Beautiful Fountain House

How to look great in the garden decorative items such as various sculptures, benches, arches, pergolas, gazebos … But such a decorative element like a fountain, a romantic mood naveivaet and running water soothes and harmonizes the inner world of man, freeing up tons of gloomy thoughts, helping to distract from the problems and tune in prirody.Pokupat fountain for the garden – the pleasure is often not cheap, though this is its advantages … But if you want to save money to do interesting work and then be proud of the fruit of their hands – made his own original fountain, then this article is – for you! A fountain that will adorn your garden will look like two wooden barrels, one above the other, from top to bottom as Bochenko will flow jet vody.Itak in order to make this fountain you will need several hours of time and some material.Chto need: 2 oak bochechki 30 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter and at least eight segments of 60 cm and 4 sleepers interval of 40 cm, garden hose 1.5 m long and 1.2 cm in diameter silicone putty; submerged pump with a lifting height of the water jet 1.4 m.Konechno, the shape of a fountain in the form of kegs – is not required, such as a fountain can be built from other watertight vessels in which there is a drain hole in the garden shlanga.Glavnoe facilities a fountain – is to select the correct setting angle of the upper barrel to keep the water flowing down a stream flowing into the lower bochonok.Dlya order in the bottom of the barrel to drill a hole, you will need the appropriate tool. .