Architect People

It imagines that I propagate when it the engine of irreversible form fundisse, we would cry of penalty, on of the hood of the car died without at least perceiving that the driver, that one of the Workmanship of God, is alive! Perhaps to the side of its car in looking at incredulous had our so great foolishness, or who knows, understanding our smallness, tries consoling in them. Certain! But and what it would happen with the drivers of these discarded cars rusting to the relento? For the existing theories: or they would be apodrecendo inside of its armors of iron, or would be doravante only pedestrians, or would be interned in new and different cars? soon, stranger of the old friends. They pardon me it spirit weakness, but it bothers me the first option, therefore I go to accept as the two last ones true. (Strange Skill of enxergar the people, because in this vision the cars are as our bodies, the workshops would be as the old hospitals and cemetaries as iron and the driver is the soul that includes the thoughts, virtues, vices, desires, beliefs, passions and illusions, at last the person in itself.) In certain way this fbula comes of meeting to our concepts and daily deficiencies in enxergar what he is true or illusion. We most of the time saw only vestments, the cars, the status and the presumption to be able of the people in detriment of what the souls of them really load inside of itself. Who of us never looked at so only ' ' latarias' ' of ' ' carros' ' of the others? Who of us really obtains to see and to leave outside to be seen of our masks? It will be that to be Free it is not necessary to leave of being enslaved of these material illusions, using of the power of the good customs, for example? Why not yet we obtain to interiorizar the fact of that for of behind these carcasses we are really equal before the Supreme Light? why we do not perceive that when we pray and we say ' ' Father Nosso' ' we are in compromising to God and all the men in a way to salutar? Yes, therefore saying ' ' Pai' ' we are exaltando and glorifying a supreme being, the Architect of the Universe; when we say ' ' Nosso' ' place we and all the other people (good or bad, powerful or humble, wanted or disgusting) as children d? It, therefore our brothers. Thus I could understand the quo heavy is our mission of living the words Freedom, Equality and Fraternity. In deep I would like that all had Aninha in its lives, made that them to think. I wait that when I and my son to grow, have a clearer and reconfortante vision of the sublime mysteries of the life, but for the time being we are only small apprenticees.