When one is rent buses, or for a wedding, goodbye, some organized trip, always a person to look for companies is in charge that are dedicated to the subject of the transport of travellers (buses, buses, minibus, limuninas, ). This, obvious for in charge person is at least tedious, mainly if we lived in a great city. You can make use of yellow pages or try to look for in Internet companies of buses. It is a solution of course, but you will have to request budget to each of them and to wait for answers. But this has changed with the arrival of To rent to a bus for the wedding or goodbye of your friend, rent bus for a scholastic excursion, to go all the rock of soccer from your locality to the party of the year or simply to rent a car with conductor for a transfer from the airport to the hotel. All this is much more easy with Bookingbus because in a same platform you will find practically all the transport services of travellers and in all the cities of Spain. Elije your service between Transfers of only going, Transfer scholastic airport-port, Visits to cities, Weddings, Goodbyes, Meals or dinners, Excursions, sport Clubs, discretionary Fairs and congresses, Events, Services and Trips and circuits. From only you will have left there to choose the transport that you wish and by means of a form to fill up the initial datas, such as Date of exit and arrival, from where we left and to where we go.

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