Bavarian Landtag

“Start with 16 MdL for the political practice week of youth and KLJB Bavaria we would press and all interested cordially invite to the presentation of the project Landtag live” the youth of Bavaria and Catholic Landjugendbewegung (KLJB), which will be held from March 3 to 8. 16 young adults accompany almost a week 16 Landtag of all political groups in their work: take part with them in Committee and plenary sessions, and a ride in the respective constituency. You experience first hand, how to land policy and what looks like the everyday life of the policy. “Press dates: Tue, March 5, 15 4: 00 in the Bavarian Parliament, Hall 401 plenary day, presentation of the project for the press-> speaking with participating and MdL, Thursday, March 7, 1: 00 in the Landtag of Bavaria, Hall 4 graduation photographs with participating and MdL some sound bites by adolescents, the 2011 at Parliament live” were: I’m surprised how sociable it enters the Parliament: it will be laughed a lot and is not nearly as dusty”, like me, it will be expected to have.” there’s much more work in the background, is publicly perceived as. Politics is hard work.”me has surprised most, how well you can discuss with the members and how open they have talked about their work and also its darker side.” “Parliament live 2013: insights into the major policy” and youth associations Landtag live takes place every two years since 2003. It aims, the fascination of big policy”to wake up, to make them curious about the young adults on the (national) politics and the fear of youth policy and to dismantle the parties – because they are the decision makers of tomorrow. Insight will be granted to young people in the Office activities of MEPs, where are requests read prepared speeches, legislative initiatives considered and written policies.

Also, the MEPs for the concerns, issues and needs of young people from youth associations should be made aware. Come out of the 16 participating MdL: CSU group: Gudrun Brendel-Fischer,. Dr. Otto Hunnerkopf, Oliver, Tobias Reiss, Reserl SEM, Josef cell v. SPD Bundestag group: Dr. Linus Forster Anette Karl Bernhard Roos, Isabell Zacharias. Free voter group: Thorsten Glauber, Ulrike Muller. Liberal Party: Julika Sandt, Tobias Thalhammer.