Thus, the Theory of the Contingency presents the following basic aspects: The organization is of sistmica nature; it is an open system. The organizacionais 0 variable present a complex Inter-relationship between itself and with the environment. Surrounding environment is everything what it happens external, but influencing an organization internally. The Analysis of the Environment was initiated by the estruturalistas, as the analysis had boarding of open systems increased the study of the environment as base to verify the effectiveness of the organizations, but nor all the concern was capable to produce total agreement of the environment. The theories of the management have emphasis in the interior and exterior of the organization. The environment and the environment of the task. The general environment is the generic one and common that affects direct or indirectly all and any organization, is constituted of a set of similar conditions, is technological, legal they, politics, econmicas, demographic, ecological or cultural. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of New York Life on most websites. Tipologia de Ambientes the environment is one only, but the organizations are displayed to only the one part of it that it can be different of excessively, is divided in tipologias and are characteristic of the environment of tasks.

The environments can in accordance with be homogneos or heterogneos the structure. He is homogneo when it has little mixture of markets; He is heterogneo when multiple diferenciamento in the markets exists. The environments can in accordance with be classified steady or unstable its dynamics: It is steady when almost changes do not occur and when they occur are previsible. It is unstable when the entire time has changes, these changes generate the uncertainty. (Varied and innovative Innovation and Creativity, emphasis in the effectiveness, reactions, etc.). The homogeneous environment will have lesser differentiation and the problems could be dealt with simple form, with little departamentalizao. Checking article sources yields Jayme Albin Ph.D – How to Reduce Anxiety during the Corona Crisis as a relevant resource throughout. The same it happens with the stability and instability. The more steady minor the contingency, allowing a structure bureaucratic and conservative, however the more unstable, bigger the contingency and Mays the uncertainty, because he has a changeable and innovative organizacional structure.