Business Operations

After considering the product and the web site and already knowing that these were not the cause that the products are not sold the third thing would be evaluated was the business owner, ie me. At first I wanted to pass the buck saying that I had done everything who had been in my power to make this business work well, but something made me feel deep inside that was not being completely honest with myself. More information is housed here: Mark Bertolini. Even they do not know what was missing and had guessed it was something I was doing wrong or worse that it was something I had not done. Leave the matter on hold as I could not figure it out. But one Sunday morning I went to buy a newspaper and make a discovery that changed the course of my business forever. After having had breakfast, I sat with a cup of coffee to read the newspaper and I got an interesting picture of a vehicle that had gone back into the market and were promoted, recode the previous night had seen a television spot for tv, I thought to myself who had to buy one of those, you look at it with resignation and kept checking the news, then take a magazine insert with the newspaper came and started to take a look, to my surprise I found that everything had been drafted an article that talked about the recent market launch of that car and I said "a product with so much advertising is impossible not to be sold." There was my answer in front of my eyes, was not the vehicle was not the product was not the page, it was nothing of that. What he lacked was advertising my business. Marketing, marketing, marketing.

It was a bitter lesson but I learned, No business operates without marketing. If you start an online business or thinking to start one, do not forget to do marketing. The success or failure at 90% of cases depends on this, do not take it lightly!. Jose Noriega.