Antonio Martinez Director

The past 18 of May, the Conference took place IV the International of Continuity of Business on the norm VERSUS 25999, organized by BSI in the Ritz Hotel of Madrid. udea Security of the Information was between the invited participants of the round table, represented by Antonio Martinez Director of Security and Continuity. Between the companies that have had representation by means of their rapporteurs, through their directors, partners and main positions, we found Repsol, the Caixa, Ferrovial, The institute Continuity Management The subjects mainly boarded have been the necessity to prove the effectiveness of a plan of business continuity as well as the management and the paper of certain departments before incidents. Also new cases practical were set out in order to answer certain looked at questions more the company. Example of these questions is, how to make arrive at all the members of their company the necessity from this new system, how to bring back to consciousness them, how to measure the effectiveness of their plans Like conclusion we could say that a good plan of business is vital in the present enterprise surroundings, since it allows to tell us on a set of procedures stops to respond of totally automatic form in front of an interruption in its activity. udea Security of the Information, Department of Marketing and Communication .