Click Remote Control Windows Applications With A

First iPhone application for enterprise remote desktop access before Lasne/Belgium provides array networks, 09th February 2010 array Networks Inc., manufacturer of secure application delivery solutions, the market introduction of the DesktopDirect iPhone client known, the first app for enterprise remote access. With this application staff can now access remotely on their desktop computer. You will receive a full possibility of access to all Windows-based applications. The application is now available in the AppStore. Array solutions are in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland through the value added distributors Intellicomp and sysob available. The popularity of the Apple iPhone has led, that these devices are also used in the business environment\”, explains Michael Suby, Director of Stratecast (a division of frost & Sullivan).

These non company devices pose a security risk but one. On the other hand, improve employee productivity and avoid Investment in additional corporate devices. The new iPhone application resolves this conflict. So employees can use their mobile phones, without leaving a large security gaps in the business environment.\” Many companies rely on Windows based applications are not available on the iPhone. The iPhone app from array networks provides access to the computers and the respective applications and offers the full functionality of a Windows platform.

This represents a particular added value, especially for users who are familiar with Windows. The encrypted technology of the DesktopDirect iPhone client prevents, also if the iPhone gets lost a data loss or stolen. Because the information on the screen is not the actual application, users on confidential information can be accessed, without risk of data leaks. With a simple mouse click, log the user on a familiar user interface and perform their work tasks. The operation of the iPhone client works as follows: after launching the app switch the user to a URL, login, click on the desktop and can begin work.