Commercial Director

But the crisis experienced only the most persistent. This year, the probability of occurrence new players are very small. Most likely in 2011-2012 will come to market new businesses that will attract new investors, using new approaches that will work more efficiently and with less cost-effective, will not rely to subcontractors, and learn to work for yourself. Pricing policy in the sphere of construction BMZ during 2010 was stable. There has been a slight increase in prices in the IV quarter.

This year's prices directly depend on the cost of painted metal for walling. Early in the year we have seen a big rise in prices for the metal, which I think is typical for the whole 2011. The cost of metal is rapidly rises to due to the depreciation of U.S. dollar, with flooding of coal mines in Australia and increasing the price of black rolled metallurgical plants in the world. With the onset of the crisis has worsened dumping.

Now almost all manufacturers materials work with low profit margins. And sometimes even go to the "minus" in order to stay afloat. " In the market there are many companies that in any way trying to "survive" and thus compete with stronger industry representatives. The quality of goods produced by manufacturers such leaves much to be desired. Typically, a cheap good car does not happen. Often, small manufacturers are working on the raw material with low thickness and low content of zinc, in violation of the standards and sometimes deceiving the buyer. Industrial group "Arsenal" – a national producer, a leader of the roofing market in Ukraine. The company can afford Pricing is very loyal and can not afford poor quality. Consumers are invited to an inexpensive but high-quality products. For this buyer has a loyal attitude, and that's why they still prefer to our product range. In 2011, we plan to maintain the existing volume growth and increase production by 25-30%. Revitalization of the building for Euro-2012, political stability, IMF loans have a positive impact on the construction market and BMZ sector in particular. Therefore, I think the prospects for the market in 2011 are good. Questions answered Commercial Director, Arsenal Center "Boris Kukaylo