When we forget product and customer and only think about the benefits it is when we enter fully into this anti-pattern. In fact, for many people, too many I would say, that they are in this business, the product and the customer are only an evil necessary you have to spend to earn money. The damage you’re doing this type of people in this sector will require much time and effort many to try to recover a balance and a prestige that has disappeared again. When you have a company you want to make money with it, that is not the problem, but the shape or the method used to achieve it, which if it moves product and customer, unless you have very good contacts, may produce a few reasonable short-term, perhaps to medium, but disastrous long-term results. The benefit must be the result of believing in the product that is developed and in achieving customer satisfaction, that benefit attracts more profit.

Another type of practices, have devalued our sector, with prices trash which favors precisely who makes rubbish, what we have to ask ourselves is if We want to continue developing waste or we want to actually do accounting and grow with the same software. Orientation to the product quality and customer satisfaction requires first of all a firm belief in the goals are achieved based on the systematic fulfillment of that goal and second to break the barriers of the prices junk there to compete through a great productivity of project teams (productivity is not equal to more hours(, productivity is to be efficient) whose fuel is staff with talent, involved with the idea of the company, involved with the product, involved with the client’s satisfaction, motivated and process resources, training, methodological and architecture allowing you to do more with less. With the aim of contributing to the provision of their services, five organizations Ucayali cocoa received a commercial accounting software. The delivery of the digital tool was carried out in a ceremony organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Ucayali. The meeting was attended with the participation of the regional director of the program of alternative development, Luis Ramos Chong, leaders and producers of leading organizations cocoa of Ucayali, who were grateful for the support.

Favored organizations were the Cooperativa Agraria of cocoa fields green, Cooperativa Agraria cocoa of San Alejandro and the Association of cocoa Tecnificados of Padre Abad. The Central Committee also benefited from development to the future of Curimana and Shambillo Valley Tecnificados cocoa producers association. It was reported that the software seeks to strengthen the administrative, erp accounting area, tax and commercial organizations, through an optimal and secure management of the financial information for decision-making. Also, it will safeguard the assets of the companies and improve the commercialization process. The President of the Association of cocoa Tecnificados of Padre Abad, Luis Mejia Murga, stated that computer tool will be of great help because they It will allow to manage the articulation of the markets adequately. It will also benefit their partners and suppliers. Implementation of digital apparatus is part of the Convention of donation 312 promoting competitiveness of 13 organizations the Huallaga-PROCACAO II corridor cocoa.