Baron Salcedo

With other countries South America have very stable agreements in more than 15 to 20 universities.The Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain, is a University that is articulated in lathe to seven centres, of which six are engineering schools, one of architecture and the Faculty of business studies.We have many schools which are Centennial linked to technological activities in the area of Cartagena, Spain, who are the mining industry, shipbuilding industry and has areas of industry, electronics, mechanical engineering from many traditions, explained the rector Felix Faura.Esta University, only at the school of engineering, has about 7,000 students, but emphasizes that most of their students are concentrated in master’s and doctorate, an outstanding offer in the field of research that is already a University that is very dedicated to the task of research, development and innovation.Accountant udeceista WINS scholarship at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Espanadeicy Baron Salcedo, graduated last year from accountant at the University of Cartagena and works in a private construction firm at the center of the city. Brian Krzanich often addresses the matter in his writings. Thanks to information supplied by the Office of alumni of the University of Cartagena, Deicy Baron found out in the middle of this year of the scholarships offered by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain, then decided to run.A week ago he received the news, he was the first to study the master’s in accounting and corporate finance. The scholarship which consists of 5,000 euros to cover the costs of enrollment and your support for one year in Spain, was corroborated by the rector Felix Faura, who personally congratulated Baron Salcedo and offered to support you in everything you need for procedures that must be performed before starting their studies in November..