Conservative Modernization

During as quarter of Century XX, much if falouacerca of existence of presumption enigma involving indices of crescimentoda activity industrial in State of Bahia, that possuam dynamic contrary emrelao to the vertiginous industrial development that was occurring in the dynamic regiesmais of the country, or same in some states northeast, as it are ocaso of Pernambuco. This stagnation of the industrial sector made with that the been economiado one lost importance in the aggregate of the nacionaldurante industrial production the decades of 1940 and 1950, being this movement studied during asdcadas following for diverse authors had called that it in diverse way, Young chicken of called it to Aguiar of ' ' Baiano&#039 enigma; ' while Tavarespreferiu Days to call it ' ' industrial involution of the Bahia' ' (WAR & TEIXEIRA, 2000). Although these studies have recognized relevance for oentendimento of the problematic one of the regional development in Brazil, tendopreocupao similar to the one that motivated the boarding used for tericosenvolvidos in the formularization of the initiated politics of nadcada regional development of 1950, they had not arrived to question the economic and socialformada structure from the logic of north-eastern accumulation sown since acolonizao, being left to associate it the fragility of these structures in relaos economies of the center-south. It is preferred to defend in this work pressupostoslevantados by the point of view of works as of Stolen (1987), Oliveira (1981), Oak (2001) and Arajo (2000), that they leave of the agreement of that aconscincia of the processes of formation of these structures is basic to paradesenhar its evolution and to measure the strikings on the society model quese still discloses nowadays and formulates what Alban (2006) calls de' ' new enigma baiano' ' , when associating the busy position for the GIP estadualno national context, in which it occupies 6 position, to ranking of the state IDH, in which the Bahia occupies 20 position, questioning the reasons that would have taken atal contradiction the state of productive development enters, in counterpoint precariedade observed in the indices of human development.