ASIIN Accreditation For Innovative Environmental Course Of TU Wien

“TU Vienna receives first Austrian University received this quality seal of the Technical University of Vienna for postgraduate University very course MSc renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe” the seal of quality of ASIIN. With its clear objective, a modular studies, high practice and up-to-date reference and the strong international orientation of course convinced the review team. The accreditation of the master course in renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe has the course proposed by us, which fully confirmed on high quality training is where scientific depth complemented with comprehensive practical application examples will be focused on”, as Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haas, course Director of the MSc renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe at the TU Vienna. We are very pleased to receive this international seal of quality as the first Austrian University. It shows that our training in the field of environment meets the high demands of the market and internationally recognized Meets standards”, like.

Petra Aigner, Executive Director of the continuing education center at the Technical University of Vienna. The sector renewable energy continues to be characterized by strong growth and increasing importance: without renewable energy and its efficient use of sustainable global development is unthinkable in the long term. The importance of using renewable energy sources, as well as the awareness of sustainable forms of energy are therefore constantly increasing. Especially in the area of renewable energy, the course opened great possibilities to apply for places all over the world the graduates. Especially in my profession is that international partners can assess my qualifications important”, emphasises also like. Herbert Brandner MSc, graduate of the class of 2009, the importance of accreditation for the course.

As a cooperation partner from the economy the energy park enriched Bruck/Leitha with its excellent network of experts, international industry contacts and experience in the field of renewable energies the University course. Moreover, the cooperation enables excursions and study trips with many foreign universities and energy agencies after Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, as well as in the Slovakia and the Ukraine. By teaching local students acquire not only country-specific know-how, but also benefit from the numerous contacts in science and practice. The ASIIN (accreditation agency for study courses of engineering, computer science, natural sciences and the math e.V. “,) is one of the most important quality assurance facilities for science and technology education programmes in the German-speaking. In addition, accredited and advises the ASIIN universities throughout Europe. The ASIIN quality seal stands for educational programs, which are especially characterized by quality, sustainability and innovation. The MSc renewable energy in Central & Eastern Europe starts in the autumn of 2011 already for the eighth time. The postgraduate university course takes 4 Semester, part-time is organized in modules and is held entirely in English. Finds the next Info session on May 30, 2011 at 18:00 the TU Vienna instead. Contact and other information like Vienna University continuing education center.