CIB Health

The model of health directed toward the assistencial attendance, prioritizing the medical attendance and the treatment on a probable cure of the sick patient still it is found in supremacy in our society. In virtue of this context it was implanted, in middle of the decade of 90, strategies for the substitution of this assistencial model resulting in the new model Assistencial Sanitarista, as the prevention of the illnesses makes it the Strategies of Health of the Family praising (IT HISSES, 2005, P. 392). NOT NECESSARY INDIRECT CITATION OF PAGE In April of 2002, was sancionada, for the Health department, the Law n. 10.424 that it establishes, in the scope of the SUS, the attendance and the Program of Domiciliary Internment? PID, meeting enclosed in this law, the medical procedures, of nursing, fisioteraputicos, psychological and of social assistance, necessary and indispensable to the integral care of the users in its domicile, for in such a way M.S.

defines the domiciliary internment as a line of direction for the basic team of health, detaching that the same one does not substitute the hospital internment and that always must be used in the intention of humanizar and guaranteeing bigger comfort to the population (BRAZIL, 2006, not paginado). Currently it understands – that the PID, detaches – as a health strategy whose purpose is to revert to the attention centered in hospitals and to provide the construction of a new model of health with approach in the promotion, prevention and whitewashing to the health and in the humanizao of the attention.