Communicating Emotions

If a person is a child not accustomed to show their feelings, even in the family, do it in communicating with strangers going for it is very difficult. But do not despair. Thanks to our ability to learn and to change until death, we always try something new. This applies to the handling of feelings. If you decide to freer than before to express their feelings in certain situations, you can immediately start. Start with the expression of positive feelings – They are well suited for training and the manifestation of their relatively "safe." Pay attention to the fact that you like what you glad that you are well on an effect – and says so.

Often I hear complaints from members seminars on the fact that they rarely get the approval of his job well done. But as soon contain errors, is always someone who will reprimand. Need for approval is peculiar to all people. For this is good manifestation of positive feelings. Example: What I enjoy It's great that you have sent me things.

I was very happy! Thank you! "- Mrs. M., I believe that your presentation went very well. I have not missed a single minute. " – "I glad to see you! Wow, what did you do it. " – "Mr. H., you are working with us for six months. I am extremely glad that you came to our department. I think you are a real boon for our team. " – "It seems to me that you miraculously manage to captivate children.