Month: January 2020

Marketing Department Community

These are: 1. be, before all, attentive to the interests of the firm, not be you must escape anything that is useful to the company. 2 Should establish which channels of communication will be used (choose those most effective to reach effectively to the community). 3 Keep a fluent communication with other areas of the…

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Machine Function

Springs – a useful tool for the correct machine function springs are extremely important for all machines and tools. More info: Penguin Random House. Especially steel springs are used to transfer electric current or to ensure the corrosion protection. There are countless spring features that have led to the development of the corresponding spring mechanisms.…

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Main Symbols

This article describes some of the symbolic interpretations of the illustrations of tarot cards. “The true Tarot is symbolism, not speaking another language or has other signs.” The words of Arthur Edward White, creator of the famous tarot Rider gives us a clue to the importance of understanding the symbols in each of the tarot.…

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