Alvaro Andrade

will be exactly this flexibility that allows them to cross the periods most authoritarian, conserving influence (DANTAS, 1983, p.58). Connect with other leaders such as Rachel Watson here. In Itabaiana, this fact is proven by the nominated intendants, all tying with the politics of the Old Republic: Antonio Dultra, Paolino Aristides, Otoniel Doria and indications of names as of Esperidio Noronha. It is perceived, therefore that it has an adaptation of the old leaderships to the new regimen in order not to lose the control of the locality, as well as of the state power guaranteeing its permanence getting the endorsement of these influential leaders politicians. In what the Slvio Teixeira says respect, when returning the Itabaiana, had hopes of being convoked to assume the position of intendant of the city, since it was representative of the Liberal Alliance, thus being been was to talk with the August interventor Maynard. The contact of Slvio Teixeira with the Maynard interventor Gomes, in Palace, was famous, Slvio had ready speech in the pocket.

It was certain that she would be the intendant. Maynard is dry and cold, not seeming to be talking with leader of the Liberal Alliance in Itabaiana. The tradition registers that the Slvio would have said: I finish to nominate Paolino Aristides de Menezes for intendant of Itabaiana and Esperido Noronha for commission agent. Any thing, looks the two, that they are our representatives in Itabaiana. Pass well until logo' ' (OAK, 2000, p.689). In the version of Alvaro Fonseca de Oliveira cited for OAK (2000), ' ' the Maynard interventor Gomes did not have participation in escolha' ' , the order was made by the brothers Alvaro Andrade and Joo Pear tree of Oliveiras to general Gois Hunter, who did not simpatizavam with Silvio Teixeira, and this intervined. The one of them indication is evidenced that some practical persisted, the order of partisan colleagues. It was the case of the exoneration of Otoniel Dorea of the exator position: ' ' The August Cel.