Board Germany

The objectives of the entrepreneur are the focus when TAB Germany taught, with entrepreneur boards specifically invest time 27 November 2013 – in their own future that is an idea that is behind TAB Germany. To work not only in the company, but to work above all on the company is”the strategic task of the entrepreneur, is managing director Frank Kolbe by Peer boards Germany sure. But too often the head of the company in the daily business with the hands would work and have too little time for the long-term goals. Frequently the person of operator suffering itself, since the corporate and personal objectives are often closely linked. “” Common goals and tasks define an important element of our offering is that we support the efficient and targeted work with structures “, Kolbe describes the advantage of company boards, the it under the brand name of the alternative Board Germany” (TAB Germany) established.

We give the entrepreneur the chance a piece from the daily business to withdraw and to focus on the strategic tasks. This get valuable assistance of other experienced entrepreneurs who are gathered in the Board.” “He summarizes the idea behind TAB Germany in one sentence: TAB Germany is based on the principle of mutual benefiting from collective entrepreneurial knowledge and accumulated experience, coupled with a mutual accountability and a clear commitment to act.” While the offer of TAB Germany consists of three components: the monthly meetings in the entrepreneur boards, the personal coaching lesson and the online tools that immediately, the strategic planning and business diagnosis also allows for smaller and medium-sized enterprises. “Figures: fig. 1 Frank Kolbe (Kolbe_Presse_131118.jpg) BU: well structured discussions and an intense discussion of the own tasks with other entrepreneurs leads to clear alternative courses of action”, Frank Kolbe knows from practice.