Coal (agnis-fire) is used in the Schedule. (Some of them replace the pencil) is a material for drawing. looks like a simple sticks, which are made from branches of willows, birches and other trees their purified from the bark, and burned special way. Another method of producing coals for drawing-out of coal powder molded sticks, their staple vegetable glue, and we pressed coal. This coal is softer, easier to erase, and gives a more black color. Drawings made with coal looks like a black and white photos with a velvet effect Although there are, of course, different techniques Coal is really helps bring the picture of the picturesque, filled with picture airy, beautifully conveys the texture of objects, helps to accurately convey the light and shadow With the help of coal and paint portraits and landscapes and still lifes He is very pliable Its easy to erase, if the layer is soft coal is imposed, it can blow and image blur. In contrast, it is possible to place flares introduce white chalk drawing instant 'light up'. Coal is used for training purposes. And as artists applied to the initial charcoal strokes on his large canvases.