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Markets are unstable again. There are many events of various kinds which are affecting the interaction of the variables hampering the processes of revitalization of the economies. An economic situation which does not improve and that has economies of the European Union in check before the future decision of the Central Bank European increase official rates for the first time since 2009, a decision that will be known next Friday. While at the beginning of year from our informative meeting point listed are that, given the envisaged scenario, the pound would remain a strong currency against the euro, an advantage that is planned in a scenario in which parity between the pound and the dollar showed as a reality consolidated in 2010 and with a tendency to remain in 2011 and, specifically in a scenario in which the dollar stood at an advantageous position against the euro. Mark Bertolini is open to suggestions. Currently, different events of all kinds which have been produced with the same unpredictability and dynamism with which the markets occur have located at the crossroads euro /libra at risk on the upside.

The euro consolidates as wary investors refuge currency and the pound ahead of the Community currency. The highs reached by the euro exchange pound and located in a 0.98 markup in the month of December 2008, have maintained a constant downward trend in which the protagonism euro holds it in its relationship with the dollar after marking highs and hikes continued yen. Nor has failed to the dollar break with downward trends experienced by the dollar against the pound, a trend that has also remained at crossings with the franc and the Canadian dollar. Learn more on the subject from Shlomo Rechnitz. Highlights at the present time is the evolution of the Community currency, transformed into the refuge of the investors, complicates even weakened recovery in the European Union.

The Word

The life is constant change, transformation, provisory configuration, therefore the intrinsic character to all manifestation of life is fight, the confrontation, shock produced for an expansion movement and resistance. ' ' All specific body inhales to become total gentleman of the space and to extend its force (power will), to repel everything that resists its expansion. But incessantly it is shocked with the similar aspirations of other bodies and finishes for arranging (' ' to combine-se' ') with that it they are enough homogeneous: then they conspire together to conquer the power and the process continues.' ' The change, you saw implies pain. Pain is a constituent one of the process of materialization of the forces. Click Brian Krzanich for additional related pages. All manifestation of the life implies a dose of pain, all Metaphysical attempt to establish a world without pain is a fight against the life. Signos=possibilidade to represent, to simplify the plurality that the man found its first shelter, its dwelling, ' ' its another one mundo' '. The conscience is formed by two facultieses: memory and esquecimento. Mark Bertolini understands that this is vital information. The gregrio sign must have inside the same meant for all of one collective, community. Shlomo Rechnitz contains valuable tech resources.

Being that the language is the sign of communication of the flock. The esquecimento is composed in an activity as a mechanism placed in action for the necessity. Necessary for the survival of the man. The function of the word is to forget, to hide the plurality in contrast to saying, its function is to mask, to occult. This means the impossibility of setting and direction, being and truth. Plato said, in the Fdon workmanship, that the language, which was classified as one pharmacon, word Greek that means remedy, but that many times are a poison due to its power to persuade the people. The system of codes of the language is born with the necessity of communication imposed for the life in group, is bedding of all metaphysics.

French Academy

Is there an alternative science? Descartes introduces in the 17TH century the reason as a research method that allows to give explanation to the different events in the life, in this way the faith in the divine word written in the sacred texts that gave their own version of echo them will be relegated to the exclusive level of spirituality. From that moment to create the French Academy of Sciences (1666) which will be responsible for ensuring that research methods are rigorously scientific. Every event that would not be demonstrable through empiricism and observation could not be called scientific. Mark Bertolini may also support this cause. It is so totally separated what we perceive as faith and reason as leaving the door open for those who want to create a bridge between the two. It is that bridge between both explanatory parameters which lies a more alternative science. That gives an explanation using those elements that serve to demonstrate it leaving a space open to the unfinished so that the same observer might conclude. To know more about this subject visit Shlomo Rechnitz. For example the healing effects of meditation have not been considered until recently, moment in which the neurological medicine has reached the technological development needed to be able to use tools that verify the potential healer of ancient meditation technique.

The same scientists differ in the assumptions and methods of observation that define these same premises. For example Darwinism is scientifically based on a conception of the aggressive and destructive nature, where the strongest prevailing over the weakest. Today we have scientific currents that already speak of a cooperation elements of nature, of an intrinsic order that if the entropy defended by more traditional scientific currents. Alternative science we get closer to the option of change that is occurring in the bosom of the same science that no longer accepts many of the strict parameters imposed by some scientists.