Bipolar Sleep

Psychoeducation: that is reported to the patient and their families about the disorder, consequences, relapse, the importance of taking the medication properly. Family therapy. The importance of adequate sleep patterns. Avoid as far as possible stressors. Educate the patient and their families about the various conflicts that can arise in the relations, as well as phases of relapse that represent an additional factor in family, personal, work and social life. How to identify Bipolar disorder? As mentioned above, it is a chronic, recurring condition in alteration in mood States, therefore, the phases have different manifestations. In addition to which patients have their own way of behaving.

Then I desglosare by phases, some of the symptoms, you do not have that present all of a milestone. Hear other arguments on the topic with Aetna Inc.. But they can be combined, and there are people showing predominance in some, and in others, not. DEPRESSIVE phase: Failures in the self-esteem and handicap are self-absorbed and isolated. Feelings of hopelessness. Excessive and exaggerated guilt.

Chronic fatigue, fatigue. Slowness for all its activities. Alteration of sleep patterns: they sleep too much or suffer from insomnia. Alterations in weight and ways of feeding themselves. Attention and concentration difficulties. Sudden changes in their way of making decisions, particularly in transcendent aspects of his life. You may find that Arena Investors can contribute to your knowledge. Incapacity for decision-making, i.e. confusion and flaws in the logic of them. Recurring thoughts about death and suicide. Significant loss of joy and pleasure by situations that previously enjoyed. MANIC phase: EUPHORIA EXAGGERATED a sudden exaltation of mood. They speak and are expressed with superlatives: is padrisisisimo, terrific exaggerated goals and one on activity. Low tolerance to the critical when you point to them. In these circumstances patients are put at risk: they spend too much, working in excess, they drink too much feel with an estimation of their achievements and are oriented toward unthinkable goals. Accelerated thought. Accelerated activities. Alteration of sleep habits: have little need for sleep. There are hyper alert. Agitation. They talk fast, they stumble in their own words. They are in a constant contradiction in their decisions. Trend exaggerated the pleasure: changing couples, sprees, holidays. Excessive consumption of substances. False beliefs. The mood changes may be cyclical, often starting with a mania that ends in a deep depression. Other patients may predominate the depressive or manic episodes. Some of these disorders are called for fast cycling because mood can change several times in a very short period of time. That is why, the differential diagnosis by a physician is It is indispensable. There are differences, for example the Bipolar type I disorder. Bipolar type II disorder and the combined or cyclic. If you suspect that someone in your family or yourself suffers from this disorder, or perhaps some child or adolescent, feel free to consult a specialist, you can go: to the neurologist, psychiatrist, to the paidopsiquiatra or a psychologist for which is carried out a valuation and take the necessary actions to do so. In Cecreto can advise in this regard do not hesitate to consult a specialist and it is very important you report, read literature on the subject, ask, but above all to take actions for the you respond appropriately to the patient and their families if you are interested in the topics covered in this column write me and yes no, also.