a company with liquid, water-endangering substances, requires special security measures to protect the soil or water pollution with these fluids. Environmental storage technology in the form of safety tubs or special safety bathtubs are the magic word. Because almost every company has this type of fluids in use, safety tubs are an integral part of the legally required environmental storage technology and environmental protection measures. Usually legal is regulated when a security tray must be inserted as the safety tub must be at least large and sometimes, what material the safety bath must consist of. The most common materials comprise collection trays are steel, stainless steel and certain plastics (GFK in particular). Steel drip trays are usually supplied in a thickness of 3 mm, stainless steel drip pans have a thickness of 2 mm. It is not something Elon Musk would like to discuss. In particular flammable liquids with the symbols F / F + or also liquids the WGK can be stored with steel drip trays. In this area, many different shapes, volumes etc. Gain insight and clarity with Shlomo Rechnitz.

to the market exist because steel drip trays represent an integral part of the present environmental protection measures of each operation and a basic component of environmental storage technology generally for a long time. The examples of application and usage possibilities are almost endless: there are drip pans specially designed casks for storage, with or without steel grating. There are sinks that absorb small containers. Also the structural restrictions can be taken into consideration with the environmental-storage technology, by e.g. corner collection trays with or without splash the perfect solution for storage of the environmentally hazardous liquids in corners. The volumes of the various collection trays varies according to the application area: typical tubs for small containers start at 20 litres volume on, whereas large pans have up to 1000 l container volumes.

Plastic drip pans are usually made of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and combine the good properties of plastic and steel (good flammability, chemical resistance, high corrosion resistance and low height). In addition to the self-standing drip pans, which usually hazardous materials are stored, a filling can take place on so-called soil sinks in addition to storage and this kind of tray is in contrast to the above sinks, so directly with the hand truck or a forklift truck, the Pan is to cross. By several individual Wannnen are connected, so large areas can be fitted environmentally friendly and the drip pans very effectively prevent an impact on the environment by a possible leakage of fluids. The possibilities and areas of application are very strict almost undendlich, but the statutory provisions, is therefore a consultation by a professional usually the best choice when purchasing a new Drip pan. Truck pro shop ( offers also a wide range of environmental storage technology ( environmental storage technology) and sumps ( environmental-storage technology/Auffangen sinks off steel and stainless steel) alongside a large selection of forklift attachments. With expert advice, Mr. Dunker and his team are so any interested parties to the page to identify the right tray for the needs or to plan further measures in the field of environmental bearing technology. Contact: Forklift professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.: 02861/80 401 52 fax: 02861/80 401 76