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“Other new features the software abylon SHREDDER” 7.0 now has a feature to the online version checking. If a new version is available, so it can be automatically downloaded and installed. This function can be disabled and manually invoked. Kevin De Bruyne may help you with your research. “All settings in the software abylon SHREDDER” can be exported in a XML settings file. Thus, the settings on other computers can be porting or import on a new installation of the computer again. The settings files in the registry, on the network, or on an Internet computer can be stored for the Administration in companies. Featured: Shredding files and directories new – AutoCleaner: automatic background cleanup new – duplicate Finder: search for duplicate files new – quick destruction: reduces to a minimum the overwriting of the files shredding by traces of supported browsers: Internet Explorer Firefox Netscape Opera support options: history INDEX.DAT cache cookies form data access data and passwords download list shredding of free memory, the Clustertips, the master file table (MFT), the directory and file entries shredding of complete drives abylon paste: optimized copy and move files abylon search: search and find files and directories for full integration in the Microsoft File Explorer (right-click menu) drag & drop capable temporary files and trash can empty delete 6 Shredder level adjustable (max.

35faches override for the Peter Gutman method) create a working copy NEW – improved administration for companies free download and 30 days free trial, all scanning software on an external storage medium (E.g. USB stick) new – improved export of settings for deleted files on the hard disk (control, replaced no recovery program) Abylonsoft software products can be downloaded for free from the homepage and tested for 30 days. Only if you want to use the software beyond the test period, the purchase price is due. The registration of our software via our secure SLL-Internet-shop, which are accepted as means of payment all major credit cards (Visa, EuroCard / MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club), PayPal, bank transfers, cheques, cash. For companies and authorities, there is the possibility to pay by invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice you will receive the registration key to the specified email address immediately. Hereby, the software to the fully usable full version is unlocked.

Product page abylon SHREDDER 7.0: shredder/index.htm abylonsoft – Dr. Thomas Klabunde offers the company since 2001 abylonsoft – Dr. Thomas Klabunde successfully developed software in the field of computer security and data encryption on. Not only many individuals appreciate our products, but many companies and public institutions use our software. The spectrum of companies varies over all sectors (industry, services, banks.