Archi Shave

And as it excuses we offered it in tray. To throw something to him of its childhood. Or the favourite armchair that inherited of the grandfathers, same that nor the cat chooses to lie down. They, we, you, fminas, musas, sorceresses, any equivalent to the sort: XX To fixedly watch it to the eyes and, before any natural or artificial disaster in the house, is read: breakage several: Mainly, calefn, in the heat of winter and first thing, when San lavarropas resigns, without previous warning, or the kitchen declaims its last death rattles, to say to him, or our adolescent daughter went of house, to espetar to him in the face and to all rag: it was fault yours. That it comes with a hungry hunger from brontosaurio, with desire to eat dinosaurio butterfly with chipses and that discovers, that same night, that even has become vegetarian.

Decision taken unilaterally by us, who, at last moment, we have chosen properly, to begin right that night, the diet by the centuries of the centuries delayed. To never understand the personnel who can be its maquinita to shave new that keeps and hides jealously of us. Rotten Archi of which he it it leaves dry and perfectly kept it encounters again and it watery and hairy, right at the precise moment in it is going that it to use to shave itself to go to work. Thus there is maquinita no to shave nor even that holds. Because of remembering to us why horns countermanded, which eroded its pay, in a super feminine battery shaver there, so that we, never remember to buy batteries and finish to him, unfailingly, using those of him, is a single step.