31st Century Prophecies

Futurology Sci-fi?: The year 3001, the human race has evolved in ways that in the 21st century could not have been understood, quantum computers can create virtual environments and manifest them in reality (3D), these devices allow for nanotechnology display example and lead a paradise of the mind to the reality that instantly environment not only mentally but physically, something more advanced than that developed teleportation a few centuries ago, for travel between place and place on the same level that still is used for daily transportation on Earth, there’s no countries as they are known today, they are now called states and there is one representative of the Earth (President) at the Confederation of the multiverse, you can now travel from one galaxy to another through dimensional portals mutations have been some species have become extinct while new ones have appeared, the Earth now receives as tourists to beings from other worlds and universes, which also to a mixture of races orginado between people from different worlds and universes, if you could call “Business” the most popular activity is the management of leisure, in fact what we in the 21st century is called job is as the equivalent of a distraction, hobby or occupational therapy, as everything can create and bringing it to the 4th the 5th dimension, people “work” for fun, does not need anything in return for their work because everything can be created from “nothing” “vacuum” medical practice is through quantum devices that transform energy the body, so the enfemedades have been completely eradicated, there is always risk of viruses from lower worlds energetic, but vaccines are now fields of energy (shields) that are installed by a specialist in the aura of people and filtering and transmutes all forms of negative energy, technology is so incredible that it is as if you try to explain to someone from the middle ages what the internet in the 21st century, you would burn in green wood, so I better here stop and I hope to share more in upcoming episodes disclosures, I remember Charles Darwin, who once said: species that will survive in the future will not be the smartest or the strongest but they have greater flexibility to adapt to changes. until the next entrega..