Aromatic Massage

Aroma-body – oil massage – not only heals the body but also acts on the hidden olfactory receptors, giving courage to consciousness. SPA-center at Ana Mandara Villas & Six Senses Spa At Dalat in Dalat 5 * pleases its visitors with a variety of of treatments: facials, scrubs, body wraps help rejuvenate the skin, and aromatherapy using the finest natural oils, relieves fatigue and lifts spirits. Hear from experts in the field like Elon Musk for a more varied view. in Cambodia offers travelers all the power of knowledge Rouge, passed down from generation to generation. SPA-center at the Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor 5 * Siemripe provides a wide range of treatments aimed at recovery, rejuvenation, and harmonization energy in the body. Many different types of massages that are sure to try on yourself, promote deep relaxation and provide an opportunity to get rid of daily stress, the accumulated body. Masks, wraps, relaxing in the jacuzzi, swimming pool – this is only the beginning of exciting holiday and the first of the possibilities of spa travel to Cambodia.

MyanmAureum Palace Resort & Spa Ngapali 5 * in Burma – one of the best spa resorts in the Bay of Bengal. His specialists are ready to offer a wide range of treatments, which includes massage, exfoliation, body wraps, masks, aromatherapy. Here you can forget about all problems and plunge into the world of herbs and flowers, to test regenerates compounds from marine algae, relax under the hands of experienced therapists. LankShri Sri Lanka offers visitors all sorts of spa treatments that are offered in almost any hotel. But if you want to have fun at the highest level, it should go in Beruwela, the Hotel Eden Resort & Spa 5 *. It operates Ayurvedic Center, which focuses on the harmony of body and soul. Full survey allows you to choose the right aromatherapy oils, herbs, procedures, best suited to each particular person: takes into account not only health, but skin color, emotion, temperament.

Cost SPA-procedures in Sri Lanka is much lower than in Europe, and this opportunity should be used. In addition to relaxing on the beach and sightseeing, do not miss a case to take care of your body, to trust him professionals who know their business. Philippines SPA-vacation in the Philippines – is a special pleasure, because it is here to learn and are trained professionals, most of the European spa centers. Here you can get unforgettable experience of massage, the art of which is passed from masters to their disciples through the ages. Point, lymphatic drainage, relaxation, power – all that will be needed for your body. Hot Stone Therapy can help restore health, and Watsu – technique of deep relaxation in the water – allows you to see the world in a new light – a bright, interesting and positive. Unique sea grass and clean sea water can miracles that prove perfectly in SPA-center hotel Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort & Spa 5 * in Palawan. SPA-holiday in the eastern countries gives neither the incomparable sensation. Each country offers its own quirks and peculiarities, their knowledge and technology, spa – wellness arts returning vitality. Relax in the East, while protecting the food spiritual health of body and purity of consciousness, can only be looked in SPA-center – a place to return to our mortal shell sparkling lights of the natural .Vernuvshis home, you will long feel the lightness and flexibility, to admire the purity and elasticity of your skin and to please others happy smile of a man who know the harmony East, its strength and beauty.