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But society also channels directing aggression against its own subject and generating in him a superego, moral awareness, which in turn is the source of guilt and the consequent need for punishment. The authority is internalized, and the superego torture to me ‘sinful’ suffered anxiety. Conscience is especially active in severely when something went wrong (and then do an examination of conscience). Thus we come to know two sources of guilt: one is the fear of authority, and a more recent fear of superego. Both instances forced to abandon the instincts, with the difference that the latter can not escape it.

This creates a moral conscience, which in turn requires new waivers. But then, where does the remorse for having killed the proto father of the primal horde, since by then there was no moral conscience as there is today? According to Freud stems from the ambivalent feelings towards it. The price paid for the progress of culture lies in the loss of happiness by increasing guilt. Here means guilt severity of the superego, this perception of severity by the ego, and surveillance. Freud concluded that the genesis of feelings of guilt are in aggressive tendencies. By preventing the erotic satisfaction, we return the aggression towards that person prohibited, and this aggression is channeled into the superego, from which emanate feelings of guilt. There is also a cultural superego that sets rigid ideals.

The fate of the human species depends on the extent to which culture can deal with human aggression, and this should play a decisive role on Eros, the opposite trend. Grinfeld Cynthia, was born in Cordoba on December 25, 1958. Music and poetry have been and are constant source of encouragement and inspiration. With the constant questioning and inner searching of their sensitivities, begins to work in Washington, in 1990, and self seeking infinity line. Continuing with the exploration and diving at its roots, is dedicated to painting with listening to the songs intensity of color. Cynthia, contemplates the delicate human form, the form of the spirit in its essence.

He exhibited in 1993 at the Bethesda Public Library in Maryland and returned to Argentina in 1994. He joined the workshop addressed the teacher Aldo Bruni, and exhibited at various venues such as Gallery Mediterranean SalonEncontrarte, ATC “Mosaic” and Alef Network. Virtualia magazine illustrator for “School of Lacanian Orientation.” Exhibition in Artebaires. com. ar, artevisualargentino. com. ar and Openarte. Exhibition at the 2001 Miami Latin American Museum. Exhibition at the Centre for Management and Participation No. 12 – February 2003. Literary Workshop Coordination Center Management and Participation No. 12 – March 2003. Participation in the Promotion of Fine Arts – in March 2003. It also participates in exhibitions and lectures at various schools, and now continues his work, teaching in his workshop, where beauty giving poetry appears to matter. First Prize – Salon Summer 2007 Painting and New Experiences “- Braque Gallery.