Blog Post Beginners

How to create your own website (or blog) – Many people who are far from the topic, but who wish to have your own personal web search the Internet and read a lot of information on how to create a website. But, reading lessons, crowded incomprehensible words such as hosting, domain, indexing, etc. throw it up. But in vain! For most of these 'newcomers' – the first phase of the site. Purchase 'address' for your site and its location. Any blog or another website Web resource has a unique address – URL.

Simply put a blog address – this is what we type on a keyboard in the address bar for the appearance of your blog on the internet he needs: URLHosting – that is, a computer, which will files to be your URL Generally people acquires domain (URL) on any site or any other type and buy hosting from another company already. But I decided to shoot two birds at once and in one place 🙂 We are hosting about Gino. My blog is located on the servers of this company, and the domain name I acquires the same place. Why I chose Gino? Here are a few arguments: The absence of tariff plans – connection and disconnection of service real-time. Most (not all going to say because not sure) work as hosts – you choose the tariff plan most suitable for your purposes, and using the services included in the tariff pay for it.

After analyzing all the tariffs I realized that I absolutely do not need 40% of the included services. Then why should I pay for something I'll never use? At Gino's different: you choose not fare as well services are includes all the others in the tariff. Ie you only pay for what you use. Conclusion – savings! Convenient management services. Patented "Control Panel Gino 'allows you to control every detail of your account. Very 🙂 Here's a handy thing Video review of the control panel provided by the company great number of payment methods with various discounts. You can pay the 15 th of ways – from SMS to the bank transfer or payment Multikassa. In determining the amount of payment reduction takes effect. By the way, pay for hosting you can not for months, and when running out of money on your balance – you have put, for example, 300 rubles and can 2 months and sometimes more to live a carefree life One account for all sites. Distributes money from one account to all your sites: ie do not pay for each site separately. And this is not a complete list of premuschestv. Now the main thing – how do I register? Go by reference -. Further, in the upper right corner of the search for this: Click the Register button. I think more with registration no problems. How to buy a domain name? After registratsiiidem to Domains at the top of the Control Panel and click button in the middle of Domain Name Registration. There also are visually clear, so I think that the article could be complete! Stay tuned to my blog, read tamvysmozhete further stages of the site and the promotion of site.